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Season 5 Episode 20

My Lunch

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 25, 2006 on NBC
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Episode Summary

J.D. asks Dr. Cox out for lunch but runs into annoying former patient Jill Tracy, who unexpectedly teaches him something about responsibility. Elliot and Carla discover that Todd has been lying about all his hospital "conquests" and suspect that he's been less than truthful about other issues. Turk warns them not to meddle in his affairs.moreless

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  • The best episode in the series

    What a fantastic episode. I was blown away by it, John C. McGinley did an outstanding job, he made me believe that he really was in that situation. You could see the sadness and anger. He deserves an award, i beieve for his performance. And Zach Braff was the perfect opposite. Great choice in music as well, it made that scene more powerful. I was glad to see jill again as well, ive liked her over the seasons. This episode is the best yet and my personal favourite. I hope they can keep it up. The b story was good too. Great episode all roundmoreless
  • Empathy induced pain and sorrow.

    Being a highly empathetic person, every once in a while I sense one of those moments that define what that concept of empathy means. I don't think there is any coincidence that two of the most highly rated episodes on Scrubs (this one and My Screw Up) both involved the emotionally flawed and narcissistic Dr Cox. His final scenes in this episode pulsated with sorrow, anger and that palpable feeling of imperfection that we as human beings know only to well.

    We the viewers are offered an insight into the emotional state of Dr Cox through the eyes of JD who plays the perfect foil to Dr Cox, just as he did in My Screw Up. I too have watched those final scenes of this episode countless times just so that I can relive those powerful moment again and again. It's intense feelings of pain and sorrow like this that truly define us as human beings and honestly this episode serves to remind me of that.

    I rate this episode around 6 years after it premiered and I still believe that Scrubs is the best comedy on TV.

  • Three patients lie in Sacred Heart's ICU in-need of transplants. A liver, heart valve and kidney. An unexpected source is found for all three patients when a familiar face sadly passes. The unforseen cause of the death leads to problems for the patients.moreless

    This episode is a throwback to an emotional medical storyline that Scrubs has not since season 3. An interesting and surprising story has all three transplant patients die. A result of being implanted with rabies infected organs. All the organs were donated by reoccuring character Jill Tracy, who obviously also dies in this episode. Responsible for the blunder that killed the patients, Dr. Cox takes this hard. He was also a personal friend of the kidney patient, making this error much harder to deal with. The episode has a minor The Todd stroy as the comic relief. A zany storyline where The Todd comes out of the closet, gets back in again and ends up somewhere inbetween.

    Most people seem to think this is one of the best, perhaps the best, Scrubs episode. I completely disagree. It is just okay. I say this because this episode has a very poor comic storyline centering on The Todd's sexuality. A storyline that makes The Todd even less realistic. A storyline that would have never appeared in before season 4 where the humour of the show took a very disappointing turn for the worse. I also do not think the dramatical Cox storyline is nothing better than average. It's my opinion that everyone seems to love this episode for 2 reasons.

    1. It is an emotional meidcal storyline, the likes of which Scrubs has not had since season 3.

    2. Dr. Cox cries.

    Reason 2 is the main one.moreless
  • Best episode of Scrubs to this date.

    A groundbreaking episode, and I am positive that this episode is the greatest episode of Scrubs to this date. They managed to do one of the best scenes on television. John C. McGinley should have gotten some sort of award for his outstanding performance. This show proved itself to be more than just a hospital comedy, but managed to pull off a very intense scene. This show has proved itself many times before, but that fact that it's nearing the end of it's 5th season and it's still going strong is amazing. As for the humorous plots, Todd possibly being gay was definitely interesting, but then it came to the point when we didn't even know what he was, he was just making offensive remarks like he always does. Bringing back Jill so late in the game was great continuity. I love how they kept her character around throughout the years. Best episode of Scrubs. No contest.moreless
  • What a fantastic episode

    What a fantastic episode. I was blown away by it, John C. McGinley did an outstanding job, he made me believe that he really was in that situation. You could see the sadness and anger. He deserves an award, i beieve for his performance. And Zach Braff was the perfect opposite. Great choice in music as well, it made that scene more powerful. I was glad to see jill again as well, ive liked her over the seasons. This episode is the best yet and my personal favourite. I hope they can keep it up. The b story was good too. Great episode all roundmoreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

David Warshofsky

David Warshofsky

Dave Bradford

Guest Star

Rachel Avery

Rachel Avery


Guest Star

Pat Mulderrig

Pat Mulderrig


Guest Star

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan

Jill Tracy

Recurring Role

Frank Cameron

Frank Cameron

Dr. Mickhead

Recurring Role

Christina Miles

Christina Miles


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Featured Music:
      "How To Save A Life" by The Fray

    • This is the second time that it shows 3 patients dying simultaneously. The first time was in season 1 in the episode, My Old Lady.

    • A person needing an organ transplant needs to find somebody else who is a perfect or very close match. Because these matches are so difficult to make many people in need of organs die before receiving them. It would be quite a trick a if a person died and was a good match for even just one other patient in that same hospital. The fact that Jill's organs were a good match for three patients, who just happened to be in the same hospital and in desperate need, is next to impossible.

    • One of the patients is waiting for a heart valve transplant. Heart valves aren't transplanted. They either create a new one from tissue elsewhere on your body or they put in a fake one made out of metal.

    • When J.D. has his little flashback of being on top of Dr. Cox's car, he yells "Eagle!", which he does on several occasions, including in My Extra Mile (5x15), when he was being swung around by a member of Carol's family, and in My Hero (1x23), when when he is swung around by Ben.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Turk: Dude, what the hell are you doing?
      JD: Having lunch. Cafeteria stinks and I can't go to the grocery store because apparently crazy Jill Tracy lives there. Everytime I'm trying shop she follows me around like I'm her only friend in the world. How pathetic.
      Turk: Look, I'm just gonna go talk to Carla.
      JD: I'll come too.
      Turk: Figured.

    • Janitor: I tell you when I first suspected that he was gay. It was very subtle but...
      JD: Oh, yeah, Dale. This is totally gonna bring out your pecs. Plus I'm using olive oil so I can lick it off later. Make 'em dance. Oh, they're dancing! Somebody is making them dance! Owie! Weeee!

    • Dave Bradford: Yeah, this will do.
      JD: Oh, what the hell. I can live with one kidney.
      Dr. Cox: Because we probably just, huh... just go and sell this one. (JD plummets)
      JD: Stay away from my organs!

    • Dr. Cox: Newbie, you are like a sandwich.
      JD: I do feel like a sandwich.
      Dr. Cox: Ya feel more like a pastry. A very doughy pastry. I don't feel good about that. Way too easy!

    • Dr. Cox: As I lie in bed each morning I ask myself, why should I put both my feet on the floor? There are precious few reasons that I've ever been able to come up with. Chance to escape Jordan's morning breath? Sure. Scotch? It's too early to drink it, yes. But people, is never too early to think about. And of course, the ever present possibility that I might finally happened upon Hugh Jackman and be able to give him the present that I've been holding for him: BAM! Still, the most persuasive argument that I've ever been able to come up with is the fact that I come here, this hospital, every day and help keep people alive.
      Turk: That's ironic, as four people just died while you were talking.

    • Dave Bradford: And so begins another round of who had the worst dad. One of my pop's nicknames for me was 'Sparky' because he liked to light matches off my neck.
      Dr. Cox: We've been over this before. You win on the account that your father is not dead yet.

    • JD: One of those emergencies, I should probably go too. How are things? (grabs trail mix)
      Jill: Hmmm...
      Rebecca: You know that's stealing?
      JD: Oh, come on, Rebecca. Everybody is doing it. I won't tell anyone if you don't.
      Rebecca: Security!
      JD: Security?
      Rebecca: We've got a grazer.
      JD: I don't think there's a security force... Ok, hey fellas!
      Jill: Where are you taking him? Take me too! Haha no, you go ahead.
      JD: (getting dragged out of the store) Where is the shaving cream, is that aisle 2 still?

    • Carla: Todd!
      Todd: What?
      Carla: Stop it.
      Elliot: The whole point of coming to strip your sexuality was to accept yourself and stop being that guy.
      Todd: I'm sorry, this whole change is just scaring me. I'm not sure who I am anymore.
      Carla: Come here.
      Elliot: Aww, get over here, sweetie. I know, let it out.
      Carla: We are here for you.
      Elliot: Changes can be...
      Carla: WOAH!!!
      Elliot: What the hell are you doing?!
      Todd: Motorboating! You know, I really have to thank you gals for outing me. Chicks dig gay dudes.

    • Dr. Cox: I don't get it, I don't get it. That makes no sense.
      Dr. Kelso: Perry, the autopsy just came in on your donor Jill Tracy. She didn't die of an overdose.
      JD's Narration: And just like that, whatever burden of responsability I felt was lifted. But like I said before, good news for one person can mean bad news for another.
      Dr. Cox: She died of rabies? (short silence) Ok, people. All of our transplant patients are infected, we now know what we are dealing with in here. Let's get involved and we can do this.

    • Elliot: We know about your...
      Carla: Situtation.
      Elliot: You are hiding from yourself.
      Carla: Stop hiding, Todd.
      Elliot: We accept you.
      Carla: No matter who you love.
      Todd: The Todd's confused.

    • Elliot: You're fine. We are doing this.
      Turk: Does this sound fine to you? (cracks neck)
      Janitor: I can fix that, buddy. On the count of three: 1, 2...
      Turk: Owww-hhh!
      Janitor: Better?
      Turk: No. (collapses)
      Janitor: You owe me five hundred dollars.

    • Turk: Leave the Todd alone, ok? Because everytime you two meddle, you know who suffers? Me! Remember when the Janitor took that chiropractor class and you wanted to encourage him? (flashback) Guys, huh... I'm really not comfortable with this.
      Janitor: No, no, calm down. You'll be fine. I've already done this on four mopheads, alright? I haven't gotten a complaint yet.

    • Jill: I was thinking there was like a 50 percent chance that the guy who blew me off yesterday just got his day as wrong as would be here waiting with roses. Is that sad?
      JD: Is not not sad.

    • J.D.'s narration: We did all we could over the next few days to keep the transplant patients going but odds were against us. First we lost Mrs. Sykes. And then Mr. Jenson. And I knew Dr. Cox needed me the exact same way that I needed him earlier.

    • J.D.: Hey, hungry?
      Dr. Cox: No.
      J.D.: I guess that lunch was kinda a one time thing, huh?...There's no way you could've seen that coming. I mean, rabies? Come on, there's like three reported cases a year. In fact testing for it, would have been irresponsible...you would have wasted time that people didn't have.
      Dr. Cox: I was obsessed with getting those organs.
      J.D.: You had to be, the fact is that those people were gonna die in a number of hours and you had to make a call...I would've made the same call.
      Dr. Cox: Yeah?
      J.D.: Yes. Anyway, I got us lunch and I think we should eat it.
      J.D.'s narration: Right then, I knew I was gonna pull him outta this. But unfortunately, sometimes the hospital picks a day where it's just gonna pile it on.
      (Their pagers beep)
      Dr. Cox: Oh god...come on.

    • Dr. Cox: God. Could this be anymore of a nightmare?
      Jill: Guys!
      J.D.'s narration: Yes. It could be more of a nightmare. Jill Tracy was a former patient that had once tried to kill herself. Sad, yes. But this did not change the fact that she was unbelievable annoying.
      Jill: Oh, my god. What are you doing here? I was supposed to meet a guy for a date. I know what you are thinking: a Tuesday lunch in a supermarket, he is so not into her. Well, he is not! (J.D. and Dr. Cox fake laugh) I waited like an hour, just thinking: How many more guys can totally reject me without saying 'enough'? You know. So, would you like to get some lunch.
      J.D.: Oh, we have to get back to the hospital
      Dr. Cox: You know what, Newbie? Stay, have lunch. (Runs quickly out of the store)

    • Mrs.Tracy: You can have her organs.
      J.D.: Thank you
      Mrs.Tracy: Just tell me one thing, is there anything that anyone could have done?
      J.D.: No.
      J.D.'s narration: Unless you mean me.

    • J.D.: You know what I was thinking the whole time I was with Jill?
      Dr. Cox: No,what?
      J.D.: God, this girl is annoying.

    • Dr. Cox: Once you start blaming yourself for deaths that aren't your fault, my friend... that's a slippy slope that you can't come back from it. Trust me, I've seen it ruin a hell a lot of good doctors, and I will not let it happen to you.
      J.D.'s narration: And because he said that...I know it wouldn't.

    • Dr. Cox: So, now, Davey boy, I promise you we're going to find you a kidney. I would literally swear on my father's grave but whenever I go there I usually just end up dancing on it.

    • J.D.: Remember what you told me? The second you start blaming yourself for peoples' deaths there's no coming back.
      Dr. Cox: Yeah, you're right.

    • Todd: Hey Mickhead! Is that package for me? You know it is!
      Turk: You ladies must be so proud.
      Elliot: Todd, what are you doing?
      Todd: I'm getting my gay-on. Hey buddy, you and I should totally have sex sometime.
      Turk: See, I knew this was going to come back to me.

    • Surgeon: Todd, you were impressive in surgery today.
      Todd: Thanks man! You were really impressive in the shower this morning. You know, dong wise.

    • Todd: Hey Lisa! I heard you lied and said we didn't do it. Admit it. We doinked.
      Lisa: I was sad because my Dad died.
      Todd: I wasn't!

    • Dr. Kelso: Just because I can't hear your silly-ass whispering doesn't mean I'm old. As a matter of fact, I'm going to go over to my office and tinker with my new computer.
      Turk: Ooh, what kind is it?
      Dr. Kelso: It's about 3:30.

    • Elliot: Oh my god, he looks so sad.
      Carla: I just want to hold him like a big, gay baby.
      Turk: This is incredible, an hour ago you hated him!
      Carla: An hour ago he wasn't our new, gay best friend!

    • Gloria: Todd? Is he the big black security guard with the hook-hand?
      Elliot: Uhm.. No..
      Gloria: Then no.

    • Dr. Cox: I dole out compliments, at most, once a year and, like a squirrel, you must gather up these acorns of kind words to sustain you for the upcoming cold, sarcastic months.

    • Carla: Hey, how could your intern Lisa sleep with him?
      Elliot: She is a tramp with no morals.
      Lisa: I didn't sleep with The Todd.
      Elliot: Lisa is sweet and people just don't give her a chance.

    • Elliot: Hey, what did you do last night?
      Carla: Turk made me watch "Anaconda" with him.
      Elliot: Oh is that the one with the giant snake?
      Todd: No. (Points to himself) This is the one with the giant snake. I was back here for 45 minutes waiting for a setup. My back is killing me, but I nailed it. It is about commitment.

    • Carla: I'm having a weird pregnancy craving. Hey J.D., if you go out would you get me a hot Italian sausage?
      Todd: I got a hot Italian sausage for you, right here. People think I just luck into these situations but it's really a lot of hard work. You know what else is hard? I should go.
      J.D.: I think I may vomit.

    • Janitor: What the hell are you?
      Todd: I'm the Todd.

  • NOTES (2)

    • David Warshofsky (Dave) worked with Zach Braff (J.D.) in the 2000 movie Endsville. He also worked with John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) in the 1989 movies Born On The 4th Of July and Suffering Bastards.

    • The incident where the donated organs were found to have been infected with rabies is based on a true story, where three transplant patients died in June, 2004, though the patients weren't all at the same hospital.


    • The fantasy where J.D. wakes up in a bath tub full of ice is an allusion to a popular urban legend. The legend tells a story about a young college student who has won a lot of money and goes to Las Vegas. He gets drunk, hooks up with a prostitute and the next day he wakes up at a hotel being left a message that says "Call 911 or you will die." This story was spread through e-mail chain letters during the mid-late nineties.

    • Anaconda:
      Carla makes a reference to Anaconda, the 1997 movie about the world's polemically largest snakes, the anaconda.