Season 5 Episode 4

My Jiggly Ball

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 10, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

While Elliot is working at the Free Clinic after being let go, J.D. is chosen to introduce Dr Kelso at an awards dinner. He then struggles to find something good to say about his boss, especially after Dr Cox points out that it has to be good for Dr Kelso to keep him alive and has to be true so the residents still respect J.D. After insulting Laverne, J.D. is then confronted by the Janitor, who says that he's a know-it-all but doesn't even know what Jiggly Ball is. After looking into that aswell, J.D. finds out that the rest of the hospital staff know that it's a game the orderlies made up.

When one of their patients describes a free clinic doctor matching Elliot's description, J.D. and Turk investigate this aswell, and find Elliot working there. The group try to convince Elliot to let them help her get her job back but Elliot refuses because she doesn't want to owe them for the rest of her life.

When two patients, a poor one with whom all the staff have bonded with and a rich one with enough money to keep the prenatal wing open, are diagnosed with the same condition with only one slot open, Kelso, against Dr Cox's wishes, chooses the rich patient, despite the fact that Dr Cox's patient was requested first. This also makes it harder for J.D. to find something good to say about Dr. Kelso. Despite all this, Kelso leaves the hospital in a happy mood with no guilt whatsoever.

When the Janitor confronts J.D. about Jiggly Ball again, J.D. lies and says he knew all along, prompting a game where the whole hospita pummels J.D. with balls, leaving him in pain and revealing the whole setup being another one of the Janitor's lies.

As J.D. stands up at the awards dinner, still not knowing what he could say, after saying Dr Kelso's name, Bob takes the mic and delivers his speech, Dr Cox revealing that he just likes hearing his name.

Working at the free clinic, Elliot gets an STD patient who doesn't want his wife to know and when he comes in, it turns out that it's none other than Bob Kelso. Elliot then uses this as leverage to get her job back.

While even Dr Kelso does the right thing for the wrong reasons, he does leave the hospital in a depressed mood, clearly showing guilt over the patient's death on his hands, but is too proud to show it and appears cheery to the group.
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