Season 3 Episode 2

My Journey

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 09, 2003 on NBC

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  • An okay episode.

    Has Scrubs lost it's spark? This episode was honestly very forgettable, although enjoyable at some points, I wouldn't call this the best episode. The Elliot/Sean relationship annoys me beyond belief, and to be honest, I want the old Elliot back! She had a nice revelation in the season premier but now it's getting kind of annoying with her new found attitude. It's like I'm watching a completely different person. The fact that Sean works at Sea World doesn't help this episode at all especially with the unrealistic personification to the animals. JD & Turk's plot was also forgettable, JD just was mad at Turk for blowing him off and it turns out Turk has trouble "opening up" to men due to his homophobia. A gay patient uncovers this problem. Then they have a nice moment in the end, once all is resolved. Elliot realizes that the hospital always comes first. Carla's plot was probably the only plot that I really enjoyed. Carla interacts with the janitor which we rarely see. Carla finds a urine sample with no name, so she spends the whole episode trying to find out who's pee it is, as the janitor helps out a bit by the end. Cox didn't have much of a plot, he just roamed around the hospital giving different people advice. So an okay episode, nothing special. I swear, I'm going to forget what happened in this episode next week.
  • good ep journey songs good

    J.D. is not happy that Sean is going out with Elliot. Carla announces that she and Turk have set a date for the wedding, with J.D. revealing a long-standing obsession with the band Journey. He recommends a Journey cover band (The Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin's) for Turk and Carla's wedding. J.D. and Carla give Elliot a ride down to SeaWorld, where Sean works. They see him perform with a whale but J.D. pretends to be bored.

    At the hospital, Carla finds an unlabeled urine sample but nobody wants to help her figure out whose it is. Dr. Cox urges J.D. and Turk to work on a patient, Will Quinn. Afterwards, J.D. tells Turk that it will be harder to hang out once he is married, so he asks him out for a "man-date". At SeaWorld, Sean tells Elliot that they are not dating because she dumped him so abruptly last time, which left him devastated. Elliot says she was too busy as an intern.

    At the hospital, Turk and J.D. talk to Will and J.D. wants to know if it's weird to ask out a male friend for a date. Will says it's okay and asks Turk if they could be careful in surgery and not mess up his tattoo of his fiancée. Dr. Cox finds Elliot putting on lots of make-up and all dressed up. She wants to leave, but he keeps her back as she has commitments to her patients. Thus she needs to cancel her date with Sean. Turk meets J.D. at the bar but he invited The Todd as well. J.D. leaves, hurt and disappointed.

    The next day, J.D. is still angry with Turk. Turk finds out that Will's fiancé, Tracy, is a man, and suddenly becomes uncomfortable; he admits to Will that he is frightened by the idea of sharing his feelings with another man. Elliot calls Sean to re-arrange a date. He tells her he already has a date with Betty, who is actually a seal. Carla is still looking for the urine sample owner and Dr. Kelso is angry as she is neglecting her work. J.D. meets with Turk and complains that he never opens up to him even though J.D. tells him everything. Elliot has her patients under control and tells Dr. Cox. He replies that he missed his own son rolling over for the first time because the hospital comes first. The Janitor finds the urine container label in the dumpster as a favor for pulling a joke on Carla earlier.

    Elliot takes off by train and goes to see Sean at SeaWorld. She tells him she can't promise that he will always come first, but if it were up to her she would always choose him. They kiss
  • Another fantastic episode!

    This is the reason I watch scrubs, another great episode from the writers. The dream sequence with JD dressed as Carla is hilarious, and when JD throws the clipboard out the window and hits that man is great!

    The Sean and Elliot storyline fits perfectly, with JD poorly hiding his jealously. Carla's obsession with the cup of urine is great, especially when The Todd comes up to the cafeteria with about 20 cups of apple juice in urine containers!

    In this episode we also see the beginning of The Janitor's fear of Carla, which JD attempts to use for his advantages, failing miserably. Overall Another great installment from the scrubs writers.
  • Elliot gets back with her ex-boyfriend Sean

    This episode was four different subplots. I really enjoyed JD's, even though the whole 'JD missing his best friend' storyline is nothing new. The Carla and Turk subplot..i don't know, it was okay i guess. I loved the dolphins, they were really amazing. But i HATED the fact that Sean (who i really disliked back in Season 1) is back at the same time. Carla's subplot with the pee was definatly the funniest out of the four. It also had some great Cox rants and was pretty good all in all. But there were things i liked and things i disliked.
  • The dolphins. They frame the funniest ending.

    It had to happen, sooner or later. It just happened the former than the latter. I saw a damn TV show that made me, FORCED me to laugh out loud! Scrubs is just what all people need to see for truly laugh out loud comedy.

    They telegraph jokes. They do back story. They bring in great guests. But, man do they do it right! Just the second funniest show ever made.
  • Turk is worried about him and JD becoming a gay couple, Carla spends the day trying to find out whos urine sample she found, Elliot has to put the hospital before Sean.

    I think this episode was fantastic.

    I was always a fan of the Sean and Elliot relationship, and I think episodes like this remind me why, I think most of the episodes of Season 3 were very well written and it was definitly my favourite season of all time.

    Anyway, I don't really have much to say but I just think it was a great episode, the Sean and Elliot storyline was great. As far as I'm concerned it has been the star from the first episode of season 3 right to the end.
  • Elliot tries again with Sean, JD worried about his relationship with Turk, and Carla goes crazy obsessive compulsive

    Ah, new!Elliot remains, trying to act cool in an amusing sitation, and she's less awkward around Sean, because she's becoming slightly more comfortable with her insecurities.

    It's interesting to see how obviously jealous of Sean JD is. He knows he wants Elliot, but is too scraed to do anything about it.

    The storyline of Carla's obsessive search to find the owner of the urine sample, leaving Janitor terrified of her.

    There were quite a few very good one-liners from Doctor Cox in this episode.

    Highlights of the episode
    * Elliot already having booked her wedding for 2006
    * JD's singing
    * Sean talking to the Bruce and Betty

  • The gay couple... just like Turk and JD...

    JD begins to feel left out by Turk because he never opens up to him and begins to get away from him when he discovers he invited the Todd in order to not find JD face to face and not talk intimately. After talking to a gay patient, Turk reveals is difficult for him to open up to a man but still decides to give it a try. Meanwhile, Carla needs to find from whom is the urine sample, and gets picked up by everything but when the Janitor bothers her he feels scared of her and decides to find out the real label. Really cool!
  • Carla and the urine sample

    This episode wasn't the greatest episode of Scrubs but it definitely wasn't a bad one with great one liners from The Todd, Cox and JD.

    The revelation that Turk feared that if he opened up to JD, they may become a couple was hilarious and the episode does reveal that Turk is a little homophobic.

    Elliot wanting to prioritise Sean over work but realising it was impossible since it wasn't up to her was a fairly solid plot but a little similiar to JD prioritising work over Alex in season one though there are different reasons.

    Overall, the episode is a decent one and one that is definitely worth watching for the Journey song.