Season 4 Episode 9

My Malpractical Decision (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 09, 2004 on NBC

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  • This season is amazing!

    Wow, I am so impressed with this season so far. An amazing two parter that fit perfectly in this season. All of the plots were serious and it brought amazing development to all the characters. At first I thought this was going to be a filler, considering Neena was just going to come & go, but by the end it became way more than that, as this became one of the few two parters of the series. Neena, a lawyer that everyone hates comes to Sacred Heart to care for her father, no one wants to care for her father considering shes sues at every opportunity she gets. Neena manipulates JD in to doing the procedure on her father. JD just thought that she liked him. Meanwhile the hypochondriac patient returns, Harvey, only to pester Turk. Turk files a restraining order on Harvey. Meanwhile one of my favorite plots: Doug asks Elliot a serious question, if he should be a doctor or not. Elliot doesn't know what to tell him, but she knows she has to do the right thing. After seeing Doug mess up through the years, it was nice to see that he has found his calling: Pathology. Working with dead people, the ending made me smile, and then we get an unexpected twist. Harvey sues Turk, and JD gets with Neena, but Neena is Harvey's attorney! An amazing predicament, that got me excited for part two. Amazing episode.
  • Turk gets sued by a patient and his lawyer is JD's new girlfriend.

    A malpratice attorney named Neena visits the hospital to help her dad. She cons JD and gets him to do a surgery that was dangerous. Meanwhile, Turk gets a new cell phone number and a annoying patient bugs Turk so much he gets a restraining order after the janitor give the man his cell phone number. After the surgery, Neena kisses JD and Cox is suprised. They get together. When JD gets home there's a message for him that the patient is suing Turk and the patients lawyer is Neena. JD deletes the message and goes into his room where Neena is waiting.
  • a cool episode!

    Ths episode was really funny episode. A malpractical attorney comes to the hospital and as she is a lawyer everyone believes that she is evil and everything, but her father is ill, and when she apparently has a crush on JD, JD tries to take her father on operation, JD later thinks that she just fake wanting him in order to get to her father, but in the end they end up together. Turk refuses to treat and listen to an hypocondriac patient, so he sues him at the end of the episode, and Elliot struggles herself into telling Doug that he is not a good doctor, but in the end he proves somehow worthy and valuable. Cool episode!
  • First of 2 parts

    This episode is the first of two parts, all three main plots being brilliant, the Janitor’s being terrific aswell.

    This episode is one of the few that have a plot revolving around a minor character: Doug and was very good because it showed that Doug really shouldn’t be a doctor, Elliot having to find a way to break this to him until she realises how good he is in the morgue since he is responsible for similar deaths.

    Turk’s new phone number “196 CALL TUR” is hilarious, him actually choosing to get a restraining order as opposed to changing his number.

    JD’s plot was also very entertaining with the odd chemistry going on between him and the lawyer who is later revealed to be responsible for suing Turk.

    The second part would have to be really funny to top this episode and hopefully it is.