Season 4 Episode 8

My Last Chance

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 26, 2004 on NBC

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  • Molly has to leave Sacred Heart.

    At first, I wasn't sure what to think of this episode, I wasn't very happy with the decision of pairing JD with Molly. It seemed strange on Molly's part, but I'm glad they didn't do anything by the end. In this episode, JD ends up making out with Molly at her going away party, Molly will only sleep with him if he gets Elliot's permission. She grants it as she writes it on a piece of paper. JD then ends up getting in a scooter accident, then abandoned in the middle of nowhere by the janitor. Turk comes to saves the day, but Carla leaves both of them stranded. They both have to run to Molly in the middle of the night to try to have sex with her. I noticed this was a real adventurous plot, and JD had to face a lot of conflict before actually trying to get with Molly. By the time he gets up to her apartment, turns out Elliot never granted her permission. She wrote, "Now were even!" on the piece of paper which was the running gag of the episode. Luckily JD & Molly don't end up having sex, but the way to get there was adventurous and hilarious. Cox has to finish up some community service hours, and he meets an annoying girl, Denise. After getting in a car crash, and insulting her, he realizes her son has died and that's the reason she's like that. They become friends, and it was a powerful emotional plot overall. Jordan fit in quite nicely as well. Both plots were pretty great. Amazing episode.
  • JD tries to have sex with Molly.

    Molly says shes leaving and her and JD start a relationship. Before they can "do it" Molly wants Elliot to say they can. After JD finally gets her to write a note, JD goes after Molly. The janitor takes him out into the wild and dumps him. Carla and Turk go and get him, but when Turk says he'd kill to have sex with Molly, Carla ditches them. Meanwhile, Cox does a ambulance shift with a annoying woman name Deniece. When the shift is almost over, the ambulance wrecks. They both are ok, but Cox says he wont visit her because shes so annoying. After realizing her kid had died and thats why she talked about him so much, Cox stays with her and she talks to him and plays with his kid. JD and Turk run to Molly's appartment. JD barely catches her and she says goodbye. When JD reads the note it says "Now we're even."
  • Good... JD's last chance...

    Molly takes another job in another city, so Elliot throws a party for her and in the end JD and her end up kissing. Later on, Molly says that he only likes people with emotional problems, and ends up falling for JD but says that she will only have sex with him if Elliot gives him permission as both of them are friends. But, unfortunately, Elliot believes that they are not even now, so she fakes a note that says "Now we are even" that JD believes as the permission note, in the end Molly goes out from his hands and he loses. Meanwhile, Turk insults Carla and throws him into the desert and Cox begins doing community work in an ambulance with a woman that is crazy, and he ends up yelling her, until he discovers that his son died in an accident... good episode...
  • Molly Clock is leaving...

    You can't help but hate Elliot a little in this episode because since she slept with JD's brother, it's only fair that JD can sleep with her hot friend (second hottest doctor in Sacred Heart).

    JD stupidly believing that the Janitor would actually help him, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere was priceless as was JD running into the wall, the "so's your face" rule and JD convincing Molly he was crazy.

    Cox's ambulance shifts with the crazy Denise was very good because you could see how tortured he was. The fact that he snapped at her seconds before he realised why she was like that was very bad timing but wouldn't have worked otherwise.

    Overall, this is one season four episode not to be missed.
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