Season 5 Episode 6

My Missed Perception

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 17, 2006 on NBC

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  • Guilt.

    A lot of straightforward topics this season, that you can see straight out when you start watching the epsiode. At first, this episode wasn't going to be that special, but when it found it's angle, I enjoyed the episode very much. Carla tries to get everyone in a group picture, only to be ruined by the janitor because he wanted to feel included. Elliot & Turk try to find someone's source of pain but they fail many times, they start to give up on him, and JD doesn't get good perception on a patient, nothing that special, but it was still a great episode.
  • My Missed Perception; A fine Scrubs episode

    This season is turning out to be great. Everyone has said Scrubs is going down hill, hell no it isn't. And this episode is a fine example of why.

    JD accidentley misunderstands a patients request after he tells her she has a terminal illness and that she can continue with her life or they can make her as comfortable as possible. He thinks she ment make her comfortable as possible. Also Elliot & Turk decide to discharge a patient after they can't find anything wrong with him. And Carla wants to collect a photo of the entire staff for the 2005 promotional picture for Sacred Heart. However, The Janitor won't allow it due to him wanting to be apart of the 'family'. This is a great episode from start to finish with aload of humerous bits aswell as the heart side of Scrubs.
    Some of the standout funny moments of this episode are the atomic wedgy on The Todd from The Janitor, JD decribing his screenplay, Dr. Acula aka Dracula and when Carla tricks everyone out to the parking lot for the photo by paging them the thing they want the most, Dr. Cox's line to JD had me in stiches, "oh damit, you ain't getting your a$$ kicked".

    Also in the episode it was nice to see The Janitor with feelings, the only time i've seen him show his true feelings are this episode and My Best Laid Plans when he expresses his true feelings to Elliot. The episode ends with a great high angle of the staff, including The Janitor, having the photo taken. The cast & the crew, including Bill Lawrence, were in the picture which was a nice moment.

    Overall a great episode and the funniest i've seen so far out of the season.
  • The annual staff photo!

    The opening sequence of this episode with the morning rituals is a brilliant scene, especially the Todd and Janitor, JD’s being a little farfetched, borrowing his six-year old neighbour’s scooter.

    My favourite scene of this terrific episode is the trap that Carla set for the staff photo, my favourites being Todd (“There’s no booby touching booth out here”) and Cox being told that JD was getting his ass kicked, JD’s “Dr. Acula” screenplay not far behind.

    All of the plots in this episode were excellent, especially the Janitor and his mirror and wanting to be in the photo. Turk and Elliot’s patient wasn’t as good as the rest but it was still entertaining.

    Overall, this episode is quite good with great misunderstandings and twists, making one brilliant concept for the episode.
  • Get your ha-ha on.

    Another great "Scrubs" episode. No need to mention it was funny, witty, clever, enjoyable, well-acted, and original. You already know these things. So I'll skip to the highlights:
    JD's movie script - Dr. Acula - actually standing for Dracula.
    JD's conversation about jumbalaya - my personal favorite of the episode.
    Mrs. Wilks confusing JD's description of heaven with Seattle.
    JD riding his scooter sasha through the underground canal system accidentally.
    The first failed photo attempt, with everyone rushing outside because they were paged the thing they wanted most was happeneing.
    The list goes on and on. But you get the idea. Another great episode.
  • OK, not that special.

    This episode was solid, but it was not up to the standards of the previous episodes this season.

    I loved how The Janitor carried out his threat to Todd by giving him a wedgie from the top of the building! classic stuff.

    Apart from that there was a fair bit of same old same old to this episode. Dr Cox teaches JD a thing or too about patients.

    I could see thae happy ending with the picture from a mile off, but it still had a nice touch.

    Another highlight was watching Dr Turk spoofing Indiana Jones by jumping into someones body. It wasn't quite at the Simpsons Indiana Jones spoof, but it was still very funny.
  • Dr.Acula - Wanna watch this Movie...

    Another cool Episode of Scrubs.

    Not so much to think about, mostly extreme fun. Beginning with J.D. "Coxing" his interns, taking one bite from every fruit/muffin to gather a cocktail in his mouth or thinking about how a exploratory surgery might look like (btw. Maybe the best Indiana Jones "Remake" i've ever seen ^^).

    Janitors human side might be small in comparison to his evil, fear spreading side, but in this episode you'll see it.

    And maybe one of the coolest word games one never imagines - J.D.'s movie script, telling the story of bloodthirsty vampire doctors, is named Dr. Acula!

    A must see Episode!
  • Funny

    Seeing the Todd get the ultimate atomic wedgie was a riot. From there on in, it was all pretty funny, esp. the scenes of Turk going in for exploratory surgery ala the first few minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    And JD pulled a fast one on Cox...great Scrubs moment
  • J.D. commits a grave mistake by telling an old woman that there is a very remote chance of her surviving and that there is nothing else that he can do. Carla tries to get a group photograph. Turk and Elliot just can't figure out what's wrong with Mr. Pee

    Superb comedy as is charateristic of Scrubs. The Exploratory surgery sequence with Turk going in was hilarious. Not much role for Dr. Cox in this episode. Carla got everone together for the staff photograph but janitor ruined it all. The reasons given to all to assemble outside the hospital were just too good. It was really surprising to see the emotional side of Janitor and was really nice to see him as being a part of the family. Also, the Dr. Acula thingy was funny as well. Wish I could be one of those and examine my patients that way !!!!
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