Season 6 Episode 13

My Long Goodbye

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 05, 2007 on NBC

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    After the amazing cliffhanger and episode, we get yet another amazing flawless outstanding episode, that probably touched all the fans of Scrubs in a special way. It was a strange feeling to feel joy and desolation at the same time. The way that Scrubs affects it's viewers it's what makes this such a good show. I don't care what anyone says, Scrubs is most definitely not going downhill at season 6. I think someone used the term "getting muddy." Which is the most false statement I have ever read. Laverne dies in this episode as she goes completely brain dead, and everyone says goodbye. It was emotional definitely, but I still don't think that it would be the best thing to kill Laverne off. Now for now on, it will feel like something is missing. I felt joy at the same time I felt sad because Jordan has her baby, and forevermore, it will be associated with the death of Laverne. Which is kind of sad when you think about it.

    Their baby being named Jennifer Dylan was hilarious, and JD becoming godfather, that was a great scene! I love all the bar scenes on Scrubs, and the final scene when everyone says "To Laverne" was a very powerful scene. Another powerful scene was Carla's breakdown as she is saying goodbye to Laverne. Great acting from Judy Reyes. Amazing episode, very emotional.
  • Good enough, but they've done it before.

    This episode would have been so much better if they hadn't had "ghost Laverne" following Carla around. It only worked in the episode where Ben died because we didn't know he had actually died yet. In this episode it just felt cheezy.

    I liked the goodbye scenes though. Especially Carla's. It was sweet and was emotional without being too emotional. They didn't go over the top, which made it feel genuine.

    The storyline with the birth of Dr Cox' daughter was handled well enough. They didn't give it more screen-time than it needed, which was a good thing. I also found it very refreshing that they didn't make a big "a life ends and another begins" thing out of it.
  • An overall moving episode involving Laverne's vegeatative state and the hospital staff's sad goodbyes. Mean while the long awaited birth of Dr.Cox's daughter is plagued by the imminent death of a much loved co-worked.

    A normal episode of Scrubs is as funny as hell yet they never really have any plot or character development. This episode however breaks that cycle. Carla is 'haunted' by the ghost of Laverne who has been her best friend from the start of her days at Sacred Heart. Much like when Ben followed Dr. Cox it was simply a case of denial of a much loved companion passing on. Amazingly enough the scrubs writers, managed to cram in jokes amongst the sadness as, one by one, the hospital workers say their farewells to Laverne. Mean while Dr. Cox doesn't tell anyone about the birth of his daughter, except J.D, for the fear that there would be an accosiation every time her birthday came around. Unfortunately for Dr. Cox, Jordan is not so pleased with Dr. Cox idea and so names her child Jennifer Dylan. Or J.D for short :) One of the last scenes in the episode is definately one of the most moving i have seen on T.V for a long time, and in Scrubs probably the most. The speech Carla makes made me cry, to say good bye to such a good friend is something most can relate to. Not only that but Laverne is undoubtably one of the most loved characters. Overall this is one of best Scrubs episodes there is, perhaps even the best. Aside from the usual comedy it holds the loss of deeply loved character and the birth of a child.
  • It was amazing. My second favorite episode.

    Carla is the main character in this one. Not the saddest one, but here it is: Laverne is brain-dead, and her family decides to take her off life support. One by one, the characters say their respective goodbyes, except Carla, who denies what's going on, being "haunted" by Laverne, when she wasn't dead yet.
    Meanwhile, Jordan gives birth, but Dr. Cox doesn't want to tell anyone because he doesn't want his daughter's birthdays to always be associated with Laverne's death. And JD picks the name of the baby, is Jennifer Dylan. A very important episode. Superb.

    Even though, this is season 6, it was awesome and one of the best of the whole show, in my opinion. This episode had it all, the emotions, sadness, laughter, dramedy, touching, great comedy and it's always great to watch.
    One of the reasons I love this is because of the comedy, I love the bad news robot scene. Wow! I was amazed, that's a joke I never gonna forget, totally cracked me up. Another funny stuff is: the shadow theater, the uterus scene, the parts where JD forgot what Dr. Cox told him, Laverne's haunting, Jordan and Cox private moment and many more "scrubsish" stuff. The other reason is that is a memorable sad episode, Laverne dies. The best of season 6.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why did she have to die. Well she believed in heavan so she's with god now

    When i found out that lavern was gonna die i couldn't believe it and Carla was the only one who refused to believe what was going on and was just in denial though she eventually accepted it. I nearly cried myself at that point. I'm going to miss Lavern and i feel bad for Carla and Lester (to those who don't know him, he's Lavern's Husbund). Though Jordan finally got her C-section and it's hard to believe she let JD be the godfather and name the baby after him one would be generous but both is amazing espesially since it was Jordan; though i wonder how Perry will react to this.
  • Bittersweet moments in this one.

    Laverne is brain-dead, and her family decides to take her off life support. One by one, the staff say their goodbyes, except Carla, who stoutly refuses to accept what's happening. She consequently finds herself "haunted" by Laverne. Meanwhile, Jordan has her C-section and tells everyone neccessary to the birth exept for Dr. Cox, but he doesn't want to tell anyone because he doesn't want his daughter's birthday to always be associated with Laverne's death. Unfortunately for him, Elliot finds out and tells the whole hospital. Funny scenes like Elliot's uterus glowing, silly scenes like J.D's robot fantasy and some serious scenes - Laverne's death! Very good character, sorry to see her go... R.I.P.
  • Now that the death of Laverne is iminant everyone is paying there last respects. Also Jordan is having her C-Section and Dr.Cox doesn't want everyone thinking of the birth of his son with her death. The episode ends with her Death. Carla is with her then.

    This has to be one of the best episodes yet. Everyone loved Laverne because of her Jesus-Loving attitude. Her quirky comebacks were always worth a giggle. She was a major part of the Scrubs family, there is no other like her, or will ever be. You can tell that everyone is heartbroken by her passing.
    I don't really think that it is selfish either by Doctor Cox not wanting his son's birth to be on the same day as Laverne's death. He understands how much people care for Laverne, and he doesn't want people to relate the two.

    I Think it is wonderful how much Carla really cares for Laverne, considering that Carla was her boss.
  • Can't believe she died...

    Laverne died just after Carla gets to say her goodbye, which was very moving. I thought that Laverne was areally good character with a lot of life in her. She was very faithful and belived evrything happened for a reason. Even she could probably had found a reason for her own death. Carla was extremely upset and was comforted by Turk which I thought was very sad too. Perry was right about his daughter being a reminder of Laverne's death, and it also fulfills the saying of one life ends and another begins. Overall a very sad episode that still manages to make you laugh even though it is such a sad ep.
  • Laverne leaves us crying but with lessons to come by.

    There are 3 ingredients in scrubs for a great episode.
    1) Dr. Cox in a huge role in the plot line.
    2) Somebody Dying.
    3) The Dying person is a reccuring character.

    This has happened 3 times this season and those 3 are one of the highest rated episodes of the series. This is why I love scrubs.
  • Why Lavern!

    Of all the people why the only black woman, she was a great character i loved lavern she was funny. Also she was a stereotype and so was here church chorus she was funny and when she was in a scene that usually lead to something funny or something about gossip or a stereotype about either blacks or women. She was a good character and this was a perfect episode i agree with everything that most of the people who wrote reviews said. This was a perfect episode i hope the rest of season 6 will be as good, along with season 7 and so on. Hopefully there will be a season 7.
  • Perfect, well made episode of Scrubs.

    Scrubs, My Long Goodbye was the best episode of the series. The storyline with Laverne following Carla was really good. I've got to admit, it was very cheesy, but it was still a good storyline. I really liked that one.

    At the end, Carla's speech was the best I've heard in awhile. She was so emotional. That is why I classified it as a Tearjerker.

    The fantasy/daydreams were bad in my opinion. The bad news robot was very, very cheesy. Still funny, but cheesy. Thats all I can say about this episode. Im trying to catch up on my reviews, so I cant say much.

    See you for "My Words of Wisdom"
  • This is when Carla shines

    Everyone at Sacred Heart is comming to grips w/ losing Laverne at any momment & begin to say their good-byes, except for Carla (who is having the most trouble). Although this episode made me cry, it has its typical funny moments courtesy of JD, Todd, & the Janitor.Also, Jordan gives birth to her daughter accompanied by JD & a reluctant Dr. Cox who doesnt want her birth, to be associated w/ Laverne's death. Carla (Judy Reyes) was fantastic! her ability to show genuine feelings towards Laverne as she was dying was both sad & interesting to watch. Everyone's acting left me amazed. it was a Great Episode!
  • Laverne and Dr. COx had an argument on whether or not bad things happen for a reason. Laverne is now in a coma and probably going to die.

    Another episode that has a lesson embedded. As we watch each of the characters deal with Laverne's approaching death, we see them begin to say goodbye. Carla is angered by this and, being stubborn, refuses to say goodbye. Dr. Cox has yet another problem to deal with alongside Lavernes death, his daughter is about to be born. However, he doesn't want the baby's birth to be associated with Laverne's death. Once the others find out, they reassure him that it will not happen like that. Carla eventually realizes that the time has come to say goodbye and she does. They all stand and wait, wanting to see Laverne off. They go out to celebrate her life after she passes on. Meanwhile, JD is the only one there for Jordan. Which causes her to name him godfather to the daughter and name the girl Jennifer other words, JD. The episode closes with a silent toast to Laverne.
  • Loved it!

    This episode made me both laugh and cry! The most touching scene was definitely at the end when Carla says her goodbyes. They were still able to fit a little humor in there too with the Janitor's speech. I cringed after seeing Elliot scratch Keith's back. Another classic moment to add to the Scrubs vault is the fantasy sequence with the robots. For some odd reason, JD's fantasies always go awry. The cameo of Nicole Sullivan's character Jill Tracy (the one that died of rabis) took me off guard but was hilariously funny. Apparently you can get pregnant in heaven.

    Great episode! A must see!
  • A fantastic episode - Goodbye Laverne

    This is exactly why Scrubs is so entertaining, it has forever given us a balance of comedy and tragedy, and this episode was the greatest mix of those two special elements.

    First, the goodbye's between Laveren and Elliot, JD, Turk, Kelseo and the Janitor both made me laugh, and left me on the verge of tears. And being on the verge of tears is something I have never been on with a TV programme. Laverne and Carla's connection was by far the most moving piece of the entire episode. With humour and tragedy both so carefully entwined with each other, it was a brilliant piece, and the final (long) goodbye was a true teargerker, and I can admit that I cried for the first time since 'The Fox and the Hound'. Truely Scrubs at it's best. This season has been criticised, but this episode shows that it is probably the best season yet - but the series will not be the same without bubbly Nurse Laverne Roberts.

    Goodbye Laverne - you will be missed!
  • Scrubs at its best. The episode 2nd to only the one where Ben dies. Or equal. Laverne was a bigger charcter than ben. Thoughts...

    A death is one of the saddest things in any place, but in Scrubs they make it sad, yet at the same time make it happy. Geniuses. I don't know how they do it. well i do. Having a birth in the same episod as a death. I would not have thought of that. I must say though that JD must feel a bit let down after not being in the final scene where they toast, but now, in a way he is a relative to Dr. Cox. Not blood relative, but he won't mind. Coxy will. He'l be maaaaad.
  • A very emotional episode that will no doubt have imense implications for the rest of the season.

    In this episode, the sacred Heart family has to say goodbye to one of their own, hence the title, and it takes them all a long time, especially Carla. I was quite satisfied with the way they did this episode, they didnt make it too emotional and they didnt make it too funny, they struck a good balance and allowed the episode to be both emotionally deep whilst keeping it to an acceptable level of deppressiveness, if that's a word..

    In my opinion, it wasnt the BEST Scrubs episode ever, which is a shame. I liked that JD stayed with Jordan whilst everyone was off at the bar, i was expecting her to be there by herself. At least she had JD there with her and finishing with a toast to Laverne followed by the JD/godfather joke made the whole episode leave a good impression, rather than a sad one.

    This week? Laverne's funeral. I dont hold high hopes for this episode, i see it being a little boring, to be honest, because they will feel that they have to make a big thing of it with all the memories or else they would be screwing her character over. I dont really wanna see a big long funeral scene, if i wanted to see a funeral, i'd kill one of my friends, duh.. Haha, nah, seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing where they're gonna go with this season now and how everyone will deal with Laverne's death!
  • This was a great episode! It made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me laugh while crying! This is where the Scrubs writers proove that they are worth every penny! Dr. Cox and Jordan have there new baby girl. Jordan names her Jennifer Dillon.

    This episode was AWESOME! Not only was it funny, but it was very sad at the same time. Laverne is in her coma and is on the verge of dying.. so the staff of Sacred Heart deal with loosing a friend in different ways. I liked seeing Elliot and Keith spending more time in the bedroom to help Elliot cope. J.D and Turk go to Dr. Kelso's house and try to bash his mail box while riding on Sasha, J.D's scooter. I really liked Carla's performance in this episode. She prooves that she can be very serious when necessary. I really liked the part where J.D has his friend pick up Jack, Cox's kid, and you see him in the truck listening to Devil Driver! All and all I give this one a 10 for making me laugh and cry at the same time!
  • Wow, that was a great episode!

    I realize this is listed as a comedy drama, but for me, it's mostly comedy. I love this show. And this episode is why. The way they balance it out and show some real emotions, but still keep it light is wonderful! I have to admit, when Carla said her goodbyes, I cried. I felt silly, but she did a wonderful job. And...I am so excited that the new baby will be J.D. part II. I'm sure Dr. Cox will love that!
  • Classic example of the excellent writing at Scrubs!

    Damn, what an episode. I've seen funnier episodes, but none as character building and funny as this one. Classic combination of comedy and life lessons. I don't know how they manage it week to week (and a couple of episodes ago, I thought they weren't going to anymore) but they seem to pull off great episodes each week. Laverne is dieing. She's been there from the very beginning and each episode shes been in, shes had her part to play, and played it very well. Everyone accepts it except Carla. And I'm glad it took her a while to see things through everyone else's eyes. I'm also glad that it affected people - all be it in the same way perhaps, but for many other shows, when characters that have been there from the very beginning die, each other character barely mentions it. You don't see many two episode arcs in Scrubs, but I'm happy they did it for this one.

    Despite the seriousness of this episode, there were classic funny moments, as always. JD drifting of into his dream world just when Dr Cox gives him a task was just perfect, and typical JD. And JD as godfather? lol... Jennifer Dylan - now that will be classic, I can't wait for all the jokes from that. And oh, now I know why Cox has his head shaved – I was wondering why that was the case.

    Now Elliot, Turk and Kelso didn't play major roles in this episode, but shone when they were there – literally in Elliot’s case with her “glowing uterus.” All in all, one hell of an episode and can’t wait till next week’s. Keep em coming!
  • In this episode the hospital workers are all saying their goodbyes to nurse Roberts, except Carla who is reluctant.

    This episode was really good. I was expecting Laverne to die because that was all over these boards, but I was crying my eyes out. It was so sad. I didn't cry until Carla said her goodbye. It was the saddest. I hope that nothing that sad happens again. I wonder if Jordan is really going to name the baby Jennifer Dylan. That would make J.D. so happy. Haha. I just am still so torn. After I watched this episode I called my cousin and me and him were crying on the phone. This episode just shows how much you can get attached to a character on a TV show.
  • N/A

    WOW. I cannot beilive this episode! It will deffinatly make things different on the show! But a few tings still puzzle me...

    Q: Will J.D be beaten to a bloody mess by Dr. Cox when he finds out that Jordan made J.D. the Godfather and name her daughter?

    Q: Will Turk suffer any long-term damage from falling off a scooter and having a wave of pain flow through his arm after he tries to smash Dr. Kelso's Mail box?

    Q: Will Carla tell anyone, besides her stressed induced "Ghost" of Laverne, that she saw Dr. Kelso kissing the brain-dead Laverne? (EW)

    Q: Is Dr. Cox going to be a mess when Jordan gets through with him?

    Q: Will Laverne's "Ghost" always be on the show?
  • Not what i was expecting and Dr Cox already had his hair cut a few episodes back

    Although i felt this was a good episode of Scrubs, i only felt this episode work in the last 5 minutes of the show. Obviously they didnt want the whole episode to be a sad and bleak tale of everyone saying goodbye but it just seemed strange the way everyone was reacting to it all. I guess i was expecting to feel sad all the way through the episode, but thats not really scrubs. But the last 5 minutes when Carla says her goodbye made the episode the tearjerker i thought it was going to be. Another good installment of scrubs.
  • The best episode of this season.

    This was an excellent episode, dealing with a heavy topic (the death of a co-worker), and also being funny. That's probably not the easiest thing to do as a writer, but it was pulled off very well, and they should be commended for it. This is one of the better shows of a sluggish season, it's not a top five show of the shows history, but it should be held up there with the likes of them. Judy Reyes (a personal favorite of mine), does an incredible job in this episode, and she alone with Aloma Wright has been the two big standouts for this season. Judy Reyes with this episode and along with her performance in her postpartum depression episodes, really branched out and and shows just how really great she is, and also underutilized. Also, in this episode we see Dr. Cox with a shaved head again, the last time being the clip show a few weeks back, and then the next week full head of hair. I think NBC made a mistake by showing the episodes out of order.
  • It made me think back where I had to deal with a death of a fellow co worker.Great acting from Judy Reyes.

    I will miss Laverne.I know she was a secondary character on the show with a few lines here and there but still a staple on Scrubs(in my opinion).When they showed the first of the 2 part story my wife said "maybe they are about to kill her off" since she was involved in show more then usual.I have been at that place before when you loose a fellow co worker and it's a sad thing so I give them Kudos for dealing with the subject.Judy Reyes did a fine job with her acting.
  • We're gonna miss your wit and one liners, Laverne.......

    I agree with the other reviewers. This was definitely a tearjerker of an episode. Yet, it mixed the comedy and sadness that Scrubs does so well. It showed that quite often, when one life comes into this world, another leaves. That was a fact mentioned on the show in an earlier season. At first, I didn't understand why Laverne was haunting Carla, until Laverne told Carla that she was there because Carla wasn't ready to say goodbye, and that Carla needed to say goodbye before it was too late. When Carla finally said her tearful goodbye, Laverne's ghost disappeared. I thought they handled Laverne's death with total dignity. Everyone got to say their goodbyes, then they showed her hand, still clutching her rosary, as the EKG flatlined and we said goodbye. This episode will definitely be a classic. It showcased the "dramedy" that is "Scrubs." You laugh and you cry, all in the same episode. That's why I love this show so much. You never know what will happen. God bless you, Laverne. Thanks for 6 1/2 great seasons. You're definitely going to be missed.
  • Excellent episode.

    This really was a fantastic episode. Sometimes Carla's acting seems a little bit off to me but here she was stunning. J.D. and Laverne also stand out for great performances too, but everyone was good.

    The main plot was of Laverne's apparent death (conclusion next week) but if she is dead then it didn't seem overly sad to me. The amount of comedy and brilliant performances makes it seem like if they are saying goodbye to Laverne then it's more of a celebration of her, especially since she's so prominent in the episode (albeit in hallucination form).

    Carla's goodbye at the end was very well done.
  • Goodbye, Laverne.

    After six seasons, everyone's favorite nurse is gone. This episode showcases Scrubs' ability to deftly balance tragedy and comdedy. The story kept switching between the funny (the birth of Cox's daughter, named Jennifer Dylan (J.D.)!!!) and the sad. And even the sad plot was funny in parts, especially Carla being "haunted" by Laverne. I loved this episode, and it will likely be considered a series' classic.
  • Only a day after it airs I consider it a classic, well, a classic-to-be, and one that will certainly be one of the most memorable episodes of at least the sixth season.

    This episode is already one of my favourites, and I know I've stated this many times before, but it's yet another example of how Scrubs can blend humour and comedy so well. It's first and foremost a comedy so even though a fan favourite is dying, you can still laugh throughout the episode.

    Even in JD's imagination, his ideas never seem to work perfectly such as Floating Head Doctor, the bad news parrot, Chauncy and in this episode, a malfunctioning Bad News Robot. JD's inner monologue again screwing him over is always entertaining to watch but the ending is fantastic where Jordan names her daughter JD and calls JD the godfather out of a mixture of spite and drugs, thus causing two nightmares for Cox in one day.

    The character's farewells wer both funny and emotional, such as Janitor's, Turk's and Todd's well meaning one, and Carla's was very revealing and showed the true side to Laverne. This episode is hilarious and dramatic and just as the characters each gave their farewell to her, I shall give my own to the character that never fails to make people laugh.

    There were so many things that contributed to her hilarity, my favourite aspect being her gossiping addiction. Then there's her busybody nature, religious fanatic, friend and short temper. All of these aspects have made me laugh so hard throughout the show and Laverne will be a character that I will certainly miss and her departure was done in an excellent fashion. Farewell Laverne!

    Anybody who missed this episode has a definite yes answer coming to them if they ask "Did I miss something good?"
  • Another fantastic episode, Scrubs is back on a roll!

    This episode was a beautiful balance between the comedy and drama that we know and love from Scrubs. I was almost in tears at the end of this episode, because it was done wonderfully.

    Throughout the episode, a great dynamic existed between JD and Dr. Cox, and it did a bit to erase the victim status that TPTB have been fostering on JD as of late. I loved the ending especially, the JD and Jordan scene was fantastic. To see everyone's way of cpoping with the eventual death of one of their own was a pavement for some great acting by all involved. I didn't realise how important a character Laverne was until we lost her.

    Another great installment.
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