Season 8 Episode 2

My Last Words

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • another spectacular Scrubs

    Scrubs returns and in two episodes in one night. ABC has done right by this show. Even if some of their cancellation decisions (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, etc.) have been controversal, they have done right by Scrubs. Maddox's true colors have finally been revealed to the crew; she is nicer than Kelso but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a greedy evil streak. Give Courtney Cox some credit. She may not be Kelso but who is and it's the last season. She's funny on her own. She's not trying to replace Kelso. JD has to deal with a new intern who doesn't exactly have great patient soothing relations. JD and Turk rekindle their bromance by setting up their traditional steak night. However, their plans are put on hold when a patient they've befriended is dying and won't last the night and they decide to sit with him after they find out he has no family. Maddox finally meets Jordan, they click, and they walk out together. Something tells me these two will be great friends. JD and Turk talk with the patient and discuss everything and nothing, including about what heaven is like in an unusually sad moment. The patient dies and JD and Turk are left sad, at loss, and confused. Another funny episode if it was still slow. Again, great to have Scrubs back and here's to a stellar last season.
  • JD and Turk spend the night with an elderly patient on the brink of death.

    This is easily one of my favorite episodes. The show is really back in its form. Watching this episode reminded me of why I love Scrubs. It's a show that reminds us of our flaws, our mortality, and teaches its viewers that you just have to grin and bear it. And this episode hit that theme right on. It also gave very subtle but solid character development for the new characters of Maddox and Jo (who is quickly becoming one of my new favorites). I can not reccomend this episode highly enough to any fan of the series. A perfect introduction to what I hope will be a fantastic final season.
  • My Last Words is a special episode!

    My Last Words is one of the few episodes of Scrubs that truely did make me sad and make me think of life and think of death. Although i do prefer the funnier side of scrubs of course, i definitely dont mind some sad ones once in a while to catch me off guard. I guess i really dont mind any Scrubs episodes as long as there isnt any awful singing by the actors. Scrubs is one of the all time best shows on TV because in one episode they can make you laugh and then near the end they can almost have you in tears!
  • Simply beautiful.

    I don't usually write reviews for shows but what a wonderful episode this was. Just beautiful. The narrative worked well and plot was very poignant, whilst keeping the humour and style that we know Scrubs posses. In my opinion Braff, Faison and Glynn Turman (George) were absolute shining stars. There performances were absolutely amazing. There is not one bad thing I can say about this episode. I just loved it. As the title suggests this is exactly why I watch this show. I also found the new intern story lines that are now present on the show to be increasingly funny. The only thing that worries me is that this episode was so good that the writers may have a hard time topping it towards the end of the season.

  • Finally, they're getting back to the good old Scrubs.

    This was one of the first dark episodes they've done in quite some time, and it's nice that the focus has shifted back onto the hospital. The actual show has gotten darker this season; the lighting is more dim and the hospital is a more depressing place. The show was dipping into a sitcom type show, and its nice to see that deeper issues (death) are covered. The Janitor's firing was a surprise, but it probably won't last. The montage towards the end was a little cheesy, but it was still emotional. Good episode, and I hope the rest of the season is like this.
  • Scrubs is just amazing

    im glad they came back i was worried with the episode they left off with in season 7. But the 2 they came back with were awesome. This one wasnt quite as funny but just well written and very enjoyable. Though the part where J.D and Turk were singing the steak song was funny lol. Once again i look forward to new episodes each week :D. I hope they bring the janitor back in theres no way the show can fully continue without him. I have a feeling he will conspire against the new chief of medicine.. btw Courtney Cox is smokin and surprisingly funny in this show. If they end up bringing Kelso back as chief they should still keep her in the show
  • Another great episode. J.D. and Turk have a chance to have a night out. A traditional steak night. But like the great ones they are instead of enjoying themselves they spent the night with a dying man. Suck selflessness is so fantastic. The reason I watch

    J.D. and Turk are all excited about their nigh out on the town. A yearly steak night. But like the human beings they are instead they spend it with an elderly dying patient. Super, superb, fantastic are only words. But these words describe this episode. A great friend is hard to find,here are two, J.D. and Turk on the same show. I know it was in the script but their compassion and kindness was not scripted. I have watched this show from day one and will continue to do so until it goes off or I die. JUST FANTASTIC. Here's to all Happy New Year.
  • I've been a big fan of this show since its inception. This was an excellent episode. JD needs to shave though.

    The dying gentleman was fantastic...great performance. This is what makes the show great. It is often funny but it can throw you a nice curve when the show takes a serious and sentimental turn. Not sure if I like Courtney Cox's character. I do not like Ed's character. Way too obnoxious for an intern. I do like Jo. She is a rip. I hope we'll see more of her. There was one part that confused me. When JD is talking to Jo and he says about Ed, something like "he likes to smoke plants", it appears that this is dubbed. Anyone else catch that?
  • Brilliant

    The emotion in this episode is brilliant to say the least the way the boys (jd and turk) help and talk their patient through death is fantastic, they made an old man very happy.

    This episode was very sad but had it's funny moments as always scrubs has started off with a bang and will only get better from here.

    i really really dislike Courtney cox so im having trouble liking her character she is useless in scrubs and adds nothing in my opinion she was never funny in friends and does not deserve to be in a show as brilliant as scrubs.
  • Saddest Episode Ever!!

    The first two episodes to the new season have made up for the horrific ending to season 7. The new season feels new and different in a way but in a really good way! I like what they have done with the credits at the end of each episode. You have to agree, the end credits with JD and Turk would have been worth watching, if that had been all the episode had to offer. Lucky enough the episode had so much to offer and in a way this episode touch my heart in many different ways and I'm so glad a show like scrubs (which you normally watch to get a good laugh out of) can make you respect it for it's drama.

    I am too, afraid of death.
  • Another great episode worthy of the Scrubs of old.

    This second episode of the season certainly did not disappoint. Lots of dark humour, poignant and funny moments. Tackling the subject of death is always difficult and this episode of Scrubs did it really well. It was great to see JD and Turk's relationship is just as it always was. Jordan had a few funny lines though there was no sign of Dr Cox this week. The Janitor was missing too, hopefully he'll be back soon. Denise (Jo) is working quite well for me, there was a funny moment when she invited the chubby guy to the on-call room. I am so glad that Scrubs is delivering the goods.
  • Those waiting for an improvement on the last episode will be sorely disappointed.

    The first episode of this season contained very little in the way of JD/ Turk interaction. In this episode the writers seemingly attempted to redress the balance by making the entire episode based on their interation and forcing them to interact with a dying patient. Sadly this meant no Dr Cox, Elliot, Todd, Janitor or Kelso, which makes this episode very sparse indeed. One of Scrubs stengths was its ability to weave together the stories of the different cast members. Carla appears only in a fantasy, Jordan is there for no particular reason (at one point she says she has forgotten she has kids. The writers seems to have forgotten the children in this series too as they are rarely refered to.)Dr Maddox is also there for no particular reason and her fleeting appearance barely justifies a guest role.Instead the only characters focused on aside form JD and Turk are Ted and two of the new interns, one who is abrasive and insensitive and another who is a trendsetter. (Where have we seen those characteristics before?)This may be a ploy to launch a new season without JD, but frankly the way this show is going, a new season is looking less and less likely.The patient-plot is drawn out, depressing and vey one note. This episode made me really worried about this season. The writing was lazy (Dr Maddox can zone in on a person's greatest insecurity-where have we heard that before?), the story is unengaging and for the first time ever, I was waiting for the episode to be over. Here's hoping the next episode is a big improvement.
  • Damn touching. They somehow manage to deliver something extremely funny and serious at the same time. That is an example of good old scrubs fashion.

    What a relief after, let's face it, not so quite good last season.
    Scrubs-style-straight jokes at the start, egzistencial issues at the end, followed by perfect song (it's like that song was composed speciaslly for the episode).
    I strongly believe, that this is exactly, why the Scrubs attract their real fans (like me).
    After such a long pause, you only need a few (or even one) episodes to totally recall all these "perfectly perfected" characters. This episode really exposes all major attributes of good old JD (he continues to believe, that it is somehow possible to become buddies with dr Cox, which, in his way, continues to make fun of JD, leaving allusion to actual respect for him), Carla straightly tells Elliot her negative twists, later firstly denies that, but, just as we expect, at the end admits.
    All in all - great episode for people, who loves the show from first episodes.
  • Cox, OUT!

    No no, not Dr Cox, Courtney Cox. She's just plain not funny and is nothing but a name. She's not even that good of an actor, I feel like im watching Monica Gheller try and be a chief of medicine. I'm sure there had to be plenty more qualified actors out there for ABC to pick. She's at the end of her game. When you hire a "Star" to play a role in your show, check to make sure she doesnt have any other series that were canned after only a short run. I really hope this does not last.
  • This is more like it. A very dramatic but still charming episode.

    The first episode of the season felt a little off and the comedy just okay, this however is a completely different prospect. Firstly it involves death of a patient and there have been some very good episodes of Scrubs centred around this subject matter. Secondly it has Mayor Royce from The Wire (possibly one of the best character based shows on television) as the dieing man and he hts it perfectly. Thirdly, you get to know the interns - well two in particular.

    Although this is a more dramatic episode it has some fantastic comedy. Like J.D. hating the popular new intern and in particular the fantastic notion that, when dead, one of the characters could end up like rowdy. That in particular was one of the best delusions J.D. has ever had. The discussions about death may be too much for some but I found them interesting and each character didn't act out of character with their responses. Glynn Turman did a fantastic job as the dieing George who just wanted his last beer. Turk and J.D connected so well with him saving him from the intern with an abusive streak toward fat men (this by the way is an intersting intern to feature although it can leave you a little uncomfortable).

    If the season continues to this quality then I'm going to be happy, a definite must watch episode of Scrubs.
  • Dramatic but still funny

    J.D and Turk plan to go on a Steak Night Dinner, but they dont to stay in the hospital with a dying patient.

    This episode was rlly funny, and not only that but was great with the drama. The series is amazing, and this ep shows the Comedy - Drama genner. The episode was great, was funny and dramatic. Scrubs Season 8 was awesome, and now with this second ep is amazing. The first episode was amazing, and this episode was even better. I like dramatic shows, and comedy shows. This episode combines both into the episode My Last Words.
  • J.D. and Turk must decide between going out for steak night and spending the night with a dying old man

    this episode is everything a great episode of scrubs is and always has been. great music, great writing, extremely funny, but with more heart than any show on the market. it delves quite nicely into the selflessness of both J.D. and Turk by pitting the forces of a fun traditional night on the town against a dying old man. when most other sitcoms would have probably taken the route of having them go out cause it both safe and not depressing scrubs decided on having them stay and take care of the old man, helping him get over his fear ot death, and assuring he wouldn't die alone. and in the end of it all they leave you with a very touching moment to leave you smiling.
  • 802

    I didn't see much improvement from the last episode, I know I'm not watching Scrubs, when I get emotional at the end of an episode, and even though this episode was trying to be emotional in the end, I just didn't feel it. Although, it was very sad the man died, I didn't feel like I usually do, after watching an emotional episode of Scrubs.

    Courtney Cox is in this episode, yet Cox & Elliot aren't? It really didn't make any sense. I finally see the difference between this season and the last season. This season is way to focused on the interns, and it just doesn't work, the fact that they made a "spin off" with this group escapes me. The fear of death is very common, this episode could have been way better, with the emotional scenes not taking, and the narration even getting lazy. I really want the old Scrubs back, lets just hope this season improves. The network change was the biggest mistake on this show.
  • sad and very dramatic episode

    scrubs is my favorite show but i think they couldv done better it was sad and off track also it was bad whenever they spend time with him, i just think it couldv been a better episode when dr maddox began the episode i thought this would be an amazing episode if the janitor would do something they shouldv cut out the part with the guy who dies there was to much drama its also so boring why couldnt they do something funny i like the episodes that are comedy not drama i just think it couldv been much better