Season 8 Episode 1

My Jerks

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Scrubs returns with more of a whimper than a bang

    The eagerly awaited episode of Scrubs eighth season is, by the show's own high standards, distinctly average. Many wondered what changes would be made with Scrubs now airiing on a different network. If this episode is a measure of what's to come, these may not be positive changes. There were many (what I would consider standard) elements missing from this episode. The supporting characters were largely unused (no Todd, Jordan or any of the children), Ted was largely redundant without Dr Kelso, yet somehow managed to have what I think must be the longest speech he has ever given to someone else(a speech which I thought was really out of character). Some of the main cast were also little more than observers (Carla and Turk did not interact at all). The main plots revolved around JD struggling with his interns, Elliot discovering she is self absorbed, DR Cox being afriad of meeting the new chief and of course, the inroduction of Dr Maddox. JD's story was predictable, Elliot's was also predictable. Only Dr Cox's was slightly subtler, though he acted wildly out of character until the conversation with Dr Maddox.Dr Maddox is tough to warm to, but so far seems a solid character. Finally, there were no patients to focus on. One of the best things about Scrubs is the way the doctors intereact with the patients they treat and how treating these patients teaches them important lessons or reflects other events in the characters lives.
    (Not sure how I felt about the tongue-in-cheeks end credits sketch. Not sure if its smug or brilliant)
    Overall, average-i hope the show finds it feet in the next episodes.