Season 8 Episode 2

My Last Words

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Those waiting for an improvement on the last episode will be sorely disappointed.

    The first episode of this season contained very little in the way of JD/ Turk interaction. In this episode the writers seemingly attempted to redress the balance by making the entire episode based on their interation and forcing them to interact with a dying patient. Sadly this meant no Dr Cox, Elliot, Todd, Janitor or Kelso, which makes this episode very sparse indeed. One of Scrubs stengths was its ability to weave together the stories of the different cast members. Carla appears only in a fantasy, Jordan is there for no particular reason (at one point she says she has forgotten she has kids. The writers seems to have forgotten the children in this series too as they are rarely refered to.)Dr Maddox is also there for no particular reason and her fleeting appearance barely justifies a guest role.Instead the only characters focused on aside form JD and Turk are Ted and two of the new interns, one who is abrasive and insensitive and another who is a trendsetter. (Where have we seen those characteristics before?)This may be a ploy to launch a new season without JD, but frankly the way this show is going, a new season is looking less and less likely.The patient-plot is drawn out, depressing and vey one note. This episode made me really worried about this season. The writing was lazy (Dr Maddox can zone in on a person's greatest insecurity-where have we heard that before?), the story is unengaging and for the first time ever, I was waiting for the episode to be over. Here's hoping the next episode is a big improvement.