Season 5 Episode 20

My Lunch

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 25, 2006 on NBC

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  • The best episode in the series

    What a fantastic episode. I was blown away by it, John C. McGinley did an outstanding job, he made me believe that he really was in that situation. You could see the sadness and anger. He deserves an award, i beieve for his performance. And Zach Braff was the perfect opposite. Great choice in music as well, it made that scene more powerful. I was glad to see jill again as well, ive liked her over the seasons. This episode is the best yet and my personal favourite. I hope they can keep it up. The b story was good too. Great episode all round
  • Empathy induced pain and sorrow.

    Being a highly empathetic person, every once in a while I sense one of those moments that define what that concept of empathy means. I don't think there is any coincidence that two of the most highly rated episodes on Scrubs (this one and My Screw Up) both involved the emotionally flawed and narcissistic Dr Cox. His final scenes in this episode pulsated with sorrow, anger and that palpable feeling of imperfection that we as human beings know only to well.

    We the viewers are offered an insight into the emotional state of Dr Cox through the eyes of JD who plays the perfect foil to Dr Cox, just as he did in My Screw Up. I too have watched those final scenes of this episode countless times just so that I can relive those powerful moment again and again. It's intense feelings of pain and sorrow like this that truly define us as human beings and honestly this episode serves to remind me of that.

    I rate this episode around 6 years after it premiered and I still believe that Scrubs is the best comedy on TV.

  • Three patients lie in Sacred Heart's ICU in-need of transplants. A liver, heart valve and kidney. An unexpected source is found for all three patients when a familiar face sadly passes. The unforseen cause of the death leads to problems for the patients.

    This episode is a throwback to an emotional medical storyline that Scrubs has not since season 3. An interesting and surprising story has all three transplant patients die. A result of being implanted with rabies infected organs. All the organs were donated by reoccuring character Jill Tracy, who obviously also dies in this episode. Responsible for the blunder that killed the patients, Dr. Cox takes this hard. He was also a personal friend of the kidney patient, making this error much harder to deal with. The episode has a minor The Todd stroy as the comic relief. A zany storyline where The Todd comes out of the closet, gets back in again and ends up somewhere inbetween.

    Most people seem to think this is one of the best, perhaps the best, Scrubs episode. I completely disagree. It is just okay. I say this because this episode has a very poor comic storyline centering on The Todd's sexuality. A storyline that makes The Todd even less realistic. A storyline that would have never appeared in before season 4 where the humour of the show took a very disappointing turn for the worse. I also do not think the dramatical Cox storyline is nothing better than average. It's my opinion that everyone seems to love this episode for 2 reasons.

    1. It is an emotional meidcal storyline, the likes of which Scrubs has not had since season 3.
    2. Dr. Cox cries.

    Reason 2 is the main one.
  • Best episode of Scrubs to this date.

    A groundbreaking episode, and I am positive that this episode is the greatest episode of Scrubs to this date. They managed to do one of the best scenes on television. John C. McGinley should have gotten some sort of award for his outstanding performance. This show proved itself to be more than just a hospital comedy, but managed to pull off a very intense scene. This show has proved itself many times before, but that fact that it's nearing the end of it's 5th season and it's still going strong is amazing. As for the humorous plots, Todd possibly being gay was definitely interesting, but then it came to the point when we didn't even know what he was, he was just making offensive remarks like he always does. Bringing back Jill so late in the game was great continuity. I love how they kept her character around throughout the years. Best episode of Scrubs. No contest.
  • What a fantastic episode

    What a fantastic episode. I was blown away by it, John C. McGinley did an outstanding job, he made me believe that he really was in that situation. You could see the sadness and anger. He deserves an award, i beieve for his performance. And Zach Braff was the perfect opposite. Great choice in music as well, it made that scene more powerful. I was glad to see jill again as well, ive liked her over the seasons. This episode is the best yet and my personal favourite. I hope they can keep it up. The b story was good too. Great episode all round
  • Excellent, probably one of the best

    J.D aks Dr. Cox for lunch and they run into an annoying former patient, who dies a couple of days after in the hospital, J.D feels guilty about it. Carla and Elliot think Todd is gay and he says he is thinking girls would like him that way. At the end, it wasnt J.D's fault of the death of the patient, she had rabies, and 3 other patients die of it, making Dr. Cox nervous.

    This episode was undoubtfully one fo the best of season 5, and the whole show. This one was so full of comedy, at the beginning, and the second half was so so full of drama! The episode was excellent! So stunning and so great! Dr Cox gives up on himself and the other patients when 3 of them die... The drama and tension on this episode was unbelivable awesome!
  • Probably the best Scrubs episode ever.

    This gotta be my favorite episode of Scrubs.
    The mixture of comedy and drama is just amazing, as usual. It's good to see that Dr. Cox still has emotions, and we feel sorry for him, even if he did nothing wrong. This is what I love about Scrubs. The characters are dynamic, and a lot more complex than characters on other shows. The sub-plot is hilarious, and we can see that The Todd isn't that dumb.The music is great, and the scene when dr. cox's favorite guy dies is the best I've seen in television history. Overall it's a fantastic episode, and it will be one of the most memorable one, atleast in my opinion.
  • One of my favourite episodes of the whole series, it really showed that scrubs isnt just a comedy but that it can also have some great dramatic moments

    This was one of the first episodes that really made my heart sink. It was without a doubt the best of series 5. While there was a little bit of humour within this episode definately showed that scrubs can pull off surreal and dramatic moments as they showed a real vulnerable side to Dr. Cox. This episode also lead to the first time JD would help Dr. Cox through a career ending moment. With the slight humour and the huge emotional moments this episode gelled together to give us an episode that no true scrubs fan will forget for a long time and it showed how good the show was at both comedy and drama
  • This is the best show ever its a shame Zach is leaving and the series is ending

    Possibly the best episode on television to date,from any television show. There are not many shows on the box that can make you laugh till you wet your pants one second and make you cry the next.

    I honestly think John C. McGinley (DR.Cox) should of got some kind of award for his last scene in this episode as you can really feel what DR Cox is going through.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I think that sums it up.
  • "As soon as you start blaming yourself for people's deaths, there's no coming back".

    This has got to be my fave episode of scrubs ever! Scrubs never fails to be funny, but its the tearjerkers i love the most. This episode shows a real emotional side to the characters and had me in floods of tears!
    This is deffinatly Dr Cox's episode, hes normally my least fave character, with the same old jokes.... but seeing a different side to him is great! It deserves to be 10/10. So get voting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • The show starts off with JD wanting a simple lunch outing with professor Cox. There they meet up with an old patient who later dies. Dr. Cox uses her organs to help 3 other patients only to find that they were infected and made things turn to the worst.

    This episode was definitely top 3 or top 1. I think that in the usual Scrubs episodes you can see JD and Dr. Cox showing emotion and friendship towards each other but in this one you can see how JD relies on Dr. Cox but also that Dr. Cox relies on JD as well. The ending is the best because Dr. Cox usually seems like a guy who doesn't show his emotion and is sarcastic every minute, but in this one it shows that this guy really cares for the patient and their future and really was quite intense. A great emotional and intense episode to this series
  • One of my all-time favorite episodes

    The raw emotion Dr. Cox shows when the last of the three patients die, and the music of The Fray swelling up in the background beautifully synchronized, still gives me chills. When I saw it for the first time, my eyes welled up with tears. This episode regained much of the charm that has been lacking/lost in previous, stupidly-silly-ho-hum episodes this season, and renewed my love of the show. While Scrubs is losing steam, it still packs an emotional punch when it wants to. Poignant and with a universal message about listening to others to hear their silent screams for help was thought-provoking. This episode is stellar - kudos to the writer and the cast for a job well done.
  • I truly recommend watching this episode.

    In this episode J.D.'s goal is to persuade Dr Cox to go with him out for lunch; as usual he gets his daily slice of rejection, the answer to his proposal being:" not going out with you, Paula". This is by far the best episode from Scrubs in which comedy is combined with drama and tragedy. All the characters go through hard changes, but the two main characters J.D. and Dr Cox face the burden of responsibility for someone's death. This episode shows a sad but true side of a doctor's life, you get emotionally involved and a little closer to all the characters. I truly recommend watching this episode and I promise you will end up loving Scrubs.
  • Perfect

    Has everything, amazing episode. This is why you watch scrubs, because it has the humor that you love plus it keeps you connected to the show emotionally. When a character such as dr. Cox is able to be such a great guy to JD and then be affected just as strongly so soon after you can just tell the power that the episode has. There wasn't too much emotional issues and there wasn't too much humor in it. It was the perfect balance of the two and it is an episode that can be watched over and over again no matter what.
  • The usually goofy and outrageous cast of Scrubs battle disease, experience tragic loss, become tricked and learn more about eachother and themselves all in this true piece of art.

    'My Lunch' has ALWAYS been the engaging and spectaular episode of Scrubs that has been etched into my mind since the moment I finished watching it. So it was no suprise to me that it was ranked # 1 on this website. What captured me most was the nature of the episode. Hilarious and silly one moment, encouraging and happy the next, embaressed, ashamed, disgusted and finally and ultimately shocked and tearful of the four patients dying while Dr. Cox literally has them slipping through his overworked and hopeless hands. The powerful acting and intense mixture of emotions displayed in the typically mischevious Sacred Heart hospital helped mend together this endearing piece of art. This is not just the best episode Scrubs, it is one of the best episodes of any show ever shown on television.
  • Quite possibly the best episode ever. And it's all because it centers around Dr. Cox.

    This is what makes Scrubs stand out from all the rest. There are other comedies that one could argue are funnier, heck there are other hospital comedies that are better you can argue quite convincingly are better (ie Green Wing), but no other show can produce a laugh-riot and then turn around and deliver a tear-jerker in mere seconds the way Scrubs can.

    Scrubs has, for the most part, got it right on the nose at putting in just the right amount of drama into this comedy to make it stand out from the rest. And this episode is perhaps the best example of this.

    The long running story arc of JD wanting to be best friends with Dr. Cox continues with clinging to the roof of his car and then bumping into and subsequently avoiding the only person more annoying to Perry than JD.

    When she dies soon after Perry finally pulls JD aside to give his advice in the way a true mentor would, only to find the tables turn just moments later, when they return to see all of their transplant patients coding.

    After losing the battle for all but one patient, JD is able to reach out his mentor and almost succeeds, until fate intervenes and they lose the final patient.

    Cox's desperation and anger are all that's left and he throws in the towel. As Cox walks away, JD continues to reaffirm his new mantel in the mentor role by warning Cox of walking out the door. But he is confronted by an unusual sight of a broken man and Perry tearing up, finally acknowledging that he was defeated and turning his back on it all for good.


    The use of (the now overplayed) "How To Save A Life" by the Frey added so much to the last few scenes (and Scrubs often get their soundtrack choices right) and I teared up a little at the end too, partly because I was sucked into the whole emotion of the show, but mostly because I thought that this was Cox leaving for good, with John McGinley going onto pastures new.

    I pretty much like all of the characters on Scrubs and find it hard to pick a favourite (something that can only be said about the best of shows). However, it's got to be said Scrubs really comes into it's own when the show focuses on Cox's personal frailties and with John McGinley something extra always comes to the forefront: like the episode when Cox's brother-in-law (Brendan Fraiser) dies and the following episode to this one, where Cox is (thankfully) still around.
  • The best episode of what is the best show currently on television.

    I will start by saying that I am a little bit biased in favour of Scrubs. Mainly because each of the amazingly well-written episodes can make me laugh to the point of hysterics, an instant mood booster. However, there are a few episodes that move past the typical ideas of a comedy series. This is one such episode.

    Featuring incredible acting, foremost by Zach Braff and John C. McGinley, this episode goes from hilarity (The Todd being embroiled in the best sub-plot of the season) to sadness (JD believing he could have done more to have saved an apparent overdose patient) so quickly that it feels like a constant rollercoaster ride of emotion. Seeing the transformation of Dr. Cox, the attending who treats his patients as best he can while attempting to stay as emotionally distant from them is possible, to what becomes of him in the final minutes is monumental and is a turning point for his character. We get to see a side of Dr. Cox that we have only caught glimpses of in previous episodes.

    This episode made such an impact on me that I rewatched it not once, but twice in the one sitting. The truly moving acting of McGinley, the emotional build-up, the role reversal of key characters and the excellent implementation of songs ("How to Save a Life" by The Fray is used superbly) combine to make this episode by far my favourite. Is this episode the pinnacle of the show, the greatest height that the show could possibly reach? Quite possibly. It would take an episode of unparalleled quality to overtake this episode.

    - Wehmer
  • JD & Dr Cox Run Into Jill Tracey, A Former Patient, And She Teaches Him About Responsibility When She Dies Of Rabies. Elliot & Carla Try To Get Todd To Reveal His True Sexual Identity.

    J.D. & Dr.Cox Run Into Jill Tracey, A Former Patient Who Had Tried To Kill Herself, But Is Now Okay. J.D. Thinks She's Very Annoying.
    When She Dies, It Is Revealed That She Died Of Rabies, And That The Organs Donated Had Rabies Too, The Hospital Lost 3 Patients In A Day & J.D. Tries To Tell Dr.Cox That It Was Not His Fault But He Insists It Is His Fault.
    Elliot & Carla Try To Make The Todd Reveal His True Sexual Identity, He Is Gay But He Still Wouldn't Stop With All The Stupid Remarks About Women.
    Turk Tells Them Not To Do It, It Always Backfires On Him, And It Did.
  • WOW

    i just have to give this epsiode ten!

    amzing! the best epsiode of scrubs i've ever seen! im a huge drama fanatic and that was sooooo god damn good!

    i actaully had heard about a rabies story b4 i still didnt see that twist coming! it was damn good! i love how demensional dr cox is! he is by far my favourite character!!! the guy is so amzing!

    i loved all the issues they dealt with in this epsiode and we saw just how importnat jd was to cox!!

    i didnt like the todd stuff very much but it was kinda funny! i dint think it did justice to his character!

    but besides that it was an amzing epsiode!
  • This episode is about the over all progression of JD and Dr Cox's relationship. J.D thinks he is the reason one of his patients dies. You learn in a twist JD's patient dies of rabies. Dr Cox blames himself for the passing of all three patients.

    I cried! This is the most heart-felt episode of Scrubs! Right off the back you think it's going to be another Jill Tracey episode with J.D trying to have Lunch with Dr. Cox. But after Jill dies and Dr. Cox takes him to lunch you know that this isn't just the average Scrubs episode. For me the last five minutes of this episode is the best five minutes in Scrubs history. The combination of J.D's voice over, the montage of the patient s dieing and J.D almost pulling Dr. Cox out of his rut. But every time I watch this episode the tears start to fall when Dr. Cox and Carla are trying to save the last patient's life. The director/editor chose to back trail the song "Save A Life" to hit that perfect moment. So many things make me cry! The fantastic editing skills, the site of Dr. Cox crying (which you only see one other time in Scrubs history), and the end when J.D tries to pull him back, only to fail when Dr. Cox walks out the door! Amazing, truly amazing! It's like an editor's wet dream every time I watch this episode!
  • My Lunch has three transplant patients lucky enough to recieve the organs they need to survive, but it all goes wrong...

    When an episode of fictional drama like this makes you cry it has to be something special. This episode, which I have seen many times and still never gets old, has that element of beauty of both writing and acting. The way that the table turns with Dr Cox, for once being considerate to JD, to feeling responsible for the loss of three patients, including one in which he gets very close to. Having the emotion as well as the unique comedy that scrubs uses makes this episode stand out from the rest. The performances from John and Zach are simply perfect. Being able to act both comedy and tragedy is a talent that most actors have yet to achieve. My lunch is the best of Scrubs and possibly even better than My Screw up. Simply outstanding!
  • Magnificently written.

    True irony is present in this episode, in two ways. When JD blames himself for Jill's death, Dr. Cox tells him that doctors shouldn't blame themselves for if they do, there will be no coming back. However, when Dr. Cox accidentally transplanted rabies infected organs to people who needed the organs, then they die, he refuses to accept the fact that things like this happen. Dr. Cox goes through an emotional moment for which he cannot seem to cease to blame himself for what happened. This part shows us how he isn't as strong as he implies that he is. He is indeed, a person who can easily say things and yet, his heart cannot synchronize with his logic. He shows us that deep inside, he truly has passion by expressing his melancholy. Another tragical moment is when Dr. Cox finally finds the organs that he needed. Because of his "obsession" about obtaining the organs, he became oblivious of the condition of the organs. Instead, he ordered the surgeries to commence even without reviewing the history of the organs. The moment that he thought he was going save lives was able to satiate his ego and thus lead to his confidence. Definitely, an excellent virtue of a doctor; because for a doctor, nothing should come first except for the patient's situation.

    JD and Dr cox, in this episode act as if they are father and son, because they help each other by trying to reach the conscience in hope to make the other feel much better. However, the moral lesson in this episode, i believe, is to accept reality, whereas simple things do happen. It is, quite impossible to avoid simple mistakes.Frankly, it is inevitable. We just have to learn how to deal with such situations.
  • an episode that shows us that scrubs isn't jsut about the comedy, a very powerful episode

    This is the best episode of scrubs since 'My Screw Up' it's these episodes that show us that scrubs is the best show on television cleverly mixing comedy with drama.

    The acting in this episode is amazing especially by Zach Braff (J.D) and John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox. The final scene of the episode is one of the most sad/powerful i have seen from a show in a long time.

    Jill re-appearing in the show was a good idea and to have her die of rabies instead of her supposed suicide was another good choice by the writers.

    The fact that Dr. Cox is shown to be human in this episode and to feel and hurt the way the rest of the doctors do is what makes this "a very special episode".
  • The Best Episode In Season 5 & The Series As A Whole!

    'My Lunch' is the best episode in Season 5, it touches on the issue of transplants & losing somebody to recieve them.

    The comical side of it, was Carla & Elliot thinking the Todd was gay =) The episode marked the return of Jill Tracy, that anoying patient, thats depressed and tried to kill herself before.

    Dr Cox's speech to J.D about when you blame yourself for others death's, even though by the end of the episode he blames himself, even though he needed to make a decision to save 3 peoples lifes.

    The final scene, is the most powerful & emotional scene, i have seen! The acting by John C Mcginly was amazing, and really makes the episode. Along with the Fray's 'How to save a life' the scene shows how it can be hilarious one moment,and so sad the next

    This episode will forever be my favorite!
  • A Favorite Episode

    This is one of the very best episodes of scrubs. I love it and can watch it over and over again. The episode is funny and filled with humor you would find in most other episodes of scrubs. Although, Dr. Cox takes main stage in this episode (which I like.) The episode ends very strongly though and shows that everyone, including Dr. Cox (a superman like person/hero) has their moments of weakness and has times in need.

    This type of episode is what keeps scrubs fans following and wanting more and more of it. A great episode- probably a favorite of most!
  • My Lunch was one of the greatest episodes of Scrubs I've ever watched...possibly the best overall.

    All I can say is wow. I first watched My Lunch last week, to see what happened before My Tormented Mentor, and my jaw literally dropped at the ending. First of all, this episode was perfectly played out, mixing humour (Jill Tracy bumping into JD at the same place two times in a row, etc.) and drama (of course, the rabies). It made me laugh and almost cry at the same time. The final lines were the ones that had me. "Once you start blaming yourself, you can't come back"... the acting was amazing, especially on Judy and John's part. Only a few episodes that can actually get a tear out of me, and I can admit this one does. Oh, and the whole Todd storyline cracked me up. "What the hell are you?" "I'm the Todd!"
  • The best episode of scrubs that i have ever seem, definatly the best writing ive seen in a VERY long time.

    kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, kudos to the scrubs writers, this was an amazing episode of scrubs, WOOH! SCRUBS
  • I have never cried while watching a TV show, until today.

    This episode was defiantly the saddest and most touching episode of any show I had ever seen in my life. Never in my life has a TV show ever had a moment that made me cry, but the ending of this episode left me weeping. Prior to seeing this episode, I had already seen the next episode, so I thought I knew what was going to happen, but despite this I was still in utter shock by what I saw. It was just so sad that Dr. Cox did everything he could, and because he made one mistake, he was powerless to save any of them. Without a question, this episode is a must see, whether your a fan of the show or not.
  • One of the greatest episodes ever!!!

    This has to be one of the best! Quintessential Cox in this one, reminiscent of Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H. Doing anything and everything to keep a patient alive and when it doesn't work out, it hits him so hard it knocks him off his feet. Actually shows weakness in listening to Newbie and not just crushing him. All in all, I place this one over My Mistake, just because of the ending and how hard Cox got hit....
  • Jill tracy is gone. JD troubles through guilt. Dr. Cox helps him go through it but in the end falls victim to the same fate.

    There must be a trend in Scrubs providing high rated episodes. This includes 1) Dr Cox in a very dramatic role 2) Somebody dying(In this case four) 3) The dying person is a reccuring character. I believe this is where John C. Mcginley shines and this is one of the reasons I love Scrubs.
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