Season 2 Episode 10

My Monster

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 12, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Living the life of a busy resident has left J.D. with no time to date, or more importantly, to have sex. Working at the hospital, the monster, as he calls it, has a way of influencing every part of your life. To end his drought, he asks Lisa the gift shop cashier, for a date. Their date goes very well, until the end-of-the-date kiss. Flashbacks of J.D.'s three recent patients, all having some kind of visible, sometimes disgusting health problem, cause him to pull back from Lisa just as he is about to kiss her. The kiss was mediocre, but more importantly, his "little J.D." had no response at all. He tries to hide that fact from Turk and Dr. Cox, but it slips out.

Meanwhile, Jordan is getting bigger each day. She has been staying at Dr. Cox's almost every night, but she still has to go to her place to change clothes the next day. He offers to let her temporarily stay at his place until the baby comes. She accepts. A short time later, Cox can't believe that he did that. Things get even worse. Now that she's living with him, she calls him constantly on the cell phone, wanting him to bring super- versions of whatever food cravings she's having at the moment.

Turk and Carla's relationship is still going hot and heavy. When the two of them have the same afternoon off, they spend it at home, hoping to have some quiet time together. They are about to have sex, while the TV is turned on to one of Turk's favorite programs, "The Jeffersons", but Turk falls asleep before the theme song is even finished. Miffed, Carla later asks Turk what happened to all of the attention that she used to get from him. He tells her that he was tired from work and that now that their relationship is solid, they don't need to perform for each other anymore. The mundane things, like falling asleep on the couch, are just as romantic as the things they did before.

Realizing that Turk is still under a lot of pressure at work and that she should be more supportive, Carla plans a surprise picnic for them on the roof.

Elliot is having difficulty making ends meet since her father cut her off financially. She even puts out a notice for a roommate, but gets no responses. J.D. offers to let her stay at his and Turk's apartment for a while, but she turns him down. She instead decides to sleep in the on-call room, until Dr. Kelso catches her and orders her to leave. She ends up sleeping in the U-Drive-It truck that holds the furniture from her apartment. When J.D. again offers to let her stay at his place, she gladly accepts.

He makes a bed for her on the couch. And then surprise, something in J.D. stirs and he and Elliot start to passionately make out on the couch.
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