Season 8 Episode 8

My Lawyer's In Love

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 03, 2009 on NBC

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  • Totally awesome episode!

    This one is a little underrated here but I do remember it was greatly welcomed by the Scrubs community when it premiered. I found it absolutely enjoyable, every second from beginning to end, not a dull moment. I occassionally watch it just to get my fix. And that's because there is a lot of stuff to catch into like Ted's band, Gooch's songs, the interactions between JD and the Janitor, the interactions between Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox, and JD, Cox with Jordan, Ed is funny here, the patient with down syndrome. And that's about it, no Turk or Elliot, so this episode is kind of refreshing. Scrubs can make episode on a late season omitting regular characters and still be as strong or better than many other good episodes from other seasons.

    So we have Ted is the leader of his band, he just says "Peons assemble!" and they gather around. They be singing "Don't Fear the Reaper" to sick kids in pediatrics, Ted smacks his face to make a sound effect haha. JD goes to talk to Dr. Cox, he goes right in his office but he is then 'burned' and is left out. JD calls Dr. Cox, Cox says a capella is "ear rape". As JD tells this to The Worthless Peons, Janitor passes by to say they already have someone singing for the kids in pediatrics. So Gooch is shown, singing a cute song with an ukelele. Ted says is beautiful. Next, Jack is mean to JD's son. "Not just any baby, but YOUR baby" "They can be both so hurtful" And that's the intro.

    Jordan tells Dr. Cox to pick up Jack from school. Dr. Cox goes to his office and there is Dr. Kelso, he tells him to let some things go now that he is Chief of Medicine he can't do it all but Cox says he can. Cox goes to see a patient, Craig. Cox calls JD "Puberty beard", JD says he will take care of Craig but Dr. Cox insists he will. Then, Janitor asks for a root beer since JD took two, JD licks the can and janitor says he beat him to it. He also left "Licked by Janitor" in JD's cellphone. Ted wanted to talk to Gooch but he chickened out. JD says he wish to help that "bald sweaty bastard". As he talks about how much he trusts in people he tells a story about how Dr. Cox left him stranded. Janitor and JD team up to help Ted.

    Carla tells Dr. Cox the nurse's schedule is messed up, Cox says he will fix it. As he is at the same time doing rounds with interns. Ed seems nonchalant, "he wasn't feeling it", Ed says he is right at the moment playing with his friends an electronic trivia game, just waiting to be called, lol. Cox callls him out, he lifts him up, sit him down, gives him a book and tells him he is going to be asking questions all week and he has to answer or he is gonna kick him out. So then we have this hilarious scene, Ted, JD and Janitor in a room. There is the "Why should they be happy?", the dry mouth, the gin and tonic, the truce on truce off, the duck story from Janitor "shirtless and seeing what's what" and the gum legs which was physically funny. Dr. Cox then goes to see Craig and he says he is scared. JD and Janitor make Ted to 'go swim', throwing him into the elevator with Gooch; he gets dry mouth and hides in the corner. But he comes out and remembers he is confident when singing, "Peons assemble!" , they introduce each other and they start jamming "Carry On My Wayward Son", along with Gooch. As the song plays, Dr. Cox is totally swamped. Ed is on the phone "Brian, the machine is broken there is no way there was a president named Garfield!" LMAO. All the nurses show up at once and Craig already was taken to procedure by 17 nurses, Dr. Cox missed it. Besides, it's atfernoon and Cox forgot to pick up Jack.

    Next day, Craig is angry at Dr. Cox for breaking his promise Dr. Puberty beard is his doctor now. "You wanna touch it?" "I really don't" . Ted goes to talk to JD and Janitor, he has a flashback on how things went. They were singing a nice song and it's ruined by the "I really want to -kiss you" "-screw you" "Oh!" Funny stuff. Janitor tells Ted 100% of his communication with her should be in song, Ted loves the idea.

    Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso have an encounter on the cafeteria, Carla says everyone knows they're friends, Cox says he hates Bob but Kelso says they're like brothers. JD joins in at the table, "I can control the things you say, say something annoying" "I just-" "TA-DA!" The sequence of the following events is really funny. Dr. Cox shouts to be quiet, Kelso tells JD they're like brothers with Perry, JD storms out but inmediately talks in, Dr. Cox receives a call and it's Jack telling him he forgot to be pick him up at school, Cox runs out just to find out he and Jordan are right outside the hospital "I'm alive!" Haha that was such a good moment. But the funniest part is right next, Dr. Kelso tells JD he went to the movies with Perry "So?" "Thought you might be interested" "Was it a romantic comedy?" "Yes" "AHHHHHH!" Loved that, classic moment.

    Dr. Cox it at his office with Jordan, Jordan tells Jack he needs to talk to his dad so she gives him a stapler to get distracted. She tells him is all right, just be sure to make it before Jack's bed time to tell him stories. "Hey guys, I finally got a brother!" "Kid is either a genius or an idiot" . Gooch goes to talk to Ted, Ted calls the Peons but Gooch says she wants to talk alone. As the Peons leave they have no idea what to do, one goes right into a door but is closed so he seems frustrated, lol. Ted and Gooch talk, she says she is interested in him, Ted kinda dries up a little but then gets it together as he agrees to date her he says he is only lawyer because he took the exam in Alaska and their laws are only about if you can or cannot kill... seals. And that she is the most beautiful ukelele player he is seen but that's not saying much because they're usually fat hawaiians. "What time you get off work?" "Who cares?"

    Janitor and JD seem pleased by the results, as they shake hands, Janitor's was "Licked by Janitor". He also wipes his hand on JD's scrubs.

    The Lady Peace - 'Innocent' start sounding, making the episode all the cooler. Dr. Cox goes to apologize to Craig and he then fixes the nurse's schedule and gives it to Carla. Then there is Ed reading the book, Dr. Cox asks him a question and he doesn't answer he talks about the James Garfield president trivia thing. He gets fired! But still Dr. Cox doesn't make it on time for Jack's bed stories. Jordan says it's OK, he can try again tomorrow. 'We are all innocent'

    So there it is. Such an easy and pleasant episode to watch and follow, keeps you interested and laughing all the way through. And there is also a bonus scene where Ted and Gooch are gonna "have intercourse". Turns out it's JD's fantasy so he won't imagine doing it, but he does it anyway, Ted's pants just fly into JD's face. And I haven't realized there were totally missing JD's fantasies in this episode until I made this review, hmm. Still, what a great installment.

    Ted gets a girl!!that's already sounds funny :D:D:D:.....he is little scared cat!!!he don't know what sto say..i liked episode with elevator he was sitting like a girl :Dlike a little girl...and in the and I'm sorry for JD :d he saw something horribel..i'm sure he will need sychiatryst :D or he's going to be crazy for life :D...what else I liked hm.....oh yes Cox's little sons' attitude to a little JD :D....uhu nurses were very mad although I don't remember why? :-s :D....I don't know what to say more these episodes are too short and there isn't big stuff to talk about
  • Hilarious! My favorite episode of this season so far!

    This episode was amazing. It did two different things at the same time: it made me laugh and it helped pull me towards that sad realization that it is almost over. I'm glad the closure is starting now, especially since it is still funny!!!

    Ted, a classic hilarious character, has found his own personal version of the perfect girl. Plus he got to sing four part harmony to "Don't Fear the Reaper" and "Carry on Wayward Son," which happen to be two of my all-time favorite songs. But not only was this a great Ted episode, it was a great Dr. Cox episode as well. I loved when Jack pranked called him so that he thought it was somewhere wandering the streets, and then Jack jumped up and yelled, "I'm alive!" Scrubs displays a variety of senses of humor, and this episode sure did display all of them.
  • great

    i love this episode cause its finally a episode not about j . d or turk or carla or elliot its just ted and a new charecter teds new girl friend gutch this also was un expected i mean really who ever thought ted would get a girlfriend its an amazing episode and i reccomend it also if u saw the finale gutch becomes important to ted and they move in also i was surprised cause janitor and j . d actually worked together in the finale they move in teds out of his moms house and its just crazy in agood way that BL did
  • A mix of the musical stuff that we have come to love about Scrubs and great storyline progression and character development with Dr. Cox

    One prime part of the episode was the musical story of Ted. Character development aside, it is what we have come to love of Scrubs - Great Music.

    Janitor actually teaming up with JD was a great bit, and gave a few laughs, especially at the Truce-on Truce-off parts..

    What actually was the heart of the show was the storyline progression and character development part with Dr. Cox. Burdened by the load that it is on his time, Dr. Cox is shown handling the Chief of Medicine Job, getting some, missing some, trying hard but still in the end not being able to get it all together, perhaps at the wrong place. This storyline might actually give us an insight into why Dr. Kelso was Dr. Kelso

    All in all, a great installment in the season 8 Journey to the Finale.
  • 808

    "We are, we are all innocent" :O

    A great episode, a Ted-centric episode, surprisingly it was good. A couple years ago, if you said the next episode of Scrubs would be a Ted-centric episode, I would be really disappointed and not looking forward to the next episode of Scrubs. But when I watched this episode, I was completely astonished at how good it was.

    Never in a million years, would I think of finding Ted with a girl, he got the girl, and it was completely hysterical on the way there. The singer for pediatricians was also hilarious. "I really want to kiss/screw you" That was the most hilarious scene. Cox continues to try to juggle 1000 things at once, and realizes one of it has to take, but in the end, he realizes he can never give up on something, the infamous lazy intern gets fired in the process. Kelso admitting to JD that him & Cox were best friends was comedic gold. The show really must be running out of money though, Elliot & Turk are gone... what!?
  • Ted is the centre of attention here as he tries to get to ask a girl out. Dr Cox is still snowed under in the Chief's job.

    This was another really good episode of Scrubs. The scenes with Ted were great, I loved it when his tongue dried up whenever he tried to talk to a girl unless he was singing. The gags over licking the can so no one would want it were also very funny. JD and the Janitor have a truce for a while as they try to help Ted but things go back to normal by the end! Dr Cox finds it difficult to do everything he used to, especially with his son now that he is Chief of Medicine. He also found it difficult to attend to his patients like he could before. Good episode.
  • Ted gets the girl!

    Dr. Cox is still struggling to settle into his new position, trying to balance his responsibilities as chief, his duties as a doctor, and his duties as a father. This is pretty much an extension of the previous episode (My New Role), however as an additional storyline, we see the possible development of a relationship between J.D. and Janitor when they team up to help Ted, who is smitten by Stephanie, the ukelele player who performs in the childrens' ward. It was pleasant to see these two teaming up, something similar only seen in My New God (season 5), too bad all went back to normal with Janitor's saliva-drenched handshake.
  • No Eliot or Turk this time.

    I guess since the show is nearing its end, the writers have realized its time they credit some fine but less popular actors in the show. A Ted centric episode, this one resembled nothing like its earlier counterparts. The other highlight was more on how Dr. Cox is trying to handles his chief of medicine chores. We also see the janitor and JD teaming up to help Ted pursue his crush. Not really a great episode in terms of laughs, but definitely this one had its moments. With Eliot and Turk missing, I am not really sure whats is store for the remaining episodes.