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My Mirror Image (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • A below average season premiere that felt too jam- packed and very rushed.

    One of Scrub's poorer season openers, but then it was always going to be hard to pick after that show changing cliff hanger that season 5 ended on.

    Season 6 started in a strange way, there was no opening narration from JD about the rest of the group just a group of visuals showing what they had been up to. This meant that the rest of the episode felt very direction-less and although some of the storylines were good, it felt as if they had just jumped into the storylines feet first and for a season opener this was not the best way of doing the episode.

    Still the storylines that the season opener produced were good, if a little underdeveloped- it felt like the writers were trying to give every character a storyline meaning that some of the stories felt a little hollow. For example the Elliot storyline; whole it is very natural for her to be feeling left out, her treating of the interns felt like a add-on to fill up some time. Hopefully they will develop this storyline in later episodes.

    The Dr Cox and Janitor storylines relating to their patients were very good storylines but they were let down by the fact that they had very little screen time due to other storylines.

    The fantasy/surreal scenes were fun but again made the episode feel a little disjointed. I did enjoy the appearence by the Blue Man group in Vegas and the use of NSync "Bye Bye Bye".

    Finally the main storyline of JD and Kim and their unplanned pregnancy. The manner in which JD handled it was completey true to form and his reflection of his own situation with his cancer patient was very well done.
    However the bit I most hated in this episode was the way in which JD described how Kim got pregnant. This was a hugely graphic description of sex and whilst amusing and a good campaign for safe sex, I think it went too far. This is a fairly family friendly show and the description of sex and the use of the word "penetration" was too much. I'm no prude but in a show like Scrubs the description wasn't really appropriate.

    Overall then a below average episode that had the potential to be good, but was let down by the writers trying to cram in as much as possible.
  • Rather disappointing...

    This was the start of the downward slope of Scrubs for me. Now I love Scrubs but after an amazing season 5 I really was very disappointed in this episode and season. The writing just felt off and the characters weren't as appealing. I also think that the fantasy sequences went too far.
    Usually the season opener of the show is fun and an extended adventure but this just felt too rushed and trying too hard to be funny. I thought that the Blue Man Group was a fun addition but they just didn't click with the rest of the show. And Turk and others dancing to the ring tone was not particularly funny either... Oh well.
  • 601

    Definitely a great hilarious season opener, and it owned up to it's cliffhanger. Kim wants to talk about the sudden pregnancy, and we find out that JD and Kim never really had sex, they got pregnant a very interesting way. JD puts off talking to Kim throughout the entire episode. Seeing yourself within the patients was kind of ridiculous and it went a bit out there, but it was still entertaining. Elliot treating all the new interns like babies was absolutely hysterical. Cox trying to deal with his anger issues was also entertaining, I always love to watch plots with Cox & Jordan. It all wrapped up well in the end, as JD finally decides to talk to Kim about their situation. The whole "Bye Bye Bye" bit was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Great opener.
  • scrubs is back and kicking lol

    seeing how i didnt watch the end of the series b4 i caught on very fast who ever thought that jd would be a dad without actually having sex lol classic!!!!! love how the paitents that jd, dr cox and janitor are talking to are actually them dressed up took me a while to recongnise but i did in the end lol!!!dr cox trying to stop being angry was a classic again walking in to table just his luck i personal love this episode great start to a new series and cannot wait to find out what happens later on
  • It's baa-aack

    I'm just so glad Scrubs is back that I didnt care that something was missing from this episode although I loved the intro with the NSYNC ringtone part and JD not actually having sex with Kim!!
    J.D. addresses the news that he's going to be a father. Dr. Cox is worried about how his anger is going to impact his offspring. Carla and Turk prepare for the impending arrival of their new baby. Elliot feels left out because she's childless. The Janitor wonders if he's wasted his life. The Janitor, Dr.Cox and JD see themselves in their patients at the end and they all learn a lesson - except the Janitor who, with help from Turk, uses JD as a flag for his new mast.
  • J.D.s going to have a baby and Dr. cox tries to deal with his anger problems for his second baby. Very interesting look forward to seeing more of kim, Turk gets mad because Carla's middle name isn't jaunita like jd said.

    I believe J.d. getting kim pregnant without having sex is funny but the fact that she is having his child when he is not ready is a very exciting twist to the 6th season of the series, I really hope him and kim can work things out and get that baby a loving family in themselves. Dr. Cox anger problems are messing up his relationships out of work and with a second baby coming he needs to get things straightened out. J.D. dr. cox and the janitor all see themselves in patients and decide to change their ways for the good of themselves and the people around them.
  • JD's going to be a dad... YEY

    I thought this was a really good episode that was really funny... Brilliantly done with the characters learning from themselves as different people (or) mirror images. I'm sure the woman who was JD's was not actually him was it? She seemed to have a much higher voice, and Perry and The Janitor's mirror images were actually themselves... I think... lol, anyway, a very very good episode and extremely well plotted overall. JD will make a really good dad in my opinion. I look forward to watching the rest of the season, and finding out what happens with the pregnancy. Excellent episode on the whole.
  • Great season premiere

    I wasn't exactly sure how they were going to approach the idea of surprise pregnancy, but Scrubs always handles it with grace and style along with humor. I must say that I feel sorry for JD's predicament, considering he never even got to have sex. I like the idea of the character foils, and JD's explanation of his own: that sometimes you see in a patient someone whom you wish you had the courage to be. If this is not enough indication for NBC to renew Scrubs, then I have no idea what is wrong with television anymore. It is well deserving of many more awards, in addition to the Peabody.
  • Fantastic Season Premiere

    After a great season finale, Scrubs returns for its sixth season, and despites Season 5's disappointing season premiere, this one does the exact opposite. It seems that the writers noticed some our complaints from last season about the new "stoner humour". This episode is back to its original humour. The first 5 minutes (before the title credits) may be my favourite intro to an episode ever. So much happens, including Dr. Cox throwing spagetti on his son (funny stuff which happens in the first 30 seconds), Everyone, including Kelso (apart from JD) dancing to Turk's new ringtone, JD being kidnapped and taken to Las Vegas by gay seniors who are crashing on his deck, and JD confrontation with the' Blue Man Group'. That's just half of what happens. Before the commercials, half way through the episode. JD describes his sexual conquest with Turk, Carla and Elliot, and how he didn't even have sex with her, and she still gets pregnant. That is probably one of the funniest scenes in Scrubs history.

    If this is a sample of things to come throughout the season, then this series will be off the charts. Let's hope they keep it up.
  • Season 6 kicks off with a bang.

    This episode definatly made up for the 6 month wait. The opening had me rolling with laughter, espeacially when Kelso was dancing to Turks phone. I also enjoyed the cameo from the Blue Man Group. I thought the idea of JD, Cox, and Janitor seeing mirror images of themselves was great. And it was nice to get some answers about Kim's pregnancy. I can't wait until JD becomes a dad, that should be hilarious. The Janitor, as always, was fun to watch. You never Know what he's going to do. Spraypainting JD to look like a flag and then hooking him up to the flagpole was genious. All in all, this was an amazing episode.
  • a little too over the top.

    SCRUBS is known for ridiculousness and being over the top at times, but this episode crammed over the top down our throats, it was a good episode, but was trying all the tricks and was being far too silly, even for SCRUBS. One of the things I like about the show, is they can be happy, sad, serious, or not so serious. There is a point to the daydreams and silliness, but this episode was a non stop tirade at trying to be almost non stop funny, and it failed miserably. It had it's moments, but they were nearly lost by the fact that they tried to make every moment silly. It was a bit too much, and very out of character for the series.
  • A good episode, full of laughs, but not the best.

    Well the episode starts out with a very humorous scene with Dr. Cox and his son, which is always a classic.
    In the episode Dr. Cox tries to stop his anger problems, because he wants to make sure his new child is going to be just fine.
    JD is freaking out because of how scared he is about his upcoming baby.
    Carla and Turk prepare for their upcoming baby.
    And of course Elliot feels like she is the only person in the hospital not having a baby, and she is very depressed over it. She decides to take a few of the interns under her wing, and take care of them. But when Dr. Cox's short relief from anger runs out, he yells at the interns and gets them back on track.
    Turk downloads the ringtone "Bye, bye, bye" by N'Sync, and claims he is 'bringing it back'. Which calls for some funny scenes where he actually does bring it back, and everyone, even Dr. Kelso, dance around to it.
    But while they are dancing to it, Turk misses JD very needed call. JD felt very uncomfortable with his lack of decision about his baby. And after Turk doesn't pick up, he goes out abd gets drunk with a bunch of homosectuals, that in a chain reaction of funny events gets him on stage of a Blue Mans Group's concert.
    And of course the Janitor's story; he puts up a flag pole, but flags are on back order. JD doesn't pay respect to it, and in the end, with the help of Turk, they use JD as the flag.
    In the end, seeing youself in your patient really helps you get through things sometimes. Such as Cox seeing an angry patient, he has to let go of those angers. The Janitor realizes that no matter what his career was, he could have made another choice in life that could have got him somewhere better, so as long as he likes it, he hasn't wasted his life. And last, when JD sees himself in a girl with breast cancer, he sees how confident and brave she is, and this helps him gather up the courage to talk to Kim about the baby.

    Overall a great storyline, but not the funniest we have seen. But let that aside, and there are still a ton of laughs to be had during this episode.
  • Great show finally back for season 6

    Slightly weird epi but we were so glad that they finally came back on air. Zakk Braff owns. Im not sure whether his character should be with "that chick" either but it seems to be a permanent thing for a little while. If not longer. When will "Blonde doctor" learn :P

    An eerie episode about looking into the future I thought. Making the right decisions etc. But what would I know?
    I know theres a message in most of these epis but im too busy trying to pick myself off the floor while laughing.
  • Really not a fan of JDs 'girl friend' Don't think they are right for each other :(

    Really not a fan of JDs 'girl friend' Don't think they are right for each other :(

    Bit of a freaky episode, loving the janinor, as usual.

    Do you ever think he will find a girl? would be nice if we were allowed in the janitors head, for an epiosode!

    Over all great episode, glad that scrubs is back on our screens.
    cant wait to see what else they have in store for us. Should be a really good series.

    Hope Elliot has a baby as well, actually, maybe not, just yet. . . Love scrubs it is awesome, it will be a great series, cant wait
  • The Janitor is making a superb come-back, just as I was hoping he would. Rest of show awesome.

    \"Punch a whale?\"
    -\"No, I punched a whale, right in the face!\"

    The Janitor and his older self are so sincere in this episode, that I kind of know that there is coming more from him. After the 5th season I couldn\'t stop thinking why there hadn\'t been more Janitor scenes (not that they were few, but when can you have enough of him). This season looks promising regarding this factor.

    The amateur shooting in this episode is also something to look forward to, this could mean some new angles to the shows and bring more life to them.

    Las but not least, a group of gay seniors and The Blue Man Group? Can\'t do much better than that!
  • Good episode overall. Not old-school Scrubs but i didnt expect it to be.

    I live in England and we\'ve only just finished our run of the fifth season of Scrubs over here but i watch them all in advance on the Internet. People were wowed when i told them how series five ends before it even started. Ive just seen the episode \"My Mirror Image\" and to be fair it was everything i expected it to be. It was emotional, the JD Imagination stuff cut down dramatically and jokes were to be honest at a minimum. Although the opening scene when Dr.Cox throws Jacks dinner back at him is brilliant!

    Ive seen people\'s reviews of this and they seem to be complaining about the lack of funky JD Imagination scenes etc but i dont think Scrubs will have that tone for a long time. The main character has got a co-worker who he barely knew pregnant, a confusing and daunting time for anybody, who would be thinking of dancing to Sanfred and Son at this point like the old days? Nobody.

    This episode was crucial for alot of character development for JD especially, and Dr.Cox and the Janitor realise where they\'ve been going wrong through some aspects of their life.
  • The episode was hit and miss. Some parts were absurd and not funny, while other parts were laugh out loud funny. Parts of this episode seemed more cartoonish than previous episodes.

    This episode had its unfunny moments, but do not throw the baby out with the bath water. The scenes where JD was kidnapped and taken to Las Vegas by a bunch of geriatric gay men was not funny (I'm not even sure what about that scene was supposed to be funny). Speaking of gay, Dr. Cox's hair has taken a stylish turn for the worse, and I could not take him seriously as an irate doctor with that golden curl of hair hanging down his forehead. Personally, I thought Dr. Kelso's dancing and speaking to the camera was just corny. I'm surprised someone with a sense of humor didn't cut these scenes.

    However, Dr. Cox tormenting his own kid was hilarious. Who doesn't want to dump a plate of spaghetti on a 5 year old? I was a little disappointed that they resolved that issue at the end of the episode because I would love to see Dr. Cox and Jack antagonize each other for the rest of the season. I laugh just thinking about how Jack would partially substitute for the punching bag JD has been these last few years. BTW, it would be awesome if Jack's middle name was Daniels. Jack Daniels, JD, Dr. Cox's drinking habit...I love it. Probably the most entertaining and most underused storyline is Elliot's baby jealousy. I hope Scrubs explores this theme further with Keith. Regarding the Mirror Image theme, it was there, and I could take it or leave it. Likewise with the janitor's prank. Overall, I enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to the rest of the season. See you Latte!
  • JD's girlfriend gets pregnant. JD freaks out, gets drunk and passes out. A bunch of gay men take him to Vegas to marry him off to another gay man. Dr. Cox tries to manage his anger.

    Wow. I mean, really: wow. The fact that someone thought that that episode should have gone from writing room to production just seems to show that this show has lost whatever it once had. Why is the craziness that used to be confined to JD\\\'s daydreams now a reality? JD passed out on the porch and a bunch of geriatric gay men took him to Vegas to marry him off...and it was presented as what was really happening. Good god. Then Dr. Cox makes the interns run laps around the hospital, and, again, it\\\'s real. Fhat the wuck?

    Has this show finally jumped the shark? I was hoping that it would be getting back to the basics, but instead, we get Season 6 of what is aiming to be a very forgettable final season (if it keeps this up, it will HAVE to end...ugh). Oh, and can somone tell Dr. Cox that his hairstyle has just absolutely got to go. I\\\'m not one to usually knock on a guy\\\'s hair (I shave mine), but for god\\\'s sake, that mop is AWFUL (and pretty danged distracting, I might add).

    Thank god I have syndicated episodes because if this episode is any indicator, Scrubs has had its run.
  • What happened to JD's wild imagination? Taking the ridiculousness out of his head, and putting it into his life, was a big mistake. They've stripped the last magic out of a show that should have ended at the end of Season 4...

    This episode was weak. Nothing is happening in JD's head anymore, now it's all REALLY REAL - did the writers and producers forget their staple formula from the last five seasons? They may have changed it on purpose, but they've ruined a perfect recipe - albeit one they should have laid to rest at the end of Season 4. At least I'll have the first 100 episodes...
  • You come in the middle and you confused.

    this is the first episode of "Scrubs" I ever review. I heard of the show, but I never tune in until now. I may be having troubles with name but I get it within the new few weeks, if their is a next few weeks. It has some funny momnents, It has some wacky scenes, I never see anybody move so quick since Benny Hill. All I know of one character is going to have a baby. While the rest of the cast does what the rest of the cast do. I'm going to give it a 7.0. a good start, but no Emmy material.
  • Season 6 starts with an excellent episode!

    Scrubs season openers and finales have not been caracterized for being always excellent after Season 2, but I must admit that this beginning of Season 6 and last season's fifth finales were incredible! In this episode, we see the outcome of what Kim revealed in last episode: that she was pregnant! Something that JD took not as something happy, but as something worrying, as he is not ready to have a kid when he is with someone that he could probably not last long, and also he, Cox, and the Janitor begin seeing themselves in the eyes of their patients (with the Janitor the only one not learning anything) and JD finally accepts this fact and begins dealing with it, by taking a pizza to Kim and discuss their problem. Also, Elliot gets mad at everyone because she is the only one without a baby so she treats her interns as babies, and Jordan is trying to get Cox to deal with his anger issues, that at first he does not, but eventually manages to keep them from accepting his life with his son. This episode was not that funny, but focus more on the fact about how does a man faces the problem of an unwanted pregnant, the other thing that did not make this episode so great was the fact that there are already three pregnant women on Scrubs, how will they do so that they don't get into a similar storyline? I don't know, but overall a good episode!
  • Scrubs is back on tv... a great episode

    I loved how Scrubs didn't take Kim's pregnancy as a joke.
    And how every one got effectedwith it.
    J.D was Hilarious again. We can't judge J.D for wanting some space before talk to kim and it was espectacular how he standed up at the end and showed Kim he's a good guy.
    The N'sinc part was so much funny and Elliot freaking out about the baby boom was just great.

    Dr Cox learning again about family and the janitor was promessing but he is not worth to coment.

    Carla could have been more explored but it's not everytime everybody is on the roll.

    Great great great.
  • Well that sucked! Call the ER stat! Scrubs has lost its sense of humor...

    What a complete and utter disappointment. I have been eagerly awaiting the return of Scrubs, but this episode was not worth the wait. JD's new girl friend is pregnant, Carla is ready to pop any minute, Jordan is pregnant and Elliot seems to wish she and decides to treat her interns like her babies... ik! At the same time, Dr. Cox, JD and the Janitor try to deal with their own issues and see themselves in the patients. Cos tries to comfront his anger issues (as if??), the Janitor wonders if he has thrown away his life by tormenting JD, and well JD is just freaking out about the news of Kim's pregnancy. All in all, this could have been done in a hilarious way, but somewhere along the way the show misplaced its sense of humor. I get that they are trying to make the characters evolve but the humor is what makes Scrubs so great. If the season 6 premier was an indication of the rest of the year, then I think its time to put this show out of its misery....
  • A thorougly disappointing episode.

    After last years finale i must admit i was so looking forward to the return of Scrubs that in hindsight i realise it was never going to live up to my expectations. However i had at least hoped that it would turn out to be better than this total disappointment.

    Not only was the episode not very funny but it also seemed like the style had changed slightly. Firstly what on earth was up with Turk getting everyone to dance to "Bye Bye Bye"???? That was HORRIBLE! I was just stareing at the tv in disbelief.

    As for the whole Mirror Image thing, it actually wasn't too bad. Apart from Braff making an absolutely horrible women, the actual parallels between the characters and their "Mirror images" was quite well thought out.

    Of all the characters the only one that was consistantly funny to me was Elliot and her trying to make the interns into her babies. Even Dr Cox drew an absolute blank in this episode. I'm too disappointed to keep writing this review anymore. Suffice to say that i hope Scrubs picks up, otherwise prognosis for this season does not look good!
  • Scrubs is back and as good as ever!

    After season five's cliffhanger, there were a lot of ways the sixth season premiere could have gone and in my opinion this was the best choice.

    JD freaking out is just how I would have pictured his reaction and I'm also glad that they didn't decide to make it not his baby or something unrealistic like that.

    While there were a few scenes that didn't seem to fit, like JD being kidnapped and taken to Vegas to get gay married, it was still entertaining, though I still wish the Janitor actually tasted real window cleaner later in the episode.

    Elliot's jealousy and Cox's angerissues were also hilarious and this was a very memorable episode and a great way to start the season.
  • Spaghetti!

    Come on. That was funny.

    Maybe not everything, but it had many great moments. It wasn't a perfect return, and it probably could have been better, but for those of you who don't know, Scrubs might not have come back (this is something like the 3rd time we'd heard this, too). Plus, it's premiering on November 30th, possibly one of the weirdest season premiere dates ever.

    Scrubs has always been known for its offbeat comedy, and that was not neglected in this episode. The only thing that stopped me from giving it a 10, however, was the unusual character development. The Janitor thinks about stopping his ruthless torments of J.D.? There was comedy gold in there! And J.D. being such a prick about Dr. Brigg's pregnancy? It's would be a lot to deal with, but Braff certainly made him sound like a jerk. And taking away Dr. Cox's anger? There wouldn't be anything left of him!

    However, that was the only bad part. There weren't any recurring/developing jokes like there are sometimes, but that was not to be expected. Besides, most of the comedy was excellent, especially for a comedy that was once again on the ropes, and whose creator (Bill Lawrence) and star (Zach Braff) have said that they don't particularly care how the show does. NBC put it up against Grey's Anatomy, the highest-rated show on TV, and CSI, probably in the top-five highest-rated shows. Sure, they probably get some carryover audience from The Office and Earl, but that's just not fair.

    For a show that might have been cancelled, is in an uncomfortable spot in the lineup, premiered in a weird time of year, and has always created and met high expectations, this season opener was a great one. It was funny, important, answered some questions, and funny. That's really more than we could expect given its constraints.
  • J.D. freaks out a little when Kim tells him she's pregnant; Dr. Cox tries to subdue his anger; Elliot has a bit of a crack-up.

    Well, ignoring Elliot's unrealistic and not especially funny mental breakdown (although it was almost worth it for the scene where the interns just raise their hands in greeting to Dr. Cox while watching television), this was a pretty good installment. I always enjoy Dr. Cox, and watching him try to deal with his angers issues was enjoyable, particularly since he came out on the side of throwing a television out the window at work. Okay, throwing spaghetti on a little kid, not particularly funny, but making interns run laps? Classic.

    Then there were J.D. and Dr. Briggs, of course. True, there wasn't much character development for her, and it's only her third episode. But considering all the writers had to fit into the season premiere, I'm willing to be patient and find out a little more about her. I'm not sure what to think of J.D.'s immature behavior, but in order to be the J.D. we know, he's got to be a little freaked out, I suppose. Turk and Carla took a backseat, but we know they'll be the center of the next episode.

    The best part of this episode (and there were a lot of candidates) may have been when the janitor abducted J.D. and made him pretend to be a flag. How perfect that when he thought about his life goals, he decided that happiness for him was continuing to antagonize J.D.
  • Too much too soon.

    This episode was hardly memorable. So much happened but it was done in such a boring way that I cannot even remember. I do feel that this episode jumps the shark in that J.D. is faced with something so serious and out of character. The writers must have noticed all the attention they were paying to Turk and Carla at the end of last season and realized they had to bring the focus back to J.D., but come on, I think having his girlfriend, who we don't even know, get pregnant is too much. They are trying too hard. This type of event is something you work up to, something you leave as a cliffhanger, not something you find out in the first scene if you missed all the commercials showing it. If this episode is any example of the angle the show will be taking this season, I pretty sure it will be the last.
  • Failed to live up to the hype! :(

    I was really excited to see the return of Scrubs, without a doubt, it is my favourite sitcom!!

    So imagine my horror when I discovered theyd replaced the wonderful mix of characters I've grown to know and love, with a bunch of half-witted, deluded morons.

    There's something surreal about the whole show's existance now. I just can't quite put my finger on it. Anyone who can hold their hand on heart and say that the Season 6 debut was 'exciting' or 'innorvative' or even a 'perfect episode' needs to have their head exaimed.

    It's been on the decline, in my very humble opinion, ever since about the time JD broke up with Kylie, about 4/5 of the way through Season 4. Season 5 was, with maybe the exception of 507 "My Way Home" and episodes 519-521 "His Story III, My Lunch, My Fallen Idol", complete rubbish!

    All in all, I've seen the decline continue with this episode. Gone are the clever plotlines showing some genuine character development, coupled with that unique Scrubs humour. Replaced instead by some cheap gags, and unimaginative storylines, reducing such fantastic characters as Dr Cox into mere shadows of their former selves.

    Trust me, no-one wants to see this 6th, and possibly final, series of Scrubs succeed more than me. I do love it! And I do hope the writers actually remember what it is that made us all fall in love with it in the first place.

    On the basis of this episode however, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  • back to the sacred heart pregnancie ward!

    Scrubs is back and continues where it left off last season: pregnancies! After the re-adjusting to the new haircuts (Johnny C... strangle your barber) we are back in the same comfy saddle. The writers gotten the tricks of series writing firmly under wraps ; as in the high five for Todd from Elliot. We have the ever popular dancing Turk and there are some new interns. Let\'s see if there is someone of that bunch that fits into the laid back scrubs family for more lines. Back to the pregnancies, the conception of JD\'s baby is a great story. Elliot is still frustrated about not being preggy and Cox... I wanna see more despair man! All in all it made we wanna see more! 22 minutes is too short for a scrubs junkie who hadnt had his fix for several months.
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