Season 5 Episode 4

My Jiggly Ball

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 10, 2006 on NBC

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  • Pride.

    A topic that was mentioned throughout the episode. Turk was too proud to admit that his patient listened to a free clinic doctor instead of him. JD was too proud to tell everyone he didn't know what jiggly ball was. Carla was too proud to take Turk's last name, and Elliot was too proud to accept help from her friends to get her job back. In this episode, JD has to introduce Kelso at a dinner. Meanwhile everyone finds out that Elliot is working at the free clinic. Her friends want to help her but she wont accept the help. Meanwhile Cox has a patient that needs to be put on the drug trials but Kelso gives it to a rich guy, while Cox's patient is left to die slowly. Everyone pretends to know the game, jiggly ball, so JD can be hit by a lot of tennis balls. I think this episode delved in to Kelso's personal life, in the end Kelso was too proud to show an ounce of care for the dead patient. I'm loving the friendship dynamic they have had this season, last season, it seemed as though everyone had gone there separate ways, in this episode, you see everyone together. Elliot's problem is solved when she finds out Kelso has an STD, and he doesn't want anyone to find out, so she gets her job back at Sacred Heart. It's good that things are coming back to normal. Great episode and great character analysis.
  • This episode shows the depth of Beb Kelso.

    In this episode J.D. is asked to introduce Dr. Kelso at an awards dinner, so he wants to find out something good about him. Meanwhile Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox each have a patient, whom they feel deserves the benefit of a new experimental treatment, but there is only one open slot.

    As chief of medicine Dr Kelso has to make some hard decisions and everyone at the hospital thinks of him as a jerk due to some of those decisions. At the beginning of the episode it shows how once Kelso leaves the hospital he begins whistling and appears to leave everything that happens behind him. Though at the end of the episode as Kelso is leaving the hospital you see that he in fact is upset by what he has to do, and when he see's J.D and others coming he quickly begins to whistle trying to appear unperturbed. A great episode and insight into Kelso.
  • While it is well written throughout, it is the last five minutes that make this a memorable episode, especially as character development for Bob Kelso.

    I've watched this episode several times, and while the first twenty-five minutes are well written, it is the last five minutes, which focuses of Kelso's character via a voiceover from J.D. about pride, that makes it a series classic.

    Bob Kelso is portrayed throughout the series, most of the time anyhow, as an absolute jackass, who cares only about his own life and what affects him personally. Don't get me wrong – characters like Kelso are important to a comedy series. However, the various writers for Scrubs show that Kelso is not just a "bastard coated bastard with bastard filling". The last scene, along with the overlying song by Citizen Cope, shows that Kelso, while a jackass most of the time, makes the hard decisions about the hospital, and consequently, the people, both employees and patients, of the hospital as well. Even as Dr. Cox is pulling the sheet over Mr. Morrison's now lifeless body, Kelso's face shows the distaste in the decision he had to make regarding the failure to include Morrison in the drug trail over the wealthier patient Mr. Keck, but he doesn't let Cox know it. And, as he exits the hospital, he realizes even though Keck's donation allowed the pre-natal care unit to continue operations, the decision to sacrifice one life to save the many others still weighs upon him heavily. All in all, a very well written episode.
  • I love everything about this episode, but my favorite is the Jiggly Ball! It's just fun to say.

    J.D has to introduce Dr. Kelso for some award and he tries like hell to find something good to say about him. The great thing about this episode, besides the word Jiggly Ball (come on say it out loud you know you want to!), is it's one of the few times we see some heart from Dr. Kelso. The last two minutes with the song makes it all worth wild. They use his foot as a form of developing his character. Only in the last scene he shows remorse for the patient he killed, but the best part is he's too proud to share it with anyone. On a side note seeing Mickhead and Cox wheelchair balance is AWESOME!
  • J.D. must introduce Mr. Kelso to an awards dinner.

    Jiggly Ball is the funniest idea, in Scrubs Season 5 history. It's funny how the gang, only wanted to do the Jiggly Ball effect, just to hit J.D. This episode is well write in my matter. And so far Lauren and the death line :lol: My Jiggly Ball is the one well written episode of Scrubs. Including the mind of J.D. in this episode. Some got me chokyed up. This episode of Scrubs "My Jiggly Ball" is giving 10.0 and is absouletly the best episode of Season 5, and a great 97th episode :D.

    This is ThereGoesHalo3 with the Scrubs "My Jiggly Ball" review. Peace out!
  • My Jiggly Ball....

    A 10/10 episode clearly, Scrubs is finaly getting back that feeling we had from the previous series. This episode had laughs and heart warming moments.

    Warning: Spoilers

    This episode kind of focuses on Dr. Kelso and how he does have a soft side and cares about his patients, whether he's too proud to show.

    Being too proud, that's basically the whole story of the episode for everyone. JD is too proud to admit he doesn't know what Jiggly Ball is, which results in a hilarious scene with everyone throwing tennis balls at him. Elliot is too proud to accept help from JD, Turk & Carla to help her get her job back, however in the end, Kelso rehires her.

    At the end of the episode, i kind of felt sorry for Kelso, however glad to see he did have a soft side... Even if he's too proud, to show it.
  • The audience get's a very good view of who Dr. Kelso is throughtout this episode.

    Two new patients, more new problems. One patient is rich and one poor, both have the same disease are admitted. There is a drug trial that may be the only option to help them. Only one problem, there is only one spot: one patient may live and one will definately die. Cox begins to paint this picture of Kelso being money hungry and only putting in the rich patient to get his own money. We learn later that this time, Cox is wrong. He has let his feelings cloud his judgement. It is revealed that the rich patient has donated enough money to allow Kelso to re-open a prenatal unit for the underpiveleged (Kelso has made the hardest decision but democracy is a tried method, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few). We later see Kelso in the background, just having watched the poor patient die. As it is shown, Kelso is affected by the heartwrenches of hospital life just like everyone else. However, he has the added pressure of not allowing it to show in his choices as an entire hospital hangs on each choice he makes. This episode shows the audience just how hard "Big Bob's" job really is.
  • This is one of the best episodes of season 5 for sure. The ending song is an excellent choice and they got that part right.

    This episode shows a different side of Kelso that we rarely see. This is definetly an episode were i felt genuinally sorry for Bob kelso's character. even though everyone says that Kelso doesn't have a heart because when he kelso walks out of the hospital he can forget about the people that have died. But he actually does and by the end of the episode Citizen Cope's 'Sideways' begins to play and it shows Kelso walking out of the hospital and he is actually looking quite upset about his day at work but tries to hid it from J.D and his gang.
  • Int his episode J.D. finds out that you should never stretch the truth.

    I loved this episode. The jiggly ball thing is priceless. I would love to hit him with tennisballs. Lol I am just kidding. I actually did this to one of my friends, but it was snow balls so it didn't hurt that much. I just think that this was a brillantly written episode. I think it is really funny after J.D. gets hit with the tennis balls, he is moving his hand and he says something is wrong with his spine. THis episode is CLASSIC. If you haven't seen it you should definitly watch it. You will enjoy
  • This was the best episode of the season. And had a great ending.

    Dr Kelso was about to receive an award. So he needed one of the attendings to introduce him at the ceremony. To decide this the attendings do what they always do. They sat on wheelchairs with the wheels up. JD lost after falling through the whole hospital and into the parking lot. He knows that if he badmouths Kelso he would be fired but if he compliments him he would lose all respect. Turk's patient went to a free clinic. Elliot's clinic. Now he knows that surgery isn't the only option and leads Turk and JD to her and try to get her job back at Sacred Heart. Meanwhile the Janitor makes fun of JD because he hasn't heard of 'Jiggly Ball'.
  • Bob Kelso is only human

    The fourth extremely entertaining episode of season five out of four so far means season five is fast becoming one of my favourite seasons yet, this perhaps being the funniest so far with classic lines from Dr Cox, misleading JD into thinking Kelso liked longwinded speeches when really he just likes hearing his name mentioned and the side-splitting scene with Kelso trying to hide and blend in with the 2D poster.

    The Janitor plot is brilliant in this episode, so funny that the episode is named after it and we get many laughs out of the plot.

    Elliot returns to Sacred Heart which is a turn for the better with the gang reunited in the one hospital again, and it is all because of Kelso doing the right thing for the wrong reason, much like choosing the rich guy for surgery over the poor guy.

    Overall, this episode is very entertaining and also gives us more depth on the character of Bob Kelso.
  • A brillant look into Dr Kelso and what he is really like.

    I really loved this episode because it really puts Dr Kelos in a different light. He turns from a heartless guy trying his hardest to mess with people to a person just trying to cope with major desicions that may cost lives in order to save others. There are some BRILLANT one liners in there and I especially love the part where Dr Kelso is hiding from Dr Cox...THATS SO FUNNY! It also brings elliot back in to the picture so easily...though a little to easy for me. Definatly a great episode in a series that has the feeling of jumping the shark really soon. Kts nice to know the writers still have something new and funny for us to enjoy. I love character development as it really brings you closer and makes you want to look back in the series to watch people and how they have changed.
  • Great Episode.

    I enjoyed this episode a great deal. A wonderful example of why this show is so great, and sadly, under appreciated. Pivotal to the show, with Elliot not having [and at the end getting] a job. The Kelso storyline is great to see how, even though he may be 'evil' he has feelings and does things to help out the hospital, like treating the wealthy so he can open up the free pregnancy clinic again, and it shows the kind of person he is, both good and bad.

    Great episode, and a great example of how great and hilarious it can be.
  • J.D is to present Dr. Kelso with and award. Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso argue over which patient should earn the chance to guinea pig a new treatment. Carla and Turk try to get Elliot back at Sacred Hearts. The Janitor tricks J.D. with a made-up game named Jigg

    I was very shocked by this Scrubs episode. Not only did it show its unique humor, it also displayed emotions that hit you right in the heart.
    This episode was about being proud. By the time we got to the point in the episode where Elliot is back at Sacred Hearts and the others are congratulating her, I thought that the episode's 'lesson-learning' was over. I was sorely mistaken. I can recall that J.D's last words went along the same lines as this, "But I like to think, that at the end of the day, he does care a bit...even if he is too proud to show it." And with that the episode closed. And left me with a bit of an after thought.
    The ending shot right through me, it was a perfect way to end. It left me feeling a bit nostalgic, and melancholic. It made me throw some kind emotion in Dr. Kelso's way. I think that is what the writers intended. A goal that they very much achieved.
  • Elliots back!

    I know it was inevitable but finally Elliots back at Sacred Heart hospital.

    I continue to be incredibly impressed at the quality of these early episodes of the 5th season. At the moment Scrubs looks like it could go on for 5 more seasons.

    There are many creative moments in this episode which indicate that there are endless ideas in the writers head.

    - The concept of the game " Jiggy Ball" is incredibly original. This shows that the janitor still has many ways to torment JD!

    - JD's imagination is amazing, the way he comes up with funny ideas like "Chest hands" astounds me.

    Keep the good episodes coming Scrubs!
  • The best Episode after "My Srew Up"

    "My Jiggly Ball" was the best Episode after "My Screw Up".

    The Janitor Storyline with the Jiggly Ball game was good Addition to the fact in that episode that actually mattered: To see Bob Kelso was human althogether.

    Like always the part were you start to think, was kind of hidden in funny and hilarious jokes and storylines. J.D. has to write an opening speech for Bob Kelso - But fails to find anything "good" in him. While finding out, he himself is too proud to admit not to know Jiggly-Ball (just antoher Janitor joke), he understands Kelso, wo is too proud to show his real feelings, after making the hardest decisions at Sacred Heart.

    One of the Episodes I love about Scrubs. Enjoy!
  • Great way to finally untie series 4s nicely ended plot line to get back on the old format. Very clever, real funny too.

    Great way to finally untie series 4s nicely ended plot line to get back on the old format. Very clever, real funny too.

    Expecially loved the whole jiggly ball thing, gotta love that janitor!

    Nicely worded in morals as well that we've come to expect from scrubs. A highly enjoyable episode!
  • What else would you expect from Scrubs?

    Not much to say other than this is classic Scrubs. A very funny script made even better by the talented Cast. The jokes worked, the physical humor was there, and the dream sequences yet again are just pure comedic genius that only this show could pull off. And they even an added bit of suspense...what is \"jigglyball\"? I love it!
  • J.D. must introduce Dr. Kelso at a dinner, causing him to find a human side to the Chief of Medicine. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso battle over which patient should be treated in a study while Turk and Carla try to get Elliot her job back. Thought prov

    This episode is what Scrubs is all about. It not only contains its groofy comedy and jokes throughout most of the episode, but also has an ending that really makes you think. The awesome writing not only ties together each storyline of most of the characters, but really brings everything in perspective in the last minute of the show. The conflict between Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso continues the classic clash between these two characters, but also reveals a human side to Dr. Kelso that J.D. sums up perfectly about being the man to make the toughest decisions in the hospital and the consequences of how people view him. Five years running and still one of the few great things on TV.