Season 2 Episode 19

My Kingdom

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 27, 2003 on NBC

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  • JD becomes a surgeon for a day.

    This episode was pretty okay comparing to the previous episodes we have had this season. JD becomes a surgeon for a day, ad he tries desperately to fit in with all the surgeons. Turk helps him with the issue, but soon enough, the tables turned and Turk end up being the one that feels left out after JD reveals a past time secret about Turk to fit in with the surgeons. Turk is mad at JD throughout the episode, while JD tries to make it right. Cox is sick and tired of the old computers, and is sick and tired of Kelso spending money on unnecessary things. So while Kelso is away, he creates a rumor that Kelso is dead. Everyone jumps for joy. When Kelso returns, he realize how much people hated him which changed his personality in a way by the end. But then we find out he bought the new computer for himself, same ol' Kelso. A clever Elliot plot once she is sorting her CD's and accidentally blurts to Paul that she loves him when she was meaning to say, "I love U2" the band. It's a clever situation that was funny but then later on it turned to a serious relationship plot once Paul & Elliot break up because Paul is too controlling and she never loved Paul. I liked Paul's character, and I wish he stuck around for a bit longer in the relationship, but this was a good sendoff for him. Turk & JD's problem is fixed by the end as they have a nice friendship moment. Good episode.
  • JD goes surgery!!

    When JD does a temporary surgery elective, his friendship with Turk suffers to win popularity. The Janitor gets a new power saw, and Dr. Cox's prank on Dr. Kelso while he's away gets a little out of hand. Elliot's slip of the tongue drastically changes her relationship with Paul.

    The main plot with JD and Turk was well written and i really liked the end ("I'm John Dorian, king of the Nerds"!). Cox and Kelso were as good as always. The only thing that bothered me was annoying Nurse Flowers. His storylines are lame and he is really boring. Another moment i enjoyed very much was: Dr Cox telling the "Work, i hate you! You suck!" and Elliot responding "I know, but i've been trying harder lately"
  • JD becomes a surgeon for the week!

    Aww man what can i say about this episode. Let me start out by just saying that my all time favorite Scrubs moment is in the episode where JD and Turk come into to the hospital wearing their pimp clothes dancing to The Big Payback. OMG I love it!! O yeah and Elliot telling Flowers that "I love U2" lol good stuff. Oh yeah and everybody thinkin Kelso was dead after Dr. Cox places the plaque under Kelso's portrait. lol "He's with Jesus now....tough break big guy" lol Yeah I don't think there was a part in this episode where i wasn't laughing. Especially when it showed JD catcing Turk doing ballet and when the janitor had nothing to cut with his new rotating saw. lol good stuff and great episode!!
  • Fine examples

    Turk takes J.D. up to surgery and right from the start J.D. steps all over Turk when trying not to be the geek among the surgeons. Paul hears Elliot say "I love U2" while she was rearranging her CDs and thinks she said "I love you, too".
    Dr. Cox decides to get even with Dr. Kelso by telling everyone he's dead, revealing what people really think of him.


    Elliot brakes up with Paul, thank god. Annoying little bast*rd he was. Him and his pink scrubs!! Anyway, I loved the cox/kelso pranks, worked a lot better than he could've hoped for!
  • Cool!

    JD feels like a geek because he is an intern, but when he finally manages to be a surgeon he finds out that the geek is in him and that he is unable to do anything right there, later when JD tells something embarrasing about Turk, he manages to get himself in with them, and later he begins to enjoy of popularity, until JD tells him the reason why was he had always been a good friend, because he is and always be a jerk. Meanwhile, Cox wants a more faster computer and discovers that Kelso is using money for himself, so Cox begins to spread the rumor that he is dead, Elliot gets in trouble when he accidentally tells something unintrepted to him and that causes a break up...
  • Hilarious

    My favourite plot would have to be where Dr Cox spreads the rumour that Dr Kelso is dead, having a memorial statue of Bob in the hospital. Ted's reaction is priceless and the Todd was funny aswell.

    Elliot saying I love U2 and Paul believing that she loved him was a good plot too and brought in Ted's band again.

    JD as a surgical intern was a brilliant plot aswell and Turk's dancing flashback was great and this plot brought in Ted's band aswell ("Ted, you guys suck!")

    Overall, I don't think anyone can dislike this episode, especially not Dr Kelso's "passing".