Season 3 Episode 4

My Lucky Night

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 30, 2003 on NBC

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  • JD tries to win back Elliot.

    Season three got off on a pretty rocky start but this episode proved that Scrubs has not lost it's spark, and if anything, it is improving. All the plots were likable in this episode, and in some way they tie in. I liked the transitioning of everyone's thoughts and it was a memorable scene to look back on after watching this episode. Sean finds out that Elliot used to date JD, he makes a huge deal out of it, but it turns out he was making the huge deal, because he's leaving Elliot for six months for a job opportunity and he doubts that long distance would work. Leaving Elliot all alone, Elliot tries to get Sean back, but he leaves on his bus. JD continues to have feelings for Elliot while he's still fitting in to Cox's plot. Cox applies for a promotion without Jordan's help. JD helps him a bit, but only if Cox signs JD's letter of recommendation. Carla is assigned to work with Turk in the operating room, she really annoys him, but manages to be his lucky charm in the operating room. In the end, JD decides he needs to win back Elliot in her time of need. He runs to her building with flowers only to find out that Sean stayed for Elliot, and he is willing to make the long distance thing work when he leaves. Cox ends up getting the promotion as he stops being stubborn and asks for Jordan's help. I am loving their relationship by the way. Carla & Turk's problem is resolved as well. JD ends up alone, while Elliot ends up with Sean. A cringe-worthy pivotal episode that helped season three as a whole.
  • Hilarious!

    JD distracts the Janitor and Troy with a riddle, which was a very enjoyable storyline. Especially the ending was hilarious.

    Dr. Cox and Dr. Steadman compete for the same promotion for the residency director position. It was a good plot, but i don't like Dr Steadman. The Turk and Carla plot was also hilarious. The only thing i can complain about is Sean, Elliot and JD's jealousy. But in this episode it (finally) hits rocky ground and they virtually break up because Sean is going away. I got a little exited about Jelliot, but sadly knew that if they would be together, it wouldn't be for long anyway.
  • I liked it a lot!

    This episode was the best of the season so far. The J.D loves Elliot again plot was nice because we got to see more of jealous J.D trying to fight Sean for Elliot's affections. The other storylines were funny to especially Carla assissting Turk in surgery - and she annoys the crap out of him. She also looks good in green scrubs and those earrings she was wearing!! At a bar, Turk spills the beans about Elliot and J.D's relationship to Sean who is horrified but is really covering up telling Elliott he has to leave for 6 months. I liked when the cast's thoughts interlinked. The end is really sad and I felt so sorry for J.D who is utterly crushed when Sean returns and it looks as if J.D and Elliot will never be together...of course they will! DUH!!!!!!! Superb.
  • Sean is leaving for a career opertunity and doesn't wanna be in a long distance relationship, Dr Cox applies applies for residency director, Carla does an extra shift as a Surgical Nurse and drives Turk crazy.

    I loved this episode, This is by far one of my favourites.

    The whole mood was just great, each character had some kind of ineresting plot. The comedy was pure gold and as usual they manage to switch from comedy to serious almost effortlessly towards the end of the episode.

    Just an amazing episode.

    Lovin it.
  • Best episode of season three so far

    The janitor plot in this episode is one of my favourites especially the end where Janitor gets his revenge by destroying JD's bike with a riddle of his own: "Two guys destroyed your bike with a crowbar and a bat. One of them wasn't me".

    One of the most impressive scenes in this episode is the scene which travels through everyone's thoughts, linking up at certain points.

    The end was very good with a guy handing JD flowers because the baby wasn't his and the PA announcing for a Dr Leave and Winnerback aswell as JD getting the night off since he helped get Dr Cox the position, all thee coincidences leading up to a predicted ending which didn't happen, the twist at the end being that Elliot and Sean had decided on a long term relationship.

    Turk's plot of Carla being his good luck charm and Cox's residency position plot were both hilarious and overall, this e;pisode is entertainng from start to finish.
  • After learning about JD & Elliots history, Sean tries to blow it way out of proportion and making her look like the bad guy, as he tells her he is going away for 6 months. JD uses this to his advantage and decides to tell Ellioy how he feels.


    A "Supersized" Episode that has a heart breaking/happy ending, with a great song to go with the mood, Tammany Hall - Cindy.

    This has many gags, although it has it's sad moments, like when JD finds out that Elliot and Sean are back together at the end. However, many great camera shots during the sequence when he's sprinting to Elliot's. When he's running, the camera points directly at JD as he runs towards it, in slow-motion.

    Also in this episode, Carla works with Turk in surgery which he finds really embarrising until he works out she is his lucky charm.

    AlsoDr Cox goes for a higher position at Sacred Heart, and asks for no help from Jordan as she is a Board Member, but in the end caves in and asks her.

    A funny bit in it is when Dr Cox is at a evening party and him a Kelso have their regular abuse to each other, any way, Dr Cox says he's change the out going message on his answering message to: "Hi, This is Bob Kelso, I'm not in right now but if you can leave your name and penis size"
    Kelso replies: "Bob Kelso, 10 inches"
    Dr. Steadman says "it's like a baguette".

    Good Ep!

    Peace Out!
  • ... is the mood which describes J.D. in this particular episode.

    ... is the mood which describes J.D. in this particular episode. He is forced to face the blooming relationship between Elliot and SeaBoy one and for all, a relationship that he'll probably never get used to.

    I'm not really rooting for J.D. and Elliot anymore though. This season, all J.D. really does is whine about Elliot, and let's face it. She's happy with SeaBoy now. But just when love is blossoming, SeaBoy announces that he's off on a six month trip.

    Now, I don't really understand this. Where exactly is he going, a whale conference? Or is it a training seminar? But why would he need that? He is already perfect with the whales, but I guess the writers want him out of the picture so J.D. can whine about Elliot just a little bit more.

    J.D. is more than happy to hear that SeaBoy's gone for 6 months and runs to Elliot's house and sees her crying at her window. But of course, not everything is that simple. Elliot's only crying because SeaBoy decided to catch an earlier bus out to his secret location.

    J.D. is left standing with his flowers alone. You really feel for J.D. in this scene. He is absolutely devastated. And wouldn't you be? I wouldn't have made it, I would have had a heart attack in the street but J.D. had guts. Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff and Scott Foley all performed that last scene very well.

    By the way, I know the character name of Scott Foley is Sean, but I like to call him SeaBoy.

    Wouldn't you just love to marry Laverne? She just had a few lines in this episode, but she is still my favourite character in the show (excluding the wonderful Dr. Cox, but more on him later). Carla and Turk were very good tonight. Their plot showed that working marraiges aren't really the best marraiges to have (although that was also proved on ER four years ago) and Carla in surgery was great.

    And I think that Donald Faison has a good elevator singing voice too.

    J.D. needs a recommendation for some hospital oojamaflip. Cox needs a recommendation for some other residency related oojamaflip. They both decide to vouch for each other. Dr. Cox is his usual less than charming self tonight, but a mistake on his part judging by the geek who is so far up Kelso's butt he may have some serious stank. However, Jordan comes to his rescue and gets him the job.

    The Janitor is his usual creepy self. Ruins it.
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