Season 8 Episode 1

My Jerks

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Suddenly Kelso is gone and replaced by a horrific self-centered woman who sucks all the life out of the show. She fires Janitor and basically took all the fun out of the show.

    The actress who replaced Kelso is pathetic. No sense of comedy and clearly a self-indulged, pathetic actress not worthy of this show. Otherwise, it was an "OK" return to the series. This woman detracts from the spirit of the show and needs to GO. They need to find a way to bring Kelso back for the final season.

    I liked the interaction between Sarah Chalke (Elliot) and Judy Reyes (Carla) and there were some real "come to Jesus" moments for the staff. Problem was, the episode was dominated by the overbearing replacement for Bob Kelso. BAD mistake, writers ... VERY bad mistake.
  • 801

    Now that this show has gone through a horrific network change from one of the best networks on Television to a downright laughable one, this show doesn't even feel like Scrubs anymore. I just felt like I was watching a completely different show.

    Kelso is officially gone, so I guess that's one different thing, this show isn't as serious as it was before, it still manages to tie in three different plots, and do it quite well, but this show doesn't have it's essential seriousness that it had in the earlier seasons, or last season for that matter. I have nothing against Courtney Cox, and I loved her on Friends, but I'm sorry, she does not belong on this show, nothing she said was even remotely funny. I miss Kelso!

    I couldn't help but feel bad for the Janitor when he gets FIRED? A lot of changes, even with the last scene with credits, after the episode ends well, why do they have to have an "extra" scene. Something this show has never done. The plots were good, it just wasn't Scrubs and that's what got me angry.
  • Scrubs returns with more of a whimper than a bang

    The eagerly awaited episode of Scrubs eighth season is, by the show's own high standards, distinctly average. Many wondered what changes would be made with Scrubs now airiing on a different network. If this episode is a measure of what's to come, these may not be positive changes. There were many (what I would consider standard) elements missing from this episode. The supporting characters were largely unused (no Todd, Jordan or any of the children), Ted was largely redundant without Dr Kelso, yet somehow managed to have what I think must be the longest speech he has ever given to someone else(a speech which I thought was really out of character). Some of the main cast were also little more than observers (Carla and Turk did not interact at all). The main plots revolved around JD struggling with his interns, Elliot discovering she is self absorbed, DR Cox being afriad of meeting the new chief and of course, the inroduction of Dr Maddox. JD's story was predictable, Elliot's was also predictable. Only Dr Cox's was slightly subtler, though he acted wildly out of character until the conversation with Dr Maddox.Dr Maddox is tough to warm to, but so far seems a solid character. Finally, there were no patients to focus on. One of the best things about Scrubs is the way the doctors intereact with the patients they treat and how treating these patients teaches them important lessons or reflects other events in the characters lives.
    (Not sure how I felt about the tongue-in-cheeks end credits sketch. Not sure if its smug or brilliant)
    Overall, average-i hope the show finds it feet in the next episodes.
  • Monica on Scrubs baby!

    While J.D tries to get his new interns to pay attention to him and become doctors, the new chief of medicine (Courtney Cox) turns the hospital around. Cox tries to avoid her, and Elliot starts having troubles with her ego.

    Scrubs Season 8 Premiere My Jerks was a rlly good episode. It bwas awesome, with a bunch of comedy and rlly rlly cool. Courtney Cox (who plays Monica on one of my fave Tv series Friends) comes to the show and made the episode amazing! This is the beginning of the last season of Scrubs, and the season turns out to be awesome! There are rumors about a 9nth season without J.D and Elliot, but without them is not Scrubs.
    Awesome ep!
  • Finally Scrubs is back!

    We have waited a long time, but eventually we had this great first episode of the season. Well written and acted, it focuses on everything that makes us love this show. The new chief, played by Courtney Cox, is an extremely interesting character and she replaces very well the retired Dr. Kelso, who doesn't leave anyway the hospital because he likes to spend time there every day. New young med students are introduced, each one with different and funny qualities and imperfections. I was pretty shocked when the Janitor loses his job, but I really liked the fact that after eight years no one knows his real name yet. Not bad the new look of JD.
  • For the premier of season 8, we are introduced to the new Chief of Medicine, Dr. Maddox. J.D. deals with a whole new group of interns. Elliot can't accept the idea that she has become self-obsessed.

    Because the show switched networks and entering its final season, I was a bit anxious to see if there would be any drastic changes. Instead, I was completely thrilled with this episode…especially after the "My Princess" episode. It seemed to go right back to basics. I loved seeing Elliot finally offer a heartfelt apology to Keith, even though I am thrilled she did not marry him. Another great part of this episode was seeing someone else outwit the Janitor and give him a piece of his own medicine. My only hope the rest of the season builds on what this episode has started…
  • A great opener for the show.

    I am so pleased to see that not only has Scrubs returned, but triumphantly at that. It reminded me of the Scrubs glory days in seasons 1-4. Of course, some time had to be spent introducing Taylor Maddox as the new chief of medicine, Bob Kelso's replacement. She was played extremely well by Courtney Cox, I thought. A new group of interns were also introduced who were as useless as the last lot. All the main characters were there and doing the show proud. The Janitor was especially good and they even managed to get the in-joke of no-one knowing his real name into the show. A great start to this season then with a lot of promise for the future.
  • Scrubs returns!!!!

    Several months later and Scrubs resurfaces on a new channel and a new time for one final season. Or at least, if ABC has its way and continues the show after Zach Braff and Bill Lawrence leave, it will be the last season with those two. And Scrubs is back being the great comedic show only Scrubs can be. The only complaint I can think of that the premiere is a bit slow. In the first few minutes Scrubs shakes off the awkwardness of season seven and is back being laughably hilarious and uniquely dramatic at once. The 'last' season shakes a few things up to the Scrubs residents. Dr. Kelso has been replaced by freshfaced Dr. Maddox (Courtney Cox, Lawrence's newest protege in his next show), a perky, devil-may-care woman that is way nicer than Dr. Kelso had ever been. Happy news for the Scrubs crew but not as comedically funny. Not to worry, Kelso sticks around, spending his free time poking around and observing the hospital. JD gets a brand new batch of interns, everyone being annoying to soulless. The new interns are so useless and incompetent, JD walks away from them. Meanwhile, Elliot learns how mean she's been the past season, especially in regards to Keith and she can't handle it. Cox ducks around Maddox because he doesn't want to learn if she is a jerk because as he correctly states, the chief of medicine position attracts jerks. And if Maddox is a jerk, Cox will feel obligated to constantly tell her off like he did with Kelso. JD tries to hit on Maddox, with little success. Maddox demonstrates how more competent she is than Kelso, even catching Janitor torture JD and fires him. Relax, Janitor won't go anywhere, he'll just be somewhere else for a few episodes. In the meantime, it's a brief moment of happiness for JD, no longer will he have to endure the Janitor's wrath. Ted is shown post-Kelso and even if Kelso did a number on Ted over the years, the wounds are still present since Ted is still a neurotic, anxious mess. Elliot makes amends with Keith and apologizes for hurting him. Now that that's said, they can move on and be friends. And it might pave way for JD and her to get back together. Who knows? It could happen. Cox, being in a rare kind mood, treats JD as an equal and explains how he should be patient with the interns. And finally, Cox has a chance to size Maddox up and it turns out she is a jerk. Not as a pompous jerk as Kelso but still a jerk. Cox still has his role to play. This episode does show a bit more "darker" humor than previous seasons if not as "dark" as season one or two and it shows how much Scrubs has grown as a show. As JD implies at the end, they want to go back to the show's roots for the fans, give what the fans deserve. It's great to see Scrubs return in top form, place this season next to the others, and hopefully, will have a stellar finale.
  • Fantastic!

    It looks like this is a fantastic start to a fantastic season, lets just hope they finish the series off well! Which i have no doubts they will...The characters are sharp and witty as ever before, with JD's ever pursuit for Dr. Cox's love. With a strange character revelation from Cox about his hate of fighting with Kelso over the many years that the series has run. It gave great depth to John. C. McGinley's character. Elliot and Carla are just as hilarious as always and of course Turk brings that strong character through like the rest of the series. It was nothing short of perfect...
  • Scrubs is back!!

    Scrubs is back with a bang. This episode made me laugh so much. Everything from Turk popping up saying your welcome because of the "Blaire" nickname lol.. to Dr Kelso popping teds balloon and giving him a little smirk. The addition of Courtney Cox actually played out smooth. Seeing her on other shows and whatnot made me skeptical about her filling kelsos job but she did and wow shes even more heartless then he used to be. The scene with the pillow was funny but didnt they already do that earlier in the show or maybe im trippin. Either way Scrubs is back and i hope this season does well enough to make them even consider a 9th season. As long as they plan on keeping the janitor in the show they'll be ok
  • The show is actually good again.

    It's been a long time since I actually cared about Scrubs. It really started to go downhill in the fifth year. The characters all degraded into ridiculous stereotypes of themselves and the fantasy sequences became became steadily more ridiculous and started going on longer and longer until, in the last season finale, one took up an entire episode.

    But, now that they've switched networks, they've gotten back to their roots. The characters behave like real human beings, it's funny (surprisingly so, in fact), and they focused solely on the hospital. There were some moments that fell a little flat (the orderly whose a little too "hands on"), but it's been a real long time since the show made me laugh like that. It's nice to see that they'll be ending it on a high note, with people wanting more.
  • YES! Scrubs is back and its good again!

    My Jerks is a great episode of scrubs because it was like the old episodes not like the awful 7th season in which was cut short and supplied very few laughs. It seems as though ABC has given scrubs mouth to mouth and its back to life and kickin like it use to. My Jerks had a lot of funny parts. Perhaps my favorite scene was where JD asked the janitor if he wanted a cell phone and he took it, sniffed it, and replied no and walked away. I love Scrubs and im glad to see its back on the right track!