Season 4 Episode 14

My Lucky Charm

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 25, 2005 on NBC

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  • Elliot & Carla get into a cat fight.

    At first this episode was kind of boring and I had a feeling that I wasn't going to be liking it much, the first weak link of season 4 I would have to say, but as the episode developed, I started to really like it. One of the things that is memorable about this episode is the development in Cox & Jordan's relationship, usually their relationship is so two dimensional, and I felt as though we really got in depth of their relationship. We also got to see a softer side of Cox & Jordan in the process. It all starts when Jordan thinks she might be pregnant, when she isn't pregnant, Cox gets a vasectomy without talking with Jordan about it first. When she finds out, she is calm about it. Cox then decides to be more open with their relationship which might help their relationship in many ways. Did anyone else dislike Collin Farrel's guest appearance? I did, which definitely brought the rating down. When you got right down too it, Collin Farrell became quite unnecessary, anyone else would have played his part just fine. In this episode, Turk & JD realize they need to get out more after seeing Collin Farrell's character live life right. Carla & Elliot get in a random cat fight, but then they realize they did it because they have grown apart. They renew their friendship by the end. The strong point was definitely Cox/Jordan. All the other plots had the potential to be quite forgettable, other than that, this was a good episode with some flaws.
  • loved it

    good old colin really made for interesting cleque irish character!

    as an irish man myself i always love to watch cleque and over the top reditions of the irish sterotype. it was pretty funny! wasnt much acting involved for colin but it was a funny take by him. teaching jd and turk how to live life the the fullest was a good story!

    "gotta be in florence by midnight" ha ha, loved it!

    eliot and carla had another enjoyable story but the jordan and dr. cox story was really good!
    i think they did should good depth to the personas of both jordan and cox and a tthe same tiem made it really funny!
  • A Irish man teaches JD and Turk a lesson.

    Not wanting another kid, Cox gets himself "fixed." He is suprised when Jordan doesnt seem to care. A man claiming his brother was hurt takes him to the hospital. Turk and JD find out the man isn't his brother, but the guy that hurt him. Good episode overall. I loved the scene where Turk was a leperchaun and the fact Cox got a vaseptamy then got it reversed.
  • Vasectomies and Pregancies

    The beginning when Dr. Cox is screaming in the traffic about Jordan not being pregnant starts off a fantastic episode even before we meet Colin Farrell.

    Every single vasectomy procedure Dr Cox has is of course funny especially when he tortures the doctor who screwed up the first one and when Dr Kelso tells on him to Jordan. Elliot and Carla's catfight was hot and hilarious even The Todd thinks so. They fight over Billy, the Irishman who put a guy in hospital who teaches Turk and J.D. a lesson about living life to the fullest so they do and instead of playing cards at home, they play in a bar.

  • Colin Ferrell

    Billy: How you doing?
    Jerry: Not great, actually. I'm dead.
    Billy: Bummer. How long?
    Jerry: Four years next month.
    Billy: Geez, that's a nightmare. I was dead once, for about ten minutes. Then me mate Danny peed on me head.
    Jerry: Really?
    Billy: It's quite a sight to wake up to

    Jsut that quote alone had me cracking up, I loved Colin in this episode. Hilarious!
  • Cox's Vasectomy

    You’d hate to be Dr Cox in this episode with the hatrick operation on the genitals after Jordan’s somewhat hard-to-read reaction on Perry’s vasectomy but anyone who isn’t him is bound to laugh at the plot aswell as feel his pain which makes it all the more funny.

    JD constantly accidentally referring to he and Turk as a couple was very amusing and the other gags in the Irish plot were also side-splitting.

    Carla and Elliot trying to re-establish their friendship was pretty good too with great moments from the Todd and Laverne aswell as the two characters that the story revolves around.

    Overall, this episode is both funny and well written, with three plots bound to make you laugh, especially Cox’s.