Season 7 Episode 8

My Manhood

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 17, 2008 on NBC

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    This show pulls off being very clever this season, as the continuity continues to be flawless, and what I love about this season, is that the story lines are way more consistent. A couple of episodes ago, Elliot had jeopardized Kelso's job. Elliot finally finds out what she did by overhearing Kelso on the phone.

    Carla is anxious to know the secret meanwhile one of Elliot's patients has breast cancer, and he is really embarrassed, so he wants Elliot to go away. Carla realizes it's because he needs help. Meanwhile Turk has been acting like a tough guy and JD feels as though he needs to prove his manhood. Turk chasing around JD throughout the episode wasn't eventful but entertaining. All the fantasies were hilarious, and they managed to change it up by having fun with JD's usual voice over.

    It turns out Turk has been acting more manly because he got his testicle removed for an injury, and it turns out Kelso wasn't on the phone when Elliot overheard, he knew that Elliot was hearing. He needed help, which leaves things up in the air for the next episode. Great episode, great continuity, great ending!
  • Yah!

    A really good machismic episode where Turk and J.D battle it out several times hilariously as Turk overcompensates his masculinity because of Izzy, his pride and joy. Dr. Kelso tells the Janitor that nobody cares what he thinks while trying to indirectly ask for help with the medical board leading to a funny scene with Elliot in the mens' restroom. The Janitor who is hilariously a genius in this one starts a newspaper called "The Janitorial" to prove him wrong and openly ignores Ted. What the Janitor did to Dr. Cox was really funny and J.D and Turk's battle for masculinity along with Dr. Cox's narrations about J.D to Sammy made this episode a good example of Scrubs after its supposed 'glory days' i.e. Seasons 1-3.
  • Funny episoed really good written

    After a general examination, J.D's patient Mrs. Cropper asks if she needs a pelvic exam. J.D. says it's not necessary when all she has is a cold. But Mrs. Cropper won't let him leave, and tells him to go through her hard. Meanwhile, Turk is on a testosterone overload, challenging everyone in the doctor's lounge to "remote wrestling." In reception, Kelso tells a patient that he doesn't care that he had to wait over two hours for his appointment, and asks if anyone knows how to calm down the other patients. Janitor suggests a duck pond, but Kelso immediately shoots down this idea.
    Incensed by Kelso, Janitor decides to start a tabloid newspaper with Todd, Doug and Ted titled "The Janitorial." Ted is nominated as the investigative reporter no one will ever notice is around. Back in the wards, Elliot uses the men's room, as the women's restroom is closed for cleaning, and overhears Kelso on the phone with his wife. He's telling her that Sacred Heart's Board is going to force him to retire because of his age. She realizes she has to do something to help him, but what? Knowing the TV helps lull Sam to sleep, J.D. asks Cox if they can watch "The Sound Of Music." Cox agrees but Turk says J.D. has to wrestle him for control of the remote. A photo of the guys wrestling makes the cover of The Janitorial and J.D. and Turk get poster-size copies. Cox thinks J.D. is satisfied being a wimpy role model for Sam.
    Elliot feels sorry for Kelso and offers to help, but Kelso refuses. Overhearing their conversation, Carla introduces Elliot to John, her new patient, and asks what her secret is. Elliot refuses to tell. The first issue of The Janitorial is a success, and the tri-daily needs another issue before lunch. Cox thinks the paper is stupid and accuses Janitor of printing a fake interview with him. Janitor doesn't care and brushes him off. Meanwhile, Mr. Cropper confronts J.D. about the marks on his wife's back but before he can assault him, Turk steps in as the alpha male and intimidates the man into backing down. Cox shakes his head at J.D.'s wimpy reaction to the confrontation.
    When Elliot requests tests for her patient John, Carla wrongly guesses the secret she's keeping is that she is pregnant with Kelso's baby. Meanwhile, spending some quality time on the toilet, Cox reads The Janitorial which reports that his stinging personality is actually a big front he puts on to protect his vulnerable inner core of sadness, and in fact, all he needs is a hug. Cox is tortured now as the hospital staff all want to hug him. Elsewhere, Elliot tells her patient John he has breast cancer. He refuses to tell his family or accept help from anyone. Back swimming in the alpha-male soup, J.D. wrestles with Turk and knocks him out by accident but takes credit as the tough guy for once.
    Elliot can't understand why John is rejecting anyone's help and ponders why guys don't ask for help or share things. In front of Turk and J.D., Carla reminds her about when Turk had one of his testicles removed and only told his closest friend, J.D. Turk soon lets his wife know he didn't tell J.D. -- she just did. J.D. is stunned by the news while in the background, Ted makes hasty notes for The Janitorial. Later, Turk admits he's been over-compensating since his operation. He decides the only way to settle the alpha-male battle between them is to take a "Rocky III" freeze frame of the final blow in a mock fight. They take the shot and both claim bragging rights. Elliot and Carla tell Kelso that they will rally everyone in Sacred Heart to stop the board from retiring him. Kelso doesn't seem to care.
  • we find out from an interview with dr cox from the janitor that what dr cox realy wants is a hug so as hearing this the whole hospital starts to hug him

    i liked this episode because during the episode dr cox teaches jd's son how much of a women jd is all this cause by turk compensating from losing half of his manleyness also also so the new janitorial or how ever it is called it would be good if they carried this on in the other episodes. another good part was how the womens toilets where out of order and the women foud out more then only there but rating but they found out that having the birthday party in previous episodes was putting some1 out of there job not sure if what i have done is a review but :P
  • Turk loses a part of himself that he holds very dear.

    This was a fantastic episode! While I enjoyed last week's episode as well, this was more like it. It was hilarious and touching at some points. They seem to be working on making Elliot more likeable again.

    JD's interactions with Turk, Dr Cox, and Mrs. Cropper's husband were all pretty hysterical. Zach Braff was the MVP of this episode.

    The Janitor's subplot, which after reading the summary I thought would be awful, turned out really funny as well.

    Between the fantasizing while running, plant Turk, and JD thinking one testicle makes boy babies and the other makes girl babies, this was a total classic. 1.1? Ridiculous.
  • Turk becomes overly aggressive, JD does nothing pertinent to try an become a man, Janitor starts a Newsletter, and Elliot adjusts her bra in the mirror.

    Aside from Elliot adjusting herself in the mirror so the camera would catch it, there was nothing of interest going on. Turk had a testicle removed b/c of a silly incident, but involved nothing spectacularly medical. There was about 1 whole minute of actual doctor work that occurred in the hospital involving a man that developed breast cancer and didn't want anyone to know, but most cancer patients don't initially don't want anyone to know, so nothing special, but they tried to make it so. Rocky 3 reference that JD knew, but there weren't any dance numbers in it, so why had he seen it? A side from reruns of season's past I haven't laughed b/c of episode for over 14 straight episodes. Oh how the mighty have fallen
  • A improvement from My Bad Too but still not the Scrubs i love

    This episode had a lot of promise from reading the summary before i watched it. I believed that the janitor idea was original and i quite enjoyed the plot surrounding that. The JD manhood plot was well though out but i don't think it came across as strong as it could have although i did like the Rocky reference.

    I'm also finding myself wondering if it is just me who thinks Zach Braff is delivering jokes and just about everything JD says in a different style/voice. He seems to be less serious even after he had worried about not being serious enough to be a good father. I'm also not fond of how JD has ditched the head tilt for a "thinking smile".

    The intro was rather funny and the cameo of former patient Mike Davis was rather entertaining.

    Remote Wrestling was a funny game that is typical of Turk, so i was happy that they chucked that in there.

    Dr Cox was great in this episode but i did not enjoy the emotion showed by Kelso in the last few moments as i was expecting his (what seemed to be a fake) smile to turn into a rant directed towards Elliot as i don't believe it's in character for Kelso to want help in keeping his job.

    I also found that the medical plot was never resolved and that they simply used it for the manhood plot and didn't end it well.

    I hope that the next few episodes pick up a bit from here as i still think Scrubs needs to climb back up to it's old standards.
  • After one of the worst episodes ever, Scrubs comes up with one that more than makes up for it.

    The funniest episode of season 7 so far, My Manhood has everything Scrubs can offer, and is a great relief for the average season so far.

    JD and Turk plots are always classic, and this one is no exception with hilarious jokes like their fighting, Turk Plant and one of the funniest lines, JD's theory on what testicle makes girl babies, and the fact that the two of them named Turk's testes. The storyline was very funny, and their friendship is one of the core appeals of the show. Cox also had great input in this plot, as well as (cue segue)...

    The Janitorial was also a hilarious plot, with great lines from Doug, Todd and of course the Janitor's articles, along with hilarious reactions from Cox and JD wanting to hug him without reading the article. While Scrubs is my favourite show, one that's almost as hilarious is Arrested Development, and I love the homage they used with revealing Ted in certain scenes, much like Buster, and the recurring characters are really well used in the episode, especially since Lloyd doesn't appear (if he did, I'd likely resent it and throw the rating back down to 8.5).

    And the episode also has a medical plot, and a good one at that, with Elliot's breast cancer patient, though I wish that got as satisfying an ending as the other plots since they seemed to leave the patient with his decision not to tell anyone, without getting a few extra jokes at him.

    As for Kelso's plot, while I still don't buy that Elliot would even consider helping the man who made her life hell for at least 4 years, the plot was still well developed, with Carla wanting to know the secret and Elliot realising Kelso needs help, though I thought that was obvious when it seemed like he was having a heart to heart with Enid that it was a fake call.

    Overall, the episode is ridiculously funny, especially JD and Turk, and I really hope the rest of the season improves as much as this one has done.
  • finally season 7 does itself justice.

    this epsiode was hilliarous!

    the janitoral that was just priceless. it was so funny witht eh ted stuff and him just being there all the time. and what the janitor does to cox was just so funny.
    it was the perfect payback.

    i really liked the twist with the turk and jd atroy that he lost a testicicle. really was good. thought it was a bit silly toherwise.

    i love kelso and the fact we actually have some drama with him i'm really liking it and once again another great scrubs twist.

    ok now was plant turk!!! that was so funny. just so genius.

    and when jd is having the flash back when he's running. just cut of my CRASH! so funny!

    really loved this epsiode! makes me wanna watch more!
  • Classic Scrubs

    After the break it is so great to see a Scrubs episode to remind us the magic is still there and legend is alive. Brilliant episode, just enough of every character full of wit, you gotta love it!

    The main idea behind the episode can only prove us that Scrubs is not out of ideas and it will never be. The fact that yet another simple life lesson is studied and demonstrated so elegantly implies Scrubs has a lot more episodes to go. Personally I can only hope they keep it going as far as it goes. The highlight of my week is the 20 minutes of Scrubs, it has been this way for 7 years now.
  • In this episode Turk, JD and Kelso all struggle with the issue of manhood. Turk feels like he lost his sense of masculinity and remote wrest. JD has to deal with trying to be the best possible man for his son. Kelso needs Elliot's help to get re-instated.

    This episode was interesting from start to finish. Firstly I believe that Turk's story was interesting and very quirky. the fact that he lost his left testicle adds to the drama and comedy of the show. Secondly JD's story of having to deal with trying to be a better role model for his son is summed up in one word "fantastic". The fight between Turk and JD is highly captivating and interests you from start to finish. Finally Kelso's story of losing his job was very informative and progressive towards the show. This story line obviously continues into next week leaving the viewers wanting more and giving them a semi-cliffhanger about whether or not kelso will keep his job. This episode was highly enjoyable but I do believe that the relationship between JD and Elliot should have been progressed from last week into this episode. This episode was exactly why I watch this series.
  • Awesome

    This episode was hilarious. The fantasies weren't too over the top, the plots flowed and intertwined smoothly with one another. One of my favourites of the season, and probably one of the best from the past couple seasons. I must've missed something though: Why were elliot and Carla in the men's washroom? Anyways, JD/Turk moments were golden, The Janitor was hilarious, and Ted as always, was embarrassingly funny with his naive sense of life. Cox was nicely tricked in this episode, and it was nice to see JD actually stand up to him for once. Great episode, can't wait for the next.
  • A little bit over the top but still great.

    First, we got a medical story dealing with the uncommon case of a man getting breast cancer. Whether or not a man getting breast cancer is rare for real, it's true that it doesn't get as much public attention as women's breast cancer. Although women's breast cancer is a serious issue, men's breast cancer can hurt in a different way - manhood, the main theme of this episode.

    I was glad to see Doug, Ted and Todd in this episode. I'm also pleased to see the Janitor with a bigger role than on the previous episode. The fantasies on this episode were really cool, although the "Plant Turk" fantasy was a bit over the top. The main theme was well executed, especially with the patient and with Dr. Kelso.

    This is the kind of episode I expect to see when I watch Scrubs.
  • JD begins to take Dr. Cox's comments concerning his masculinity (or lack there of) to heart. Turk begins to overcompensate by "remote wrestling". Meanwhile, Carla and Elliot wonder why a man who has been diagnosed with breast cancer wouldn't tell anyone.

    I thought that this episode made up for last week's. I was less than impressed with "My Bad Too", but "My Manhood" totally made up for it. We got to see Sam a lot in this episode, which is nice because we haven't seen him in a while due to the writer's strike. We also got to see the triumphant return of the braintrust, and although it wasn't confirmed, we are one step closer to finding out what Janitor's name is. All in all, this episode was a reminder of how great Scrubs can be. It wasn't my favorite, but it was certainly up there.