Season 8 Episode 8

My Lawyer's In Love

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 03, 2009 on NBC

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    "We are, we are all innocent" :O

    A great episode, a Ted-centric episode, surprisingly it was good. A couple years ago, if you said the next episode of Scrubs would be a Ted-centric episode, I would be really disappointed and not looking forward to the next episode of Scrubs. But when I watched this episode, I was completely astonished at how good it was.

    Never in a million years, would I think of finding Ted with a girl, he got the girl, and it was completely hysterical on the way there. The singer for pediatricians was also hilarious. "I really want to kiss/screw you" That was the most hilarious scene. Cox continues to try to juggle 1000 things at once, and realizes one of it has to take, but in the end, he realizes he can never give up on something, the infamous lazy intern gets fired in the process. Kelso admitting to JD that him & Cox were best friends was comedic gold. The show really must be running out of money though, Elliot & Turk are gone... what!?