Season 6 Episode 6

My Musical

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 18, 2007 on NBC
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A new patient at the hospital wakes up and sees everything happening around her as a musical. Carla can't decide whether or not to return to work and Elliot must find a way to tell J.D. he can't move into her new house with her.

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Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

Patti Miller

Guest Star

Kym Hoy

Kym Hoy

Patient #1

Guest Star

Jennifer Leigh Warren

Jennifer Leigh Warren

Patient #2

Guest Star

Aloma Wright

Aloma Wright

Nurse Laverne Roberts

Recurring Role

Johnny Kastl

Johnny Kastl

Dr. Doug Murphy

Recurring Role

Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd

Ted Buckland

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • When the crew is singing "We're going to miss you, Carla", you can see a clock that shows around 15:10. At the end of the song, Turk and the crew go off to lunch, which is a little late.

    • Since I'm Dominican was shot two months after the rest of the musical numbers due to Judy Reyes' (Carla) fractured hip, Stephanie D'Abruzzo's (Ms. Miller) hair is slightly longer during that scene than it is in the rest of the episode.

    • For Latin America, this episode was dubbed to Spanish, including translations of all the songs. However, the songs aren't performed by the same cast who do the dubbing for the dialogs. This becomes evident during Guy Love, as the voice who does J.D.'s singing sounds closer to the voice who does Turk's dialog.

    • The whole point of the song I'm Dominican is that Carla is upset with Turk for not acknowledging her ethnicity - It seems as if to Turk Puerto Rican, Dominican or even Mexican is all the same. Unfortunately those who composed the music made the same mistake as Turk. The music is Tango, which is more typical of Argentina, not the Dominican Republic.

    • Elliot says that she is 29. However, according to other episodes, she should be or 30 or 31.

    • Doug slips over in one of the first scenes, and the Janitor says that there is a wet floor, yet on the same part of wet floor Turk does a Michael Jackson style dance and doesn't slip or lose balance at all.

    • Carla tells the Todd that Pincho Chiquito is another way to say "man meat". However, Pincho Chiquito isn't literally translated as "Tiny Penis", but rather "Tiny Thorn". Thorn, in this case, is actually the derogatory term for Penis. The actual word for penis in Spanish is "pene", so Carla should have said Pene Chiquito to Todd.

    • Judy Reyes (Carla) had broken her hip before the filming of this episode. If you pay attention, you will notice she is always sitting or leaning putting her weight on her left leg. Her musical number with Turk 'For the Last Time, I'm Dominican' was filmed two months afterwards, when she had recovered. Related to this, in a later episode, Judy Reyes (Carla) is seen walking with a walking stick, it was left unexplained.

    • Look closely: When J.D. says "bumper buddies", he begins to make a punching motion a few feet away from Dr. Cox. When it cuts back J.D. is punching Dr. Cox in the stomach.

    • During the beginning of the episode, Turk and J.D. don't have their matching bracelets on but they do during "Guy Love".

    • There are three odd cuts notable in Cox's rant song... one occurs when he finishes the "every day of every month of every year" he then starts to turn to his right but in the next cut he is turning to his left. The next one happens right after Ms. Miller says "can't you run another test" Cox raises his hands up but in the next cut they are down again... and finally after he points at J.D. after referring to him as a "God forsaken pest" he starts to lower his arm and in the next cut his arm is back up and still pointing at J.D.

    • Out of the entire regular cast, Donald Faison's (Turk's) lip syncing is the most off during the musical numbers. This is in spite of his character having much natural ability in rhythm.

    • The guy standing behind the pharmacy window during "Gonna Miss You Carla" is Jeff Marx, one of the "Avenue Q" creators.

    • The answers to the trivia Carla asks Turk are as follows:
      Carla grew up in Chicago, Illinois.
      The song at her wedding was "Eight Days a Week" by The Beatles.
      In season one, she had been a nurse for nine years (My Nickname).
      Her real middle name has never been revealed.

    • Elliot says that she hasn't sung since the six grade talent show, but in episode 4x04, "My First Kill", she says she goes Karaoke singing (sometimes wearing a cape), and at the end of the episode is at a Karaoke bar with Dr. Molly Clock (Heather Graham).

    • During "Gonna Miss You Carla," in one shot, Patti is seen filling something out on a clipboard, but later, when she catches Ted's toupee, the clipboard mysteriously disappears.

    • During the Janitor's song, he says "it all started with a penny in a door" referring to the first episode, when J.D. walks into the hospital and suggests maybe the door is stuck because someone shoved a penny into it. The Janitor then accuses HIM of having done that, and the rivalry begins.

    • When Elliot is telling the guys about her new house, we first see Turk holding Izzy in his arms. Then when he leaves (when we see him from behind), he's no longer holding her.

    • The running gag in which Turk thinks Carla is from Puerto Rico is acknowledged in the song between Carla and Turk. Carla is Dominican. And Turk still doesn't know her middle name.

    • In the song "Guy Love", J.D. says that Turk is the only man who's ever been inside of him and Turk replies that he only removed J.D.'s appendix. This happened in "My Day Off" (Season 1, Episode 9) when J.D. comes in with appendicitis.

    • When Turk and J.D. start singing the "Guy Love" song, the chart in Turk's hands switches positions as the camera angle changes.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • I'm Dominican (song)
      Turk: Well I always thought family was the most important thing to Puerto Ricans.
      Carla: I've had it up to here (Holds her hand above her head) so let me make it very clear, because I swear I'll never let you win again! Every time that you confess I come from Puerto Rico-
      Turk: Yes?
      Carla: For the last time Turk, I'm Dominican!
      Turk: Don't make a big to do, I was simply testing you.
      Carla: Then why'd you tell J.D. our baby's blacksican!?
      Turk: Babe, you know I know the truth.
      Carla: Well, I need a little proof! So list all you know about me or no sex again.
      Turk: Ahh let's see....your name is Carla!
      Carla: Oh yes.
      Turk: You are Latina.
      Carla: Impressive.
      Turk: You're a nurse. Your mother's dead and oh wait, I got it! Three sisters!
      Carla: TURK!
      Turk Two sisters? Well, I'm sure you have a brother who's a huge jerk-off!
      Carla: Tell me what's my middle name?
      Turk: Okay, I'm tired of this game! Let's forget it, I give up, I guess you win again. But it's not just me who gets mixed up by all this crazy ethnic stuff!
      Todd: Sorry, even I know, she's Dominican. Boo-yah!
      Carla: Did I grow up in Illinois or was it Michigan? How long before we met was I in medicine? Was our wedding song the Beatles or led Zeppelin? Am I freakin' Puerto Rican or Dominican!?
      Turk: The thing is guys remember facts, like what Derek Jeter hit last year which was 303, and that is why our brains are maxed. And there's no room for things like birthdays or ethnicities!
      Carla: Well thank you for that glimpse into the workings of the inner man.
      Turk: Let's talk about your job, not the fact that your-
      Carla: Dominican!
      Turk: You're not staying home from work!
      Carla: Will that make you happy Turk?
      Turk: I'll support you as long as you choose to earn the Benjamins!
      Carla: The I'll return to work today! Now, you're sure that that's okay?
      Turk: I say si which is yes in Dominican...and Peurto Rican!
      Carla: Turk!
      Turk: But you're Dominican.

    • Dr. Kelso: This is Dr. Cox, I'll be giving him your chart.
      Dr. Cox: And that's Dr. Kelso, the kiss-ass of Sacred Heart!

    • You're Going To Be Okay (song)
      Mrs. Miller: What's going to happen?
      What does the future hold?
      So many things that i put off,
      Assuming I'd have time, assuming I'd grow old.
      What's going to happen?
      And will I be alive tomorrow?
      What's going to happen to me?
      Dr. Cox: You're going to be okay.
      All: That's what's going to happen.
      Every thing's okay.
      We're right here beside you.
      We won't let you slip away.
      Plan for tomorrow,
      'Cos we swear to you,
      You're going to be okay.
      Mrs. Miller: I'm going to be okay.
      All: That's what's going to happen.
      Mrs. Miller: Every thing's okay.
      All: Every thing's okay.
      We will never leave you.
      Right here we will stay.
      Plan for tomorrow.
      'Cos we swear to you,
      You're going to be okay.
      J.D.: We hope...
      Dr. Cox: Shhh....

    • J.D.: How many fingers do you see?
      Elliot: Call 911 emergency.
      Mrs. Miller: Why are you singing? Wait, why am I singing?
      J.D.: Is there someone here with you?
      Elliot: Someone that we could talk to.
      Everybody: Are you ok? Are you all right? Are you ok? Are you all right?

    • Options (song)
      Carla: I could tell a bunch of lies.
      Elliot: I could buy him his own place.
      Carla: I could bring the baby here with me.
      Elliot: Or tell him there's no space...
      Carla: Those are some lame ass ideas.
      Elliot: We are so screwed.

    • Turk:If you want to know what's wrong, don't sit and act so cool. Be a man and eat some bran and drop the kids off at the pool.

    • Guy Love (song)
      J.D.: Let's face the facts about me and you: A love unspecified.
      Though I'm proud to call you, "Chocolate Bear",
      The crowd will always talk and stare.
      Turk: I feel exactly those feelings too, and that's why I keep them inside.
      'Cause this "Bear" can't bear the world's disdain,
      And sometimes it's easier to hide.
      J.D. and Turk: Than explain our guy love, that's all it is.
      Guy love, he's mine, I'm his.
      There's nothin' gay about it in our eyes.
      Turk: You ask me 'bout this thing we share.
      J.D.: And he tenderly replies:
      Turk: It's guy love.
      J.D. and Turk: Between two guys.
      Turk: We're closer than the average man and wife.
      J.D.: That's why our matching bracelets say "Turk 'n' J.D."
      Turk: You know I'll stick by you for the rest of my life.
      J.D.: You're the only man who's ever been inside of me.
      Turk (Speaking): Whoa, whoa, I just took out his appendix.
      J.D.: There's no need to clarify.
      Turk: Oh, no?
      J.D.: Just let it grow more and more each day.
      It's like I married my best friend.
      Turk: But in a totally manly way.
      J.D. and Turk: Let's go!
      It's guy love, don't compromise the feeling of some other guy,
      Holding up your heart into the sky.
      J.D.: I'll be there to care through all the lows.
      Turk: I'll be there to share the highs.
      J.D. and Turk: It's guy love...between two guys.

    • J.D.: Hey, Ms. Miller, we just need a stool sample.
      Ms. Miller: Why do you need a stool sample if you think I'm just a nut?
      J.D.: 'Cause the answer's not in your head my dear, it's in your butt.

    • J.D.: All across the nation, we trust in defecation!

    • Ted: So Carla, when will you be back?
      Carla: Not for a year
      Ted's band: A year?
      Carla: Not for one long, long, year
      Ted's band: mmmm, mmmm
      We understand you love that kid, but this ain't no way to treat us
      Lavern: And I'll teach you that what I see, its what Judas' done to Jesus
      Shy Guy: When you leave us all we'll be upset
      Janitor: Look out, that floor is very wet
      Everyone: We're gonna miss you Carla, we're gonna miss you around here, we're gonna miss you Carla, we said we'll miss you throughout here, how will everybody get along without you for a long, long year
      Ted: Who'll tell me that my new toupee looks sweet?
      Dr. Kelso: Who'll treat my gay son's rash and be discrete?
      Todd: Who'll give me better ways to say "man meat"?
      Carla: Pincho chiquito. (Tiny penis)
      Todd: Thanks. I'm using that!
      Everyone: We're gonna miss you around here, we're gonna miss you Carla, we said we'll miss you throughout years, how will everybody get along without you for a long, long year
      Turk: My baby made the choice of being at home and not at work, so let us all rejoice 'cause she's the brand new mama Turk
      Carla: He's right of course, but yet my heart, despite of this has turn apart
      Everybody: We're gonna miss you Carla, we're gonna miss you around here
      Tedd: I need a tissue Carla
      Everybody: We say we'll miss you throughout years, how will everybody get along without you, how will everybody get along without you, how will everybody get along without you
      Carla: It's gonna be a long, long, year

    • Patient #1: My stomach hurts.
      J.D.: Check the poo!
      Patient #2: I sprained my ankle.
      Turk: Check the poo!
      Patient #3: I was shot.
      J.D.: Check the poo!
      Delivery Guy: A homeless guy threw poo in my eye.
      Turk: Check the poo.
      Delivery Guy: Mine or his?
      J.D.: First him, then you!

    • J.D.: I'm sure you must be scared, not knowing what this test will bring,
      It can prove that you are crazy, do you still hear people sing?
      (Mrs. Miller says yes)
      It's best to know the truth, of that I have no doubt,
      But you'll have to face the future, when the truth comes out.
      Dr. Cox: We are running a test that's a waste of our time,
      But at least she'll accept that she's medically fine,
      She'll admit that she's nuts, just give her the cat scan
      And show her the door.
      J.D.: While we process your results, we'll take you back to wait.
      Turk: We've got drugs to calm you down, so you don't stress about your fate.
      J.D. & Turk: It's best to know the truth, of that we have no doubt,
      But you'll have to face the future, when the truth comes out.
      Carla: You're gonna miss it Carla, you're gonna miss it around here,
      You're gonna hurt him badly, but you can stay away for one whole year.
      Mrs. Miller: I know that I'm not crazy!
      J.D.: Everything comes down to poo.
      Mrs. Miller: I hope that I'm not crazy!
      J.D.: (To Elliot) When we move I'm gonna have my own private loo.
      Mrs. Miller: Oh nooo...
      Elliot: How am I supposed to tell him that he's not moving too?
      Mrs. Miller: Oh my God...
      Elliot: He doesn't have a clue.
      Mrs. Miller: I'm crazy!
      Dr. Kelso:: (To Carla) If you'd like to reconsider, I'd be glad to do my part.
      If you want, your job is open, come on back to Sacred Heart.

    • Dr. Cox: Do you know how much you annoy me? The answer is "A lot." Should I list the reasons why? Well, I don't see why not.
      It's your hair, your nose, your chinless face, you always need a hug,
      not to mention all the manly appletinis that you chug.
      That you think I am your mentor just continues to perplex,
      and, oh my God, stop telling me when you have nerdy sex!
      J.D.: Oh, by the way, last time Kim was in town, we got some appletinis and poured 'em on our good parts.
      Dr. Cox: See now, newbie, that's the thing you do that drives me up a tree.
      'Cause no matter how I rant at you you never let me be!
      So I'm stuck with all your daydreaming, your wish to be my son,
      It makes me suicidal and I'm not the only one. No, I'm not the only one...
      Janitor: It all started, with a penny in the door.
      There was a hatred, I had never felt before.
      So now I'll make him pay, each and every day,
      Until that mousse-haired little nuisance
      Dr. Cox: So now, that is why I call you names like Carol, Jane and Sue,
      Like Moesha, Kim and Lillian, Suzanne and Betty Lou.
      See, regardless of the names I pick my feelings are quite clear:
      You're a pain of every day of every month of every year.
      Mrs. Miller: Dr. Cox, you gotta help me 'cause I really am distressed.
      Can't you find another option? Won't you run another test?
      Dr. Cox: If you want some kind of favor, really any kind of favor, please just give me peace and quiet from this god-forsaken pest.
      J.D.: I think what my "bumper buddy" is trying to say...
      Mrs. Miller: (Belts with all her might) Shut your cakehole, Mary Beth, or I swear to God, I'll shut it soon!
      Dr. Cox: Congratulations, we'll schedule your test this afternoon.

    • Turk: Do you have a hemorrhoid, or is it rectal cancer? When you flush your dookie down, you flush away the answer.

    • J.D.: The mind's a freaky thing, Elliot, maybe she does hear singing.
      Elliot: Yeah, well I haven't sung since the sixth grade talent show when I did Pat Benatar's "Hell is for Children". Then afterwards, Mr. Shemin, the M.C. said "No, Hell is for everyone who just had to hear you sing that song". My mom was so mad at him she slept with him and ruined his marriage.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Unusually, the main credits appeared before the opening presentation, except for the writer and the director, who appeared after, like always.

    • In the song "Everything Comes Down to Poo," the line sung by J.D., "It may sound gross, you may say shush, but we need to see what comes out of your tush," was originally meant to be "It may sound gross, it may sound crass, but we need to see what comes out of your ass." It was changed due to it being too graphic.

    • According to Bill Lawrence everyone on the cast aside from Sarah Chalke and Christa Miller can sing and dance.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: February 14, 2007 on TV3

    • This episode was nominated for the 2007 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series, and, Outstanding Music Direction. Not to mention that the songs "Everything Comes Down To Poo" and "Guy Love" were nominated (separately) for Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics. Plus, the episode was nominated for the 2008 C.A.S. (Cinema Audio Society) Award for Outstanding Achievement In Sound Mixing For Television Series.

    • Four of the songs in this episode (namely "Welcome to Sacred Heart," "Everything Comes Down to Poo," "When the Truth Comes Out," and "Finale (Friends Forever/What's Going to Happen)".) were written by the Tony award winning creators of Avenue Q, Jeff Marx and Bobby Lopez, with lyrics by Lopez, Marx, and Deb Fordham, the writer of this episode. The rest of the songs were composed by regular Scrubs composer Jan Stevens ("All Right," (the song sung after Patti faints) and "For the Last Time I'm Domincan"), Blanks member Paul F. Perry ("Gonna Miss You Carla," "The Rant Song," "Options," (the brief conversation between Elliot and Carla) "Guy Love," "For the Last Time I'm Dominican") and lyrics by Fordham.

    • There are several musical parodies in this episode. "The Rant Song" is a parody of "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" from Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. "When the Truth Comes Out" is a parody of "One Day More" from Les Misérables. "You're Going to Be Okay" is a parody of "Will I" from Rent. "For the Last Time, I'm Dominican" is a parody of "Tango Maureen" from Rent. And, obviously, "Friends Forever" is a parody of "We Go Together" from Grease.

    • This is the first Scrubs musical episode.


    • Miss Miller's first name is Patti, named after musical star Patti LuPone, of whom Debra Fordham (the writer) is a huge fan.

    • During "Welcome to Sacred Heart", after the part "Caught an STD from some tasty little tart?", a guy looking like Matt LeBlanc appeared.

      That was a reference to the season one episode "The One Where Underdog Gets Away" of Friends, where Joey (played by Matt LeBlanc) poses as a model for a health campaign, and turns out to be the poster boy for VD.

    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a musical episode as their seventh episode to their sixth season. Scrubs appear to have done the same, although only by production order.

    • The song "When the Truth Comes Out" is an allusion to the song "Do You Hear the People Sing" from the musical Les Miserables. The reference is made more clear when J.D. asks Mrs. Miller if she still hears people sing.