Season 6 Episode 6

My Musical

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 18, 2007 on NBC

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  • A well-made musical episode still in keeping with the 'Scrub's theme.

    I was sceptical when I heard they were planning a musical episode of 'Scrubs.' Often when a show attempts something like this the results are poor. Not so in this case; the songs were well performed and similar to those in 'The Simpsons' the lyrics were of the same humour the show is known for.
  • It was different, but really great!

    I watch scrubs for quite some time now, And suddenly i found this extraordinaiy musical episode. I was not shure what to think of it so i watched it.

    Not shure what to think about it i decided to forget i ever seen this episode. Then, when i was in bed that night i had a song in my head. It kept going: for the last time turk, I am dominican! After that i watched again. And again. And again and again and again. I love this episode so much i must have watched it 30 times or more. I have uploaded it on my psp and i am still not sick of it. I say, Awsome Episode =D
  • Everything Comes Down To Poo!

    Well some of the songs were so corny that i just thought it would be complete crap but when they sang "Friends Forever/Whats Going to Happen" I Liked it. It was like "whats going to happen" explained they entire purpose of the show and becomeing a doctor. It also inculded the songs: Everything comes down to poo, Are you ok?, Welcome to sacred(or how ever you spell it) heart, Im dominacn,and A Long long year. I loved a long long year because i never knew how well the lady who plays carla could sing until then. My Musical is an episode you MUST watch!!
  • Boldly going where no other show has gone before.

    You could either love or hate this episode, I loved it. If musicals aren't for you, don't rate this episode badly because you don't like musicals in general. As I read most of the reviews, some were saying this was the best episode of Scrubs ever, and some were saying it was the worst. I can tell you on thing this episode definitely was though: original. Not a lot of shows have a special musical episode they can just have fun with. And no other show has taken a musical and made it like this.

    Elliot was still annoying, she should have just been grown up about things and let JD stay with her from the start. She wants to live alone, so she practically kicks JD out when he's in need? Elliot completely deserved being lonely in the end, JD was even perfectly understandable. Carla decides to take a year off work, but then is having trouble breaking it to Turk that she wants to come back.

    The patient hearing music was very clever and creative and it was just so perfect with this hospital show. It managed to capture seriousness and hilarity in one scene... with music! A lot of classic songs here, and most of them dealt with running gags in the series. I definitely feel like Season 6 was the year that the Scrubs wanted to let loose and try new things, and they definitely managed to do that with this episode. Perfect episode.
  • The doctor treat a patient who sees everything around her as a musical.Carla can't decide whether or not to return to work and Elliot must find a way to tell J.D. he can't move into her new house with her.

    Bite me, but i really didn't like this episode a lot. I'm a huge Scrubs fan and LOVE nearly all of the episodes. A few of the songs like Guy Love or the Poo song were pretty decent. But most of the others really weren't that good. They really overdid it with the 'song'. If there were like 2-4 songs in there it would have been okay. But this were just to many. If i was a 'musical' fan i would have probably liked it better. Elliot has gotten really full of her herself this Season (it already started last Season, but this Season it's getting worse). The Carla storyline was kinda blah. I knew that she was not going to stay home for a whole year right from the beginning. It was still better than the Fairy Tale episode, because it was way funnier. But still not a scrubs classic.
  • One if the best episodes on scrubs, really enjoyed watching it over and over again.

    One if the best episodes on scrubs, really enjoyed watching it over and over again. how they turned the whole episode into a musical,and the performance of the songs and the lyrics and the way they performed it. ------------------------------------------------------------ One if the best episodes on scrubs, really enjoyed watching it over and over again. how they turned the whole episode into a musical,and the performance of the songs and the lyrics and the way they performed it. One if the best episodes on scrubs, really enjoyed watching it over and over again. how they turned the whole episode into a musical,and the performance of the songs and the lyrics and the way they performed it. ------------------------------------------------------------
  • A Dreadful Spectacle.

    A poor knock-off of the brilliantly original Buffy musical episode without the wit or the good songs. Absolutely cringeworthy and not worthy of this normally standout show. I was incredibly disappointed and didn't laugh once. The "guy love" song was mildly amusing, but failed to reach the high bar the show has set for itself. This one was a total car crash and failed dismally. I'd even go as far as saying that this was the worst Scrubs episode of all time. Not to mention that the pretence that was intended to facilitate the premise- the woman with the neurological condition- was truly ridiculous. This episide was worse than pedestrian, it was dismal and moronic. I wish I could go back to a time when I'd never seen the episode, because it has tarnished my affection for this generally great show. The poo song?!?!?! Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.. c'mon Scrubs you're better than that.
  • By far the worst episode ever. Not even one funny moment.

    Easily the worst [scrubs] episode of all time. Not even once did I even laugh. How this one made it past the drawing board is beyond me. How in the world did the producers, writers... etc not notice that there was nothing funny about this episode? It was absolutely painful to watch, like a little kid in a talent show desperately trying to be funny but the crowd sitting completely silent.
  • funny...

    This is one of the first episodes of Scrubs I have watched. Granted, I'm not going to watch Scrubs on a regular basis, because of this episode I might watch it if it's on and there's nothing else on. Anyways, a patient comes in that hears everyone singing. Most of the actor's are not very good singers...I thought (you'll have to excuse me because I don't many names...) the black doctor and the doctor that had no place to stay were both pretty good singers. I thought their song "Guy Love" was hilarious. I thought the blond lady doctor was horrendous at singing... the janitor was ok and the old doctor was ok also. Anyways, the story was great and the singing was funny, though not good. Overall, hilarious and an episode I wouldn't mind watching again.
  • Can't think of another show that'd do a musical ep this well!

    I can understand how some people may feel about episodes that turn into musicals. I asked countless people and sadly I was the only one who actually loved this musical. A few thought it was ripping off the concept of that Buffy episode "Once More With Feeling" (season 6), others felt the cast wasn't upto singing and dancing, and others just found the whole affair rather cringeworthy. Needless to say, by looking at the other reviews, I'm glad I'm not alone in loving My Musical.
    All songs were cleverly written and integrated into the plot and it was good to hear the cast use their original voices, highlighting that it was not a sing-off. Obviously "Guy Love" was the song that stood out for me, but who wouldn't love "Everything Comes Down To Poo"?
  • A woman hears music in her head. Dr. Cox saves the day!

    Each season Scrubs will do one episode that goes in a different direction, most of the time it references a movie, or something that everyone on the show has always wanted to. Either because they thought it would be fun, or they wanted to honor it, or because that kinda thing is why they got into acting, directing, etc. Anyway for season five it was a musical.

    I LOVE musicals so I love this episode. My favorite song, and I know I'm not alone here, is Guy Love. The song tells you everything about JD and Turks relationship from the beginning. I also love Dr. Cox's rant song! The fact that he can sing so fast is not only funny but also genius! The dancing is great and the songs are all funny. And the Janitor also steals the show with his song about hating JD. This is an episode for the books. Way to go Bill!
  • I Looooove Guy Looooooove! That song is so awesome!

    a very special episode indeed. i watched it twice, one after the other (on E4 and +1), and have been looking for it on the net, seriously wish had recorded it. i do love musicals though (also liked musical buffy "once more with feeling"). les mis is fave musical of all time and so totally got "one day more" insired song. fave songs included 'everything's gonna be okay' and 'Guy love' was my upmost favorite and 'Everything comes down to poo'. watch this one. guy love has to be the best thing I've ever seen in a long time. you will love it!!!!!
  • Best. Scrubs. Ever.

    a very special episode indeed. i watched it twice, one after the other (on E4 and +1), and have been looking for it on the net, seriously wish had recorded it. i do love musicals though (also liked musical buffy "once more with feeling"). les mis is fave musical of all time and so totally got "one day more" insired song. fave songs were "welcome to sacred heart", "everything comes down to poo", "the rant song" and "going to be ok". definately 10/10 from me all though i can see why other people may not be as enamoured by it, especially if they dont like musicals but apart from the singing it also follows the scrubs "kookiness" factor well.
  • Weird but cool

    That was a weird musical episode but that's also what makes it cool. I'm not surprised that the people who wrote Avenue Q had a hand in writing some of this. It also makes me wonder why the staff would be talking about their problems in front of Patti, or any other patient for that matter. My favorite songs are "The Rant Song" and "For the Last Time, I'm Dominican!" OMG...I wonder if TimaTamaandRa can be talked into doing this for their next Yu-Gi-Oh! animusical project. I got cheated out of recording it though because the TV guide switched this episode title with "His Story IV," which I only recorded the beginning of because that's the only part of that episode that I liked.
  • Darnit! Now I have those songs stuck in my head!

    When I first found out that this episode was going to be a musical I thought this was going to be such a drag. Totally wrong as this is one of my favorite episodes. The story is cleverly put together - a patient has an aneurysm that causes her to hear everything as a musical.

    As for the songs, this was well-thought. The lyrics are seriously put together, they aren't just mock songs made as parody to musicals, although a couple of them do make allusion to other musicals. Two songs that are still stuck in my head are Everything Comes Down to Poo and Guy Love. I can imagine how many rehearsals Zach and Donald went through before they could sing those two songs without bursting into laughter. The Rant song is classic Dr. Cox. I do think the composers dropped the ball in the song I'm Dominican. Carla is so Dominican that they made her sing a tango, which comes from Argentina.

    All said, this is a great episode that is a must-watch and a must-have so it's worth buying the DVD or episode download.
  • Stephanie D'Abruzzo who plays Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut in Tony Award Winning Musical 'Avenue Q' features as Patti Miller who hears everything in song.

    JD and Elliot are at a local park when Patti Miller falls unconcious. They rush over to her and as she wakes and they ask how she is. We then hear everything as Patti does - in song.
    The episode then follows Patti as the Scrubs team try to work out why she is hearing everyone singing. And so as each cast member walks past her talking about their own problems, this turns into song including "Everything comes down to poo" and "Guy Love".
    This episode is a great opportunity for viewers to see how talented all the actors are as almost every character in scrubs can sing.
    We also get to hear the wit of Deb Fordham, who wrote the episode as well as many of the lyrics.
    This is one of my favourite episodes of Scrubs and is one of the reasons I keep tuning in.
    I'm also a great fan of Stephanie D'Abruzzo who plays Patti Miller and although we only get a few opportunities to hear her sing in this episode, it's just magical.
  • It was.. good

    When I sit down to watch an episode of Scrubs, I do so with the notion that I will be laughing throughout the episode (as I have always done in all previously viewed episodes), and be satisfied with it at episode's end. This episode was different. Ladies and Gentlmen: That was the point! There were barely any laugh out loud moments (aside from the Guy Love song) in my opinion, and I found myself at the halfway commercial saying, "Oh, it's not over yet?". But even though both of those things happened, I still thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I thought the idea was one of the best they've ever had. What do you want, the same exact storyline every single episode? That's what Grey's Anatomy is failing after just 3 seasons. They took a chance, and in my opinion, even though it may have been just a tad too much singing, I still enjoyed it. I thought it was great, and yes it was different, but again, that was the point.
    For those of you who think this was crap and gave it a rating of 3 or 1.1, are you kidding me? This was still an episode of Scrubs, with all of our favorite characters doing their thing, and doing it well. If you gave this episode that poor of a rating, you can't be much of a fan. This is a great show, and this was a great idea. It wasn't a homerun, but a hard-fought triple IMO.
  • Clever episode!

    I thought this episode was brilliant. The songs were truly clever, and I am amazed at the talent of the cast. This episode showed that they can not only act, but sing AND dance as well! Also, kudos to the writers who came up with the lyrics and the music. This episode is original, and the musical numbers were genius. It must have taken quite some time to put this all together; not only composing the songs and writing the lyrics, but choreographing it and learning the music as well. This was obviously not thrown together overnight! This was by far my favorite episode of the season, and one of my all-time favorites of all the Scrubs episodes!
  • It's amazing how they manage to keep the fun while singing..

    I've watched this episode a lot of times, and I still find it amazing how they can sing songs that make you all giddy and happy, at the same times as there are jokes and fun. Not many shows manage to do that, because it always seems out of character or like it doesn't fit. This is different, but still as good as the rest of the episodes in Scrubs. "Guy Love" is a great example of how they keep the characters in place by again bringing up how much Turk and J.D. love each other (in a non-gay-way) and making it funny. "For the Last Time I'm Dominican" shows how much Turk has left to learn about Carla, and how their relationship can grow. Still, we see that spunk in Carla that she's had since season one.

    Great episode, great show.
  • I love the songs!

    The whole premise of this episode was funny and entertaining which is what makes Scrubs great, but this one-off special musical episode shows how well musicals and comedies gel together.

    A new patient at the hospital wakes up and sees everything happening around her as a musical. Carla can't decide whether or not to return to work and Elliot must find a way to tell J.D he can't move into her new house with her. And all of this breaks out into song including: Gut Love, Everything Comes Down to Poo, Miss You Carla and much more. I love the Dr. Cox/Janitor duet. Classic Scrubs!
  • Out of the chart

    I think this kind of episode is what made me watch and love this serie. This episode was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing all the half hour of the show. Also I think maybe will be good time for JD's girlfriend to return and as elliot started living alone, JD and his girlfriend shoulb live togeteher at old Elliot's apartment. Also I tjink JD should propose to marry her, she is so cute and they make a beautifull coupple. This episode was well done and great reference to some all musical movies, it was so great the song between Turk and Jd of "A guys love", congratulations to the writters.
  • A Musical Episode!!!

    OK, so what's a musical Scrubs episode without a song about poop!!! This is amazzing! Totally original and totally brilliant. And Carla keeping kleenex in her, well, chesty area, fabulous! Yes, it's just a show, but I'm gonna bring this up. They sing, and that's in the patient's mind, but what's with the dancing? She can't just be picturing that? Do they dance for everyone? Oh, whatever, it just makes this eppy that much better. And the parts without singing seem kinda empty lol not that that takes away from it. How did we survive without scrubs music? (and the cast are darn good singers!)
  • well written and excellant episode

    I've only seen one other tv show do a musical episode and thought that was original, but this was as well. Since this is a comedy show it was different; the songs were exciting and catchy; the storyline was very intereting; and the actros were very good as well. I cracked up with Turk and J.D's guy love song, and was constantly trying to work out which songs were from which musical, which was a little difficult but liked how they used musicals and just changed the lyrics. The end songs were entertaining as well, and I liked the musical number that Dr Cox sang to J.D.

    All I can say is well done.
  • A modern musical comedy that ACTUALLY workd? YES!

    When I heard about this episode, I really thought it was going to be terrible, but I was pleasantly supprised. The music is so clever and well written, and it all works really well.
    Three words that sum up this episode are: Success in Innovation. A typical example was the Dr Cox 'Rant' song leading into Janitor's solo. It was very funny, very clever, and was very musical but still felt like classic Scrubs! This is a very difficult thing to acheive from a writiers viewpoint, but somehoe Bill Lawrence pulls it off agin. Hats off to him. This show deserves 10/10
  • Very cleverly done

    The way the woman thought she heard singing was very clever, but did get quite repetetive... I thought it was quite funny in some parts and obviously took quite a lot of work putting all of the singing together, with writing etc... Overall an excellently done episode, and quite different to a normal episode, which was a nice change. It can be true that the things that we hate, are sometimes the things we miss the most when they are gone, and I thought that was a very good part to the whole episode. The writers did a very good job on this episode.
  • Very Well Done

    The first time i saw this i wasn't overly impressed. I thought the cast sang very well (including Sarah) and it was thought of well, buti thought something was missing. Anyway, i've just seen it again and i actually love it now, very special indeed. All the songs are funny and original, and the storyline is decent (considering it causes a women to hear singing). It was a bit cheesy, but so are all musicals. The only other tv episodic musical i've seen is Buffy, which was great. However that was a drama, supernatural series - Scrubs is a comedy, so they could be a more humerous and adventurous with the lyrics. Overall, a fanatstic episode, even if you don't watch Scrubs and want to watch a great musical - go for this.
  • I don't know any other show that had the courage to do a musical episode and try not only to sing a few songs but manage to tell a funny stories with songs. Because of that this episode is special.

    As I love musicals AND Scrubs this was the ultimate combination. For weeks after this episode, I sung, hummed and thought about this songs and annoyed my whole family with that. And because of that this episode is top four of my all-time-favorite Scrubs episodes. The new patient at Sacred Heart hears everybody not speaking butsinging and is really worried what's wrong with her. Meanwhile Carla has to decide whether to stay home with the baby for a year or to return to work. JD and Elliott have different problems when Elliott moves into her own house and doesn't want JD to move to.

    Ten different music titles are sung by the different cast members of Scrubs and almost all of them are masterpieces:
    "Welcome to Sacred Heart" What an idea to gather all the Sacred Heart staff and do this amazing song
    "Everything comes down to poo" Stupid, yes, but very funny
    "Gonna miss you Carla" Great swing, great music
    "The Rant song" Great Cox performance, man this guy can speak fast
    "Guy love" saw it on youtube for the first time and laughed very hard, great comedy
    "For the Last Time, I'm Dominican" My favorite song of the whole episode. judy Reyes has a fantastic voice and she know how to dance. The music of this song was maybe the best tango i have evr heard.

    All in all: WATCH IT!
  • This episode was one of the best written episodes of scrubs yet! The idea of having all of the characters from scrubs singing together brings out the best(and the worst) in all of the charactors!

    In this episode J.D is very clingy to Elliot, his roomate. One day they were in the park and a lady behind them fell over. once that happens everyone was singing to her,(well at least in her mind). This is where the first song,"Are you OK?" cames up. J.D, Elliot, and random people in the park sing this song. They bring her to the hospital where the second song "Welcome to Sacrade Heart" cames up. The next song "Everything Comes Down to Poo" is sung by J.D. and Turk explaining why they need a stool sample.Elliot tells everyone that she bout a new house and J.D thinks that means him to. Then, they sing "we are gonna miss ya Carla", (while Turk is celabrating the fact that she is staying home). Ms. Miller goes to Doc.Cox asking him to run another test because everyone thinks shes crazy. J.D comes up to him and explains that his parking spot is next to his. Doc.Cox explains how annoying J.D is by singing the song, "Doc.coxes rant". Ms. Miller gets J.D to shut up so Doc.cox scheduals her another test. "when the truth comes out" is a song sung by the whole hospital expaining to her that she is going to have to face the truth. Then J.D and Turk sing a classic song about their gay relaionship. When Turk&J.D run into Elliot&Carla Elliot tells J.D. they arent living together. Carla tells Turk that she is coming back to work. Turk refers to her as "porta ricen" and then the song "diminicon tango" comes up. Carla is expaining to turk that she is diminicon. After that Elliot and J.D sing "friends Forever" having the whole cast joining them by the end. That song goes into " you're going to be ok"- the finally song. In the end, J.D is by himself, Carla is back in work, and Ms. miller is ok.
  • An awesome episode probably my favorite of the six seasons combined!!

    this episode was very funny i enjoyed it very much.the writers did a great job writng the lyrics. my favorite song was probably "everything comes down to poo" or "guy love" all of the songs were great but those two made me laugh the most! well here is your summary:

    a patien falls in the park and when JD and Elliot come to help her she hears singing.Carla figures out that she cant afford to get a nanny for the baby so she stays home from work.the patient turns out to have an enlarged frontal lobe and has to get surgery, carla decides to get a nanny and go back to work.AWESOME EPISODE MUST SEE!!!
  • As I classified, a very well written episode.

    This episode was very well written, better than their first musical episode (though that one was still a classic). Whoever came up with some of those songs is a genius. I amazed at how many different plot lines actually separated from this episode. And it was all in song!!! The "Man Love" song was quite amusing, as well as the "Poo" song, honestly, poo! What can be more funny than a song about poo, they even said doo-doo. That's what I call awesome. This episode was a good uplifting episode of the season. Hopefully the rest of the season stays the same.
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