Season 4 Episode 21

My Lips Are Sealed

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 05, 2005 on NBC

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  • JD & Carla kiss.

    This was such an unexpected plot! So the plot thickens when Carla & JD share a kiss which is another add in to the Turk & Carla marital problems. JD tries to convince Carla that Turk is trustworthy and in the process they both end up getting drunk and sharing a kiss in Elliot's apartment, Elliot ends up finding out and now Carla & JD don't know whether to decide if it was a friendly kiss or a more than a friend kiss and that will determine if they should tell a Turk or not. Definitely an interesting unexpected plot that I never thought they would do. I would have never imagined JD & Carla pairing up, and I'm glad it was just a kiss. Elliot had a hilarious plot. When she tries to be professional with a patient that has erectile problems when he has an erection for more than nine hours. She ends up laughing and feeling bad about it afterward. Jordan & Cox get in a fight about being too dangerous around Jack, the janitor busts both Jordan & Cox's chops when he reveals how dangerous they are around him. That was also an eventful Cox & Jordan plot. Then we get a cliffhanger surprisingly! Carla & Turk finally resolve their problems and get back together and then Carla reveals that she kissed JD leaving the episode in a cliffhanger fashion. A great episode that was strange in some places but was still enjoyable, at least we got Turk & Carla back together!
  • After getting drunk Carla and JD kiss and struggle to tell Turk.

    Turk and Carla continue to struggle with their marriage with J.D. as the middle man. After some persuasion from Turk, J.D. takes Carla to a bar so they can talk. They get drunk and return to J.D.'s apartment where they briefly kiss. In the morning, they decide that because it was merely a friend's kiss, they should not tell Turk. Carla tells Turk she will move back in with him because she thinks little things can ruin marriages, thus deciding to forgive him. The episode concludes with Carla being honest to Turk about her kiss.

    Dr. Cox and Jordan argue over Dr. Cox's playtime with Jack that oftens puts their son at risk of injury. Their fight is exacerbated by the Janitor who photographs Cox and Jack as proof and photoshops pictures of worse situations. Jordan accidentally reveals her tendency to allow strangers to touch Jack, which the Janitor has also photographed and photoshopped; as a doctor, this scares Dr. Cox. Together, Cox and Jordan form a set of parents worried about all potential harms to their son.

    Elliot treats a patient with an enduring erection after taking pills for erectile dysfunction. After yelling at her colleagues, including The Todd and Dr. Kelso, for laughing at the patient, she laughs upon hearing his story. Feeling horrible about her actions, Elliot teaches the patient the importance of laughing at oneself.
  • Carla and JD kiss!

    Just when you think Carla and Turk’s problems are over, Carla makes the fatal mistake of telling the truth in the last second of the episode.

    Elliot laughing at the patient was a very good plot because it shows many sides of her character at different times in the episodes whether it be fun, serious, regret or dedication.

    Cox and Jordan’s plot was very funny with the Janitor’s pictures making it quite obvious that both of their approaches to parenting were a little unusual and hilarious.

    Of course, the main plot is Carla and JD getting drunk while JD tries to patch things up between her and Turk and they share something that can barely pass as a kiss which is also entertaining especially Carla’s blurting out to Elliot and the monkey.

    Overall, these plots are all what make Scrubs great and keep the show entertaining after four years and also leave viewers wondering what Turk’s reaction will be.
  • What’s Between Faithfulness and Cheating? A Drunken Kiss Of Course!

    What’s Between Faithfulness and Cheating? A Drunken Kiss Of Course!

    This was a hugely satisfying episode. What might sound awfully unbelievable on paper – JD kissing his best friend’s girlfriend – was directed and acted so superbly that the moment actually seemed (almost) completely innocent. Add to that some interesting sub-plotlines and many great jokes and you get an episode of Scrubs that’s back on form.

    First, taking a look at the B-plots, Dr. Cox (or should I call him Perry? The first e-mail I get telling me which name I should use will help me decide for sure!) and Jordan are arguing over their son’s safety and their different attitudes towards it. Eventually they compromise, but not before Perry wins one of their fights, which is a momentous occasion. (‘You’re speechless! I won! I won an argument Jack, it’s unprecedented! We’ll be at the playground drinking beer!’) Tied into this is the Janitor butting in by showing photos of the couple’s misdemeanours. This doesn’t work as well, but is welcome because it generated my favourite line of the week – see below.

    Elsewhere, Elliot treats a patient who has taken erectile dysfunction pills, and is suffering an hours-long erection because of it. Elliot wonders why he took the pills when he wasn’t even experiencing problems, leading to a terrific putdown by Dr. Cox (‘What’s this? Why, it’s a dummygram, and it’s addressed to you Barbie.’). Afterwards, the patient becomes the laughing stock of the hospital, and when Elliot chastises her colleagues for being so disrespectful, it makes her feel all the more worse when she bursts out laughing at her patient’s tale of woe. However, she manages to redeem herself by telling him a similarly embarrassing story and advising him to see the funny side of his situation. This was a great storyline, and it’s nice to see an episode show one of the doctors treating a patient rather than just their own romantic failings.

    Not that there isn’t some of that too, as the meat of the episode is devoted to Turk and Carla’s reconciliation, albeit with a few hurdles. After a great scene where JD and Turk try to figure out what time it is since they’ve changed the clock a few times, the usual silliness ensues. For once, it’s actually quite amusing, particularly JD’s drink with the bike gang afterwards (‘Napkin on your lap, Satan’s Valet!’). Turk and Carla talk and it seems the major issue she has is that she doesn’t think she can trust him – how’s that for preemptive irony? When Turk gets his best friend to convince Carla that he’s trustworthy, they instead end up getting very drunk. After a great night out, they collapse on the floor of Elliot’s apartment and kiss. It’s something that I thought the show would never do, given how their friendship over the last four years has been that and nothing more. Despite that, it definitely wasn’t the most passionate kiss in the world, and they were drunk, so I can forgive the writers (although this is, what, the third episode in a row where JD’s life has been in some way worsened by alcohol? Are we subliminally being given a message here?).

    After the viewers are left to ponder whether it was a friend kiss, JD and Carla do the same, with satisfyingly pointless banter and a great fantasy in which JD imagines a messenger monkey about to tell Turk what happened. It’s stuff like this that Scrubs does so well. They decide to dismiss the kiss as a drunken accident, and Carla takes Turk back whilst JD keeps quiet (‘What’s between silence and talking? Blah-kil ooo!’). Everything seems like it’s back to normal, with Carla moving back in and the three of them sitting happily on the couch, with JD in between Turk and Carla – perhaps to represent him as their last great hurdle? When Turk says that he’s not going to keep anything secret, Carla hastily confesses what happened. The next episode is going to be very interesting.

    Overall, a fantastic episode that’s put Scrubs back on form. 5 out of 5 Messenger Monkeys.

    Best line: ‘Hey, all my pictures were in there! Dead patient with fancy shirt, dead patient without fancy shirt, me in fancy shirt being yelled at by angry family!’ ---- Janitor