Season 8 Episode 2

My Last Words

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2009 on NBC

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    I didn't see much improvement from the last episode, I know I'm not watching Scrubs, when I get emotional at the end of an episode, and even though this episode was trying to be emotional in the end, I just didn't feel it. Although, it was very sad the man died, I didn't feel like I usually do, after watching an emotional episode of Scrubs.

    Courtney Cox is in this episode, yet Cox & Elliot aren't? It really didn't make any sense. I finally see the difference between this season and the last season. This season is way to focused on the interns, and it just doesn't work, the fact that they made a "spin off" with this group escapes me. The fear of death is very common, this episode could have been way better, with the emotional scenes not taking, and the narration even getting lazy. I really want the old Scrubs back, lets just hope this season improves. The network change was the biggest mistake on this show.