Season 8 Episode 1

My Jerks

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Scrubs returns!!!!

    Several months later and Scrubs resurfaces on a new channel and a new time for one final season. Or at least, if ABC has its way and continues the show after Zach Braff and Bill Lawrence leave, it will be the last season with those two. And Scrubs is back being the great comedic show only Scrubs can be. The only complaint I can think of that the premiere is a bit slow. In the first few minutes Scrubs shakes off the awkwardness of season seven and is back being laughably hilarious and uniquely dramatic at once. The 'last' season shakes a few things up to the Scrubs residents. Dr. Kelso has been replaced by freshfaced Dr. Maddox (Courtney Cox, Lawrence's newest protege in his next show), a perky, devil-may-care woman that is way nicer than Dr. Kelso had ever been. Happy news for the Scrubs crew but not as comedically funny. Not to worry, Kelso sticks around, spending his free time poking around and observing the hospital. JD gets a brand new batch of interns, everyone being annoying to soulless. The new interns are so useless and incompetent, JD walks away from them. Meanwhile, Elliot learns how mean she's been the past season, especially in regards to Keith and she can't handle it. Cox ducks around Maddox because he doesn't want to learn if she is a jerk because as he correctly states, the chief of medicine position attracts jerks. And if Maddox is a jerk, Cox will feel obligated to constantly tell her off like he did with Kelso. JD tries to hit on Maddox, with little success. Maddox demonstrates how more competent she is than Kelso, even catching Janitor torture JD and fires him. Relax, Janitor won't go anywhere, he'll just be somewhere else for a few episodes. In the meantime, it's a brief moment of happiness for JD, no longer will he have to endure the Janitor's wrath. Ted is shown post-Kelso and even if Kelso did a number on Ted over the years, the wounds are still present since Ted is still a neurotic, anxious mess. Elliot makes amends with Keith and apologizes for hurting him. Now that that's said, they can move on and be friends. And it might pave way for JD and her to get back together. Who knows? It could happen. Cox, being in a rare kind mood, treats JD as an equal and explains how he should be patient with the interns. And finally, Cox has a chance to size Maddox up and it turns out she is a jerk. Not as a pompous jerk as Kelso but still a jerk. Cox still has his role to play. This episode does show a bit more "darker" humor than previous seasons if not as "dark" as season one or two and it shows how much Scrubs has grown as a show. As JD implies at the end, they want to go back to the show's roots for the fans, give what the fans deserve. It's great to see Scrubs return in top form, place this season next to the others, and hopefully, will have a stellar finale.