Season 8 Episode 2

My Last Words

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Damn touching. They somehow manage to deliver something extremely funny and serious at the same time. That is an example of good old scrubs fashion.

    What a relief after, let's face it, not so quite good last season.
    Scrubs-style-straight jokes at the start, egzistencial issues at the end, followed by perfect song (it's like that song was composed speciaslly for the episode).
    I strongly believe, that this is exactly, why the Scrubs attract their real fans (like me).
    After such a long pause, you only need a few (or even one) episodes to totally recall all these "perfectly perfected" characters. This episode really exposes all major attributes of good old JD (he continues to believe, that it is somehow possible to become buddies with dr Cox, which, in his way, continues to make fun of JD, leaving allusion to actual respect for him), Carla straightly tells Elliot her negative twists, later firstly denies that, but, just as we expect, at the end admits.
    All in all - great episode for people, who loves the show from first episodes.