Season 2 Episode 16

My Karma

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 20, 2003 on NBC

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  • Jordan goes in too labor.

    Definitely an eventful episode for the cast considering how much things happened in this episode. Jordan goes in to labor, a Cox & Jordan's relationship begins to fall apart when Jordan keeps pushing Cox away. Turk & JD start to feel bad after they throw a golf ball off the roof that hit's someone's windshield that results in a crash. JD & Turk don't know whether to confess, but karma ends up getting them for not confessing. An awesome concept, about karma. This episode also made me laugh all the way through, and at parts I just found myself smiling as I was watching. Carla & Cox have a serious moment regarding relationships, which I enjoyed, Elliot continues her relationship with Paul, and has trouble holding in that she is actually crazy. Paul feels as though she is hiding something, which makes him not want to have sex with her when Elliot invites him in. I loved Elliot's plot, she was hilarious through the whole thing. She finally reveals everything to Paul, and he ends up having sex with her. Jordan was hilarious as well yelling at Dr. Donna. Then Jordan manages to drop a bomb on JD, she reveals that the baby is Dr. Cox's. Now JD has to keep a big secret. It turns out they JD and Turk didn't hit the guy's window. They were getting karma for other things, such as JD avoiding Jordan as a patient, and Turk lying to his patient. All is pretty much resolved by the end. The concept of karma was really great though. A memorable funny scene would have to be the Seinfeld parody scene. Absolutely hilarious. This episode was funny, eventful and revealing. A great episode that is one of the best of season 2.
  • Jordan finally gives birth!

    J.D. and Turk attempt to cover up the fact they were hitting golf balls off the roof and may have caused the accident their patient has suffered from. But to their bad luck the Janitor knows. This was my favorite plot out of all of them, because it was simply hilarious.

    Jordan gives birth, but slips out in front of J.D. that Dr. Cox is actually the father, and asks him not to tell him. I'm glad that the baby is Cox's and the fact that JD knows is cool too.

    The only thing about the episode i didn't like was that Paul Flowers was in it.
  • Fine example

    J.D. and Turk think they've got bad karma after hitting a car and causing an accident, while playing golf on the hospital roof. Dr. Cox bends over backwards to give Jordan as much comfort as possible on her labor day, and she confesses to J.D. that Dr. Cox is the real father. Elliot seeks advice from Carla on how to tell Paul that she's crazy, because they're getting more intimate and she can't hide it anymore. But Carla is feeling too crazy herself with the upcoming wedding.


    Karma, its a powerful thing. A lot of people believe it in, I'm not sure about myself. I guess I believe that good things come to those that wait and that bad people get what they deserve, thats basically karma right? oh yeah... good episode! :D
  • Karma strikes...

    After playing golf on the roof JD and Turk manage to cause two supposedly accidents, the first one is two breaks the Janitor's window and another one is causing a patient to comback to the hospital. They tried to ignore it, but as time passes they discover that karma is acting over them, so they reveal about the golf but they discovered they have nothing to do with it, so JD discovers that karma is striking due to ignoring Cox's favor. As this passes, Janitor begins to blackmail JD and Turk into buying a new window, but ends up broken again, and Elliot can't stand one more second with Paul without having sex. Really cool episode, is really great!
  • A hilarious episode from start to finish

    Turk and JD's plot is my favourite where JD is convinced that they have bad karma when they hit the windshield of a car with a golf ball and then receive a patient that was hit with a golf ball and the twist at the end that it wasn't them was a great ending but not as good as their run in with Ted which had me cracking up for ages.

    Jordan's baby actually being Cox's was a good revelation and JD having to keep the secret is a great running plot for the last few episodes of season 2.

    Elliot's plot was also hilarious and all of them together make a prfect episode.
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