Season 4 Episode 14

My Lucky Charm

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 25, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. says, it is important to have good people skills. He tells a lady to wait in line but accidentaly catapults a cup of coffee into her face and they admit her straight away. Carla and Elliot make plans they will never keep, and Turk knows so, thus he promises great things as well. They all jump around in a circle. Turk and J.D. sit at home and do something exciting: Swapping chairs. Jordan and Dr. Cox are having dinner in a restaurant and have sex in the bathroom. She takes a pregancy test and she is disappointed it is negative. Perry meanwhile, runs around on the streets that she is not pregant.

J.D. can't recover a patient and calls it. A man comes up behind him and says "sometimes the end is just the end" but it is actually Jerry, another patient who thinks he's dead. Carla tells J.D. that he needs to look after an Irish fellow who admitted his brother, Billy Callahan. Elliot needs to cancel their plans because she has a Cantonese The Janitor comes up and says she was actually not so keen on going and Elliot makes a big deal out of it. Carla says it doesn't matter because she had a anyway. Dr. Cox limps in. Carla asks why he has been gone for the last few days. He admits he had a vasectomy but hasn't told Jordan and nobody should. Jordan comes in and jumps him. Dr. Cox says "I missed you".

J.D. and Turk hang out with Billy, who thinks they were a gay couple. He asks if they go out at night and they can't really say. Billy advices them to go out and embrace the world. Elliot kisses Billy just because he said her eyes look like the Irish countryside after a soft rain. Carla also almost kisses him because he said her hair was curly. Jordan asks why Perry is limping. He says it was from fishing. Dr. Kelso walks by and says he knows that limp, he must have just had a vasectomy. He also had one in '68.

In the cafeteria, Carla and Elliot argue about waving as they both like Billy and because they plans of earlier didn't go through. They start cat fighting, with the Todd watching. Turk asks for Billy's brother's insurance information but it turns out he had only met the guy last night. Jordan doesn't mind about Perry's vasectomy. The Todd joins the fight in the cafeteria. Turk and J.D. want to know who Billy really is and he says he was the bloke who hit the guy in bed. Turks asks him to leav but he doesn't want to leave. Laverne needs to cut Elliot's watch and Carla's hair to seperate them. Turk and J.D. consider whether or not they should call the cops. J.D. had already done so with Turk's name anyway.

Elliot complains to the janitor about Carla. Dr. Cox is confused why Jordan was so sweet to him when she found out about the vasectomy and Carla complains about Elliot to Jerry. All three note that they need to talk to others instead. So Dr. Cox comes home and asks why she's not upset about the vasectomy and her payback is signing up Jack to ballet. Dr. Cox reverses the vasectomy. The police arrest Billy and everyone at the hospital is mad at Turk and J.D., even the Todd who appreciates hot, regardless of gender.

Carla and Elliot chat about Billy and each other. Perry tells Jordan that he reversed the vasectomy and that he wants to be a better couple with her. She promises not the give ballet s to Jack. Now that they are open to each other, she wants him to have the vasectomy again. Billy is back in the hospital to check on the guy he punched and admitted, who is now awake. He threw the first punch and they are cool. J.D. and Turk say they are sorry. He's ok with it but doesn't like they didn't come to him instead of contacting the authorities. They realize they are jealous of Billy.

Dr. Cox has his third vasectomy procedure. J.D. and Turk go out to the bar and play cards there instead of at home, staying after 1am even though they have be at work at 5 in the morning.