Season 2 Episode 19

My Kingdom

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 27, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. is starting his surgical rotation, so for a brief moment, he gets to escape the nerd world of the medical residents. His first day in surgery is a disaster. He knocks over the instrument tray and later, the heart that they just removed pops out his hands and onto the floor. He tries to fit in with the other surgical residents by telling secrets about Turk. Like the fact that he took ballet lessons when he was in college.
As J.D. becomes more popular with the surgical residents, Turk's popularity decreases, putting him in the geek category. After Turk grows more distant, J.D. realizes that his true self is as a nerd, hanging out with other nerds.

Elliot and Paul's relationship is still going strong, except for the fact that he has started telling her what to do - grow out her bangs, start wearing thongs, stand up to Dr. Cox. Things take a turn for the unknown when she accidentally says, "I love U2" out loud while organizing her CD collection. From the other room, Paul thinks she is saying that to and about him. The words have a very positive effect on Paul, who apparently feels the same way. He even sends her a singing telegram to express his feelings.

She later realizes that she doesn't love him and she has to find a way to tell him without hurting his feelings. During a picnic lunch, she blurts out that he drives her crazy. He realizes that she is trying to break up with him. So, he tells her that if she had just told him that he was too controlling he probably would have made adjustments, since she is so special. Instead he just walks away.

Out of frustration with continually having to use outdated equipment, Dr. Cox throws an old computer out the window. Instead of replacing the computer, Dr. Kelso buys a huge portrait of himself. As a practical joke, Cox places an obituary plaque under the painting, suggesting that Dr. Kelso has died. His office is cleaned out and his prized desk, too big to fit through the door, is cut in half by The Janitor, eager to use his new circular saw.

When he returns from his trip, Kelso is shocked to learn that people are more disappointed that he's actually alive instead of being sad that he was dead. He does try to become more likable, even if only temporarily. He replaces the computer Cox threw out the window with one from 1970. To make up for losing his desk, he buys himself a brand new computer.