Season 2 Episode 10

My Monster

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 12, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Dr. Kelso: Dr. Reid, what are you doing in here?
      Elliot: Sorry, hi Dr. Kelso, I was just, um ah, I was on call.
      Dr. Kelso: Well I have the call sheet right here and your name doesn't seem to be on it. But what do I know. I'm just a kindly old man that doesn't know the difference between a doctor on call and one who maybe just needs a warm bed for the night.
      Elliot: Oh I've just been so swamped with work, I couldn't even make time to find a new place.
      Dr. Kelso: I understand. Life is hard and all of that. But, if you want a bed in my hospital, you better have a damn rent check or a massive coronary in the next five seconds, and believe me missy, either one's fine with me.
      Elliot: Thank you, sir?
      Dr. Kelso: No problem.