Season 3 Episode 17

My Moment of Un-Truth

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 30, 2004 on NBC

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  • Enjoyable episode with brilliant interaction from all the characters.

    I really enjoyed this episode, and episodes like these are the ones that make me smile. I liked the interaction of the different characters, such as the Carla/JD plot. Carla decides to go on a date with her "what-if" guy, while she continues to argue with Turk over stupid things. JD is the only one who knows, and whether he tells Turk or not is a test for their friendship. Elliot treats a patient with an unknown pain and Cox knows that he is a drug seeker, but Elliot believes in her patient. Another interaction from the characters that we haven't seen in a while: Elliot/Cox. Which I definitely enjoyed, so I enjoyed the mix up of the characters which made this episode way more. Meanwhile the janitor tries to pull off trying to convince JD & Turk that he has a twin brother, but that doesn't go so well. The fantasies were also very enjoyable. Carla realizes that she should stay with Turk since she felt nothing for her "what if" guy. Elliot's patient turns out out be a drug seeker, and Cox rubs it in Elliot's face, and you can't help but feel bad for Elliot by the end, since she doesn't get anything right. Overall a great episode, with all plots likable.
  • My Moment of Un-Truth

    First i thought that i'd dislike new Elliot, but i LOVE it! Carla has dinner with Cox and only J.D. knows, who is sworn to secrecy knows it. I found that very interesting. I mean, it turned out that Cox is in love with Carla in the Final of Season 2 and there wasn't been anything about it since Episode 3.01. Elliot tries treating a patient who's adamant about not taking drugs for treatment, but can't believe it when Dr. Cox labels him a drug addict. The Janitor plays an elaborate ruse on J.D. and Turk about having a twin brother, which i found funny was not THAT funny.
  • As Carla is fed up of Turk ogling other women in front of her, an old flame comes into town. Dr Cox messes with Elliot's mind as she deals with a patient who does not seem 100% genuine. The Janitor's twin brother turns up at the hospital...

    Some classics in this ep. One of the times when you see JD and Carla's friendship at its strongest, classic cutting Coxian lines, the Janitor is up to mischief so typical that no-one is fooled, Turk is obviously as cocky as ever and Elliot does her usual patheticness to a polished perfection. This is an epi which slots in well with the whole series and delivers laughs and familiarity for true Scrubs fans and those new to the series. The only thing that is missing is the delightful wit of a much misunderstood character and one of my faves, Jordan.
    An episode so beautiful and concise, it feels as though it has ended too quickly.
  • Good!

    This episode is really cool. Carla gets mad at Turk for looking at other women, so she begins to date with her "what if..." man in order to see what happens, and to find out that she does really loves Turk. Elliot finds out that a patient is in a really much pain, and Cox is convinced that he just wants drugs, but Elliot does not believes it, and in the end we find out that Cox was right. And finally, Janitor tries to pretend that he has a twin brother, but JD and Turk don't buy it, causing him to lose for the first time, but JD manages to get a comfort for him. Good episode!
  • Janitor's twin brother?

    This instalment of Scrubs hilarity has very good plots and revelations and manages to have brilliantly scripted jokes too.

    Carla’s plot of going out with her ex-crush and feeling nothing is very good as it shows that she is ready to be married, even if she was forced by JD not to tell Turk about her date.

    Elliot’s plot of the mystery of “Is he a drug addict?” is very funny, especially Cox’s rants towards the subject.

    Probably the most hilarious storyline is the Janitor and the first time he loses, JD and Turk never believing he had a twin brother, a very farfetched idea by Janitor.

    Overall, the episode has three solid plots with great gags in each.