Season 8 Episode 8

My Lawyer's In Love

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 03, 2009 on NBC

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  • A mix of the musical stuff that we have come to love about Scrubs and great storyline progression and character development with Dr. Cox

    One prime part of the episode was the musical story of Ted. Character development aside, it is what we have come to love of Scrubs - Great Music.

    Janitor actually teaming up with JD was a great bit, and gave a few laughs, especially at the Truce-on Truce-off parts..

    What actually was the heart of the show was the storyline progression and character development part with Dr. Cox. Burdened by the load that it is on his time, Dr. Cox is shown handling the Chief of Medicine Job, getting some, missing some, trying hard but still in the end not being able to get it all together, perhaps at the wrong place. This storyline might actually give us an insight into why Dr. Kelso was Dr. Kelso

    All in all, a great installment in the season 8 Journey to the Finale.