Season 1 Episode 24

My Last Day

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 21, 2002 on NBC
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It's J.D.'s last day as an intern, and soon he will become a resident. Carla and Turk are arguing about dating other people. Elliot finally rebels against being everyone's doormat, and J.D. is just trying to stay out of people's way. Jordan has returned to get a physical and a new patient, Mr. Bober, has been admitted, because he needs his gall bladder removed. He really needs the surgery, but doesn't have the insurance to pay for it. They enlist the help of Dr. Cox, Dr. Wen and Jordan. And Jordan spills the beans.moreless

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  • All secrets revealed.

    The first finale of the series did not fail to impress. A year has past since JD's first day, and now he is becoming a resident, this episode was everyone's last day as an intern. Definitely a great plot, everyone has to team up one more time as interns to try to pull off performing surgery on a guy who doesn't have insurance.

    By the end, you can see things have come around a full circle. You think that this season finale will be pretty average and like any other episode. Until Cox makes the mistake of telling Jordan she's predictable. Then all hell breaks loose. Somehow Jordan knows everyone's secrets from the past season, and I gotta say watching her tell everyone their flaws and secrets was enjoyable, since we've been waiting for a moment like this to come in all aspects.

    Such as Carla finding out Cox has feelings for her, and Turk not telling her about it. Which leaves things in a dark spot for them. Telling Cox that the promotion that Kelso has been making him jump through hoops for has been filled months ago. Revealing that Elliot still has feelings for JD. And finally, the juiciest secret of all: When JD slept with Jordan, in the very beginning of the season. I love how they dissected every past issue unresolved in this epsiode.

    The episode ends with everyone not speaking to each other. Some because their mad, afraid, or just running away of how awkward it may be. I don't know if you can call this a cliffhanger, but it definitely got me excited for the next season, and seeing the whole group as residents will be enjoyable. Looking back on this season, it was incredible.

    Almost every episode blew me away. So Scrubs did a good job for it's first year. Let's see how Season 2 owns up. Amazing first season finale.moreless
  • A brilliant Season 1 finale!

    This just shows how awesome was Scrubs in its first season. It has always been of my favorite episodes.

    And yeah, what else could you ask on a season finale? This one had it all, top class comedy, good drama, character development, and a great cliffhanger.

    Is the final day of the three young doctors as interns. Dr. Cox wants to get a promotion in the Hospital. The three guys end up taking care of the same patient, Mr. Bober. JD had the patient at first, but he is busy with Dr. Cox so he passes the patient to Elliot. Elliot passes the patient to Turk because she was attending Jordan. They all didn't mind about the guy at first, then they attack the problem from three different ways: Dr. Cox, Dr. Wen and Jordan, and they succeeded. But at the end Jordan stirs up things a little bit telling the truths to Carla, Turk, Dr. Cox, Elliot, and telling to Dr. Cox she slept with JD! Ending the amazing season in a great scene.

    This was a terrific first season for this show. And it had a great featured music that fit very well. Of course this was filled with humor. The beginnig scene of the mirror friends and the Janitor in the shower, Elliot's rape whistle, hooking into conversations literally, usual Dr. Cox, Todd was very funny in this one. JD daydreaming about Mr. Bober, when Carla kisses him and he says "What's wrong, dawg?" I just cracked up. And the reminiscent scene of the Janitor and the broken door, this time with an intern. And a lot more comedy. Definitely in the top 10 of Scrubs.moreless
  • Great final.

    This was a great final for the first Season and after the episode i couldn't wait for Season 2. It wasn't as intense as other finals i saw, but it doesn't always HAVE to be that intense. The beginning is already great (how JD sees everybody in the mirror on his last day as a Intern). The jokes were hilarious and it was great to see Jordan again, since i really like her character. It had a amazing Cox and JD moment (Cox telling JD that he can always come to him with stuff like that etc.). I really liked Elliot giving Jordan a physical (sp?). The cliffhanger with Jordan in the end was great. The song was also great once again.moreless
  • A great season finale and cliffhanger

    Scrubs ended it's firt season in style. A few storylines were going on throughout the season and near the end to help make the ending of this episode so good. The episode is a strong one with a good plot in JD's last day as an Intern. It was also nice to see referances to the pilot episode and the first scene with the mirror was well done. But what makes it especially good is it's ending when Jordon reveals the main characters secrets to make a good cliffhanger which is nicely done for the season 2 opener. Great for a season closer making you anxious to see the next episode "my overkill".moreless
  • Jordan blows our socks off with a reality check speech.

    I love that in the first season of this series, the writers were willing to take a chance with a new and different type of ending. The whole first season was summed up in one semi-angry speech, which was actually helping the next season when the audience had to be reminded of what had happened. Plus, it lead perfectly in "My Overkill" and it just doesn't get any better than that. I liked that the problems were all brought up by someone other than JD, which was especially sweet since the final important speech of the season wasn't made by a main character at all, but instead by the loveable Jordan. This season closer wasn't a total cliffhanger (admit it, we love them, but they do get annoying!) but it did leave you wanting more.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Zach Braff

Zach Braff

Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian

Michael Cotter

Michael Cotter


Guest Star

April Pressel

April Pressel

Denise Bober

Guest Star

Don Perry

Don Perry

Mr. Bober

Guest Star

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn


Recurring Role

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Jordan Sullivan

Recurring Role

Aloma Wright

Aloma Wright

Nurse Laverne Roberts

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • In the beginning scene with Carla and Turk arguing, when J.D. has fantasy after saying that couples try to rope you into arguments, we see what is supposed to be J.D. being roped, but when the rope goes around his body, you can clearly see that the hands are those of an african-american.

    • When Elliot looks for Jordan, her back is shown, then Elliot is shown saying her name, and then Jordan turns around. The exact same thing happens with Turk and Carla when they look for Dr. Wen. But, when J.D. looks for Dr. Cox, he's back isn't shown before J.D. appears.

    • J.D.'s female name given to him by Dr. Cox in this episode is Charlotte.

    • Carla finds out that Dr. Cox is attracted to her and that Turk knew but didn't tell her. It is later discovered that Dr. Cox and Carla went out on a date before she met Turk, and she wasn't attracted to him. This information means that Carla would obviously already know that Cox liked her since she rejected him.

    • J.D. learns that Elliot still has feeling for him.

    • Dr. Cox finds out that J.D. had sex with Jordan and that Dr. Kelso lied to him about the new job promotion.

    • Featured Music:
      "Away" by Leroy
      "Beautiful World" by Colin Hay

      The DVD version replaces "Away" by Leroy with "Only One" by Jeremy Kay.

  • QUOTES (34)

    • Laverne: Damn kids and their stupid problems. I just want to get home to a warm bath, catch a little bit of that Fear Factor.

    • J.D.'s Narration: It's been a long year, but the important thing is we all got through it together. We were a family.
      Jordan: Hey everyone.
      J.D.: Oh, Ms. Sullivan, thank you for helping us with Mr. Bober.
      Jordan: Oh, don't mention it! And even though I wasn't invited to your little party, I brought presents for everyone!
      Dr. Cox: Brace yourself, there, newbie.
      Jordan: Carla, my ex-husband is in love with you. It's true. Ask your boyfriend, he knows; he and Perry talk about it all the time. I don't know why you haven't mentioned this to her! Perhaps you're afraid of something? Huh. And Bob? When are you gonna tell Perry that that promotion you're making him jump through hoops for? was filled months ago! It just seems wrong. Which brings us to Twinkie. If you don't have the courage to tell your 'colleague' Dr. Dorian that you're still crazy about him, I'm gonna go ahead and do it for ya, 'cause that's what friends do. Yeah! And finally, Perry, you are not gonna believe what happened the first time I met your little protégé, here...
      J.D.'s Narration: Oh, please God, no.
      Jordan: I slept with him... and it was good - oh! How's that for stirring things up? Have a great summer, everyone. Bye!
      J.D.'s Narration: Yep. One big, happy family.

    • Jordan: Hey, stud, thank you for not asking me to help out on the Mr. Bober thing.
      Dr. Cox: I would've but, it would have been pointless. It turns out, you're a very predictable woman, there, Jordan.
      Jordan: Puh-lease!
      Dr. Cox: I know you. You're gonna walk into that board room tonight, all tall and strong, and then you're gonna sit back and just pray that nobody asks your opinion. I mean, I'm sure you-you probably think that your little visits here are a spontaneous surprise, but, did you ever wonder why the only two candles that I own are already lit when you walk in that door? I mean, doll, I hate to tell you this but, I don't walk around all day with cologne down in my engine room. I'm not that guy!
      Jordan: Some people like reliability.
      Dr. Cox: In a sedan, it turns out it's terrific.

    • Dr. Cox: Uh...Bob? I think you should reconsider.
      Dr. Kelso: Uh, what's that, Perry? I mean, because that didn't sound like something a team-mate would say. Maybe what you meant to do was pat me on the ass and say, "Go get 'em, Bob."
      Dr. Cox: Right but, what if... we were to look at this from a purely... fiscal perspective.
      J.D.'s Narration: Did he just say "fiscal"?
      Dr. Cox: I mean, after all, Mr. Bober is here every four to six months, and if we were to consider his surgery as a one-time expenditure, then... you would be making the right financial call.
      Dr. Kelso: See, now, that's the kind of thinking I can get behind! How's that make you feel?
      Dr. Cox: Dirty all over.
      Dr. Kelso: You get used to it.

    • Dr. Kelso: So, you want me to approve surgery on a 76-year-old man with no insurance and no life-threatening condition. Young man, I'm curious: what did you think the end result of this conversation would be?
      J.D.: Well, pretty much this, except I'm really invested and so I thought I might try crying a little.

    • Carla: See, what happened there was, I knew what you were trying to say despite the exact words you were using; so I tried to help you out, instead of getting all mad at you over nothing.
      Turk: Right, baby, we both know it's not the same.
      Carla: You are the dumbest man I ever laid eyes on.

    • Turk: So you see, Dr. Wen, it's not really a favor - you were supposed to do surgery on Mrs. Beckerman, but she passed away this morning.
      Dr. Wen: Go on.
      Turk: Yeah, she's dead, and we were hoping that maybe you could keep her name on the roster? And, it's not-we don't wanna do surgery on her. Let's face it, Dr. Wen, we're good - but we're not that good, you know what I'm saying?
      Dr. Wen: No.
      Carla: Dr. Wen, we're trying to get a patient approved for surgery; we're hoping you can keep the slot open.
      Dr. Wen: Oh, sure. Dr. Turk, next time you need to talk to me, think hard about what you want to say, then send her.

    • Elliot: Well, he doesn't have insurance, so if you could talk to the other members of the board today at the meeting, well, J.D. thought maybe we could-
      Jordan: "J.D. thought"? First he dumps that patient on you, and now he wants you to ask me a favor? Honey, if you don't start saying no to him soon, you're gonna wind up on the losing end of a little game I like to call Hide The Pickle.
      Elliot: Oh! J.D. and I are just colleagues.
      Jordan: Oh, my God; I was just joking, but you actually slept with him, didn't you?
      Elliot: Pff... A little.

    • Dr. Cox: Well, then, I don't get your angle. What could you possibly want from me in exchange for my support? Because I'm telling you right now, I am not dating that daughter of yours.
      Dr. Kelso: I only have a son.
      Dr. Cox: That's my bad - I was just going by that picture on your desk.

    • Dr. Cox: I didn't appreciate your little game this morning, there, Bobbo-
      Dr. Kelso: Heavens to Betsy, the gaspacho is scrumptious today.
      Dr. Cox: ...Danglin' that fake promotion right out in front of me.
      Dr. Kelso: I was dead-serious about the residency director's position.
      Dr. Cox: Well, what makes you think that I'd be interested in something like that?
      Dr. Kelso: Because you want my job, and you know that you'll never get it without this on your resume.

    • J.D.: Fine, loser gets Bober.
      All: Once, twice, three: shoot!
      Granddaughter: Did you say "Bober"? I'm looking for my grandfather, Frank Bober.
      Laverne: We moved him to the ICU, dear. Uh, he'll show you up.
      Elliot: It's okay. She-she didn't hear us.
      Laverne: No. But Jesus did.

    • Turk: What the hell, Elliot? You can't just pawn this Bober guy off on me!
      Elliot: Hey, it was J.D.'s patient! I was just the middleman... Woman... Person.
      J.D.: Look, we can stand here and argue all day about who screwed who-
      Elliot: Or?
      J.D.: Or nothing, I'm on break - let's do it.
      Turk: Okay, Rock-Paper-Scissors, right now.

    • Turk: How you doin', Mr... Bober?
      Mr. Bober: Fine.
      Turk: 'Kay, why did you let Elliot turf him up here?
      Todd: I dunno. All I really remember is she dropped her pen, and bent over... Dude! Thong City!!
      Turk: No; no high-five for you.
      Todd: Todd did bad?
      Turk: Todd did very bad. Todd did very, very bad.

    • Elliot: So, I let myself get taken advantage of, sometimes; you know. I mean, big deal - how do you make friends?
      Jordan: Look, I've seen your type before. You're that girl that convinced herself she wanted to lose her virginity at a frat party while another guy was asleep in the room.
      Elliot: Chas really cared for me.
      Jordan: Ah, I know; and I'm sure you have a cool "Jungle Party" t-shirt to prove it. Now, can we please finish this physical? And, I can't pee right now, so you'll have to go for me.

    • Carla: I'll get a paper towel.
      J.D.: Don't worry about it; somebody else'll get it.
      Janitor: Yeah. Who can we get? I'm not shocked, that's how you live your life, isn't it? Got a problem? Hey, just pass it on down the line...

    • Carla: Bambi, Mr. Bober's hypertensive. I think he's becoming septic.
      J.D.: This guy is more work than all my other patients, combined.
      Carla: Well, maybe if you tell him how hard it is on you, he'll get better!

    • Dr. Kelso: Ted, the reason we're not admiring the new parking structure is because you failed to get legal clearance from the Zoning Board. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if you're happy here.
      Ted: Do it, Ted; just do it.
      Dr. Cox: Oh, Bob! When I heard you were up on the roof, I just naturally assumed it was because your evil mission here on planet earth had finally come to an end; so, tell me this: where, exactly, is the mother ship?

    • Carla: We were talking about our relationship, and how great everything is going. And all I said was, "It's weird to think I'll never date again."
      Turk: Ah, that's close, honey, but not quite what you said. See, what you said was, "It's weird to think I'll never get to date again." You see that? "... Get to date again" - like she's missing out. How messed up is that?
      Carla: I did not say "get"! You're being ridiculous. What do you think, J.D.?
      J.D.'s Narration: Careful, tiger. Careful.
      J.D.: I wish people would call me "tiger."
      Carla: What?
      J.D.: I agree with Laverne!
      Laverne: Huh?

    • Jordan: Now, if you could just sign this insurance physical, I'll go back to trying to forget that horrible, horrible night.
      Dr. Cox: For me to sign this, I would actually have to give you a physical. And when I say "I," I, of course, mean absolutely anybody but me. Barbie! Give my ex-wife, here, a physical. And don't be afraid of that third eye on her chest. Just remember, it's just as scared of you as you are of it.
      Elliot: Let's get physical?
      Jordan: Ugh.

    • J.D.'s Narration: Why is he so uptight today?
      Jordan: Hey, Perry.
      J.D.'s Narration: Oh, okay.
      Dr. Cox: Jordan... To what do we owe the horror?

    • J.D.: I'll see what I can do. Hey, how come you haven't mentioned it's my last day as an intern?
      Dr. Cox: Haven't I?
      J.D.: Nuh-uh.
      Dr. Cox: Come here!
      J.D.: Okay.
      Dr. Cox: Despite the fact that when you wake up tomorrow morning you will be a resident, you'll still be the same excitable little girl that you are right now; the only difference will be that some sorry new intern will probably mistake you for somebody who actually knows something.

    • J.D.: So, Mr. Bober, here, has been complaining of abdominal pain and nausea; looks like colicistitis.
      Dr. Cox: Oh, come on - what the hell, Newbie. This gentleman is suffering from an inflamed gallbladder, and you actually have him eating a grilled-cheese sandwich. Hhhere's an idea: why don't we just have him wash the whole thing down with a big ol' mug of vodka.

    • Ted: You got a few hairs in the sink, there, huh? For God's sake, man, don't comb so hard.

    • New Guy: Hi, I’m new here.
      Janitor: Yeah, so. Did you want something?
      New Guy: No, I’m just… waiting for someone.
      Janitor: This door always gets stuck.
      New Guy: Maybe there’s a paperclip stuck in there.
      Janitor: Did you put a paperclip in there?
      New Guy: No… I’m just making small talk.
      Janitor: If I find a paperclip in there, you’re going down.

    • Jordan: Oh come on Perry. No soft spot for the one woman who slept with you sober?

    • J.D.: So I thought if you looked at Mr. Bober's chart, and - and you agreed with us, you might be able to, you know, pull some strings, er...
      J.D.'s narration: And now, here it comes - the calling me a girl's name, the telling me not to waste my time...
      Dr. Cox: Yeah. I'll be more than glad to help you, there, Charlotte.
      J.D.'s narraton: I was half right.
      J.D.: W-well, th-thank you!
      Dr. Cox: Don't ever be afraid to come to me with stuff like that. The simple fact that you actually seem to give a crap is the reason I took an interest in you to begin with. It's why I trust you as a doctor. Hell, it's... it's why I trust you as a person.
      J.D.: Are you dying?
      Dr. Cox: I've got a new shrink.

    • J.D.: You know, Dr. Cox, I wanna thank you for this whole year -
      Dr. Cox: Oh, no, no, no... no.
      J.D.: And I just wanna know... if I can buy you dinner.
      Dr. Cox: That'd be terrific.
      J.D.: Great! I'm off in, like, a half hour -
      Dr. Cox: Oh, no. Here, I was led to believe that you were doing a gift certificate kind of thing. But, to sit and eat... with you, that's-that's just... that's crazy talk! I have half a mind to issue you a drug test. I mean, come on, what'd I sign up for -
      J.D.: Would have been nice.

    • Janitor: Hey, congratulations on becoming a resident. Glad I could help.
      J.D.: Help!?! You were awful to me! You-you-you-you-Awful!
      Janitor: Anyway: Go get 'em, Tiger. The world is your oyster, my friend.

    • Jordan: (Singing about Elliot) I'm a little doormat, I sit and I stay. I let people use me every single day.

    • Janitor: I guess I don't fit in with your other mirror friends, then. Enjoy your shower.

    • Dr. Kelso: Sport, if crying worked on me my wife would have her own car by now.

    • Dr. Cox: But you hate me?!
      Dr. Kelso: Like nuts in brownies, Captain.

    • Dr. Cox: Mr. Bober back there is one of our frequent flyers - he's been with us every six months for the last two years and I've grown rather fond of him so if you could somehow manage to not kill him well then oh gee that would be ducky.

    • Jordan: Look, I don't know where your mother was when she should have been telling you all these things, but you cannot have sex with someone you care about! Sex is for making babies and revenge.
      Elliot: Well, you're so full of it.
      Jordan: Listen, Stick, if you wanna wipe your nose and pretend that was a sneeze, I will play along. But if you have something to say, say it.
      Elliot: Everybody knows you're still sleeping with Dr. Cox; and it can't be about making babies 'cause you'd probably just end up eating them, anyway. And as for revenge, I'm just not sure that driving to his apartment and pleasuring him while he watches sports on TV is hurting him as much as you might think. So I have to figure that you still care about him, whether you want to admit it or not. And if you lay one finger on me, I'm blowing my rape whistle.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Janitor: This door always gets stuck.
      New Guy: Maybe there's a paperclip stuck in there.
      Janitor: Did you put a paperclip in there?
      New Guy: No… I'm just making small talk.
      Janitor: If I find a paperclip in there, you're going down.

      This conversation is very similar to the one in the pilot episode "My First Day", when J.D. was an intern:

      J.D: Maybe there's a penny stuck in there.
      Janitor: Why a penny?
      J.D.: I don't know.
      Janitor: Did you stick a penny in there?
      J.D.: No, I was just making small talk.
      Janitor: If I find a penny in there, I'm taking you down.