Season 8 Episode 11

My Nah Nah Nah

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 2009 on NBC

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  • By the lofty standards of Scrubs, this was rubbish.

    By the lofty standards of Scrubs, this was rubbish.

    I know, I know, but it was rather painful to watch very little of what we love stand up and be counted. All the main characters were there in action, but the energy and freshness was missing.

    The one good joke in this episode was JD on Sports Center : "and it only hurts a LITTLE bit". Classic.

    But the rest of it tanked.

    How on earth could they possibly ruin a Cox-Jordan segment?! But they conspired to do so and did.

    Janitor's love problems were sorely out of character and lacked his inherent hilarity.

    Man - even Kelso had no storming lines. What happened to the genius of such lines like "my weasel's having a heat stroke"?!

    Scrubs is falling over itself, and although one episode is too much to declare a downturn on, there is definitely a hint of recession about the joke quality of this episode. Dig deep people - or else this could be the beginning of the end.
  • 811

    A lot of flaws in this episode definitely. For one, they put two different episodes together, one that was left unaired in season 7. So most of this was recycled, second, product placement is awful. And I cannot believe Scrubs sold out. Putting on Sports Center, then becoming the main focus of this episode was absolutely awful. There wasn't enough things going on, that was another thing. JD hasn't had a main plot since the beginning of the season, and all the main plots are going to people like the janitor or Ted. Turk's plot was okay, too much talk about Sports Center though.

    The funniest part about this episode was no one listening to Elliot, not even JD. She didn't have a plot either, and there was no sign of any of the interns. Cox & Jordan's plot was good. Cox wearing his wedding ring was sweet, and then Joran wearing it in the end was great. The Janitor learns that Lady is weird too. Perfect for each other.

    This episode was a bit all over the place, not the best Scrubs episode.
  • Was OK..

    Yes, Scrubs is now officially boring. I simply don't get it. Is it the half-hearted effort that goes into writing the script, or is it the fact that the actors need to go back to acting school. Neil Flynn as the janitor has been my favorite across all seasons. To see him get all over a women seems uncharacteristic of his role. Turk and Carla have their thing going. Cox's character is an annoying one by design - that's what made it so cool. Here all his sarcasm is getting all annoying. Now that JD and Eliot are back together, her role seems to have diminished. I don't know. It looks like they are trying hard to make a season, when in reality they do not want to.
  • Scrubs.

    Good to see turk making a breakthrough in surgery weve seen all the other characters shine in there proffesion but this was the 1st for turk. Elliott seems to be pushed back a little now that shes back with with j.d. Was good not to see the new interns in this one having just the main characters that we know and love made it feel more like scrubs again. Jordan and dr.Cox as well as the janitior and lady had some hiccups with their relationships but all was resolved in the end-boring. Were was ted? He always makes me chuckle! I like old school janitor not lovey dovey janitor and since when did he stop torturing j.d and start talking to him even if only for a second!? Carla was in the background with a couple of lines. all in all was pretty average but it was definately good to have the interns not there and focus on the main characters. I still love scrubs!I just think maybe theyve run outta ideas but after 8 great years they can be forgiven.
  • Good

    Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy watching the episode. The reason i didn't it give any higher marks is because, the whole episode seem to be somewhat tired. J.D for example, he lacked the usual childish energy that him and Turk usually bring to the episode, with both of them just seeming tired.

    The highlight of the episode was with the story of the Janitor and Lady; with the Janitor being afraid of losing Lady. And Lady being just as weird as the Janitor. But the story of Jordan and Dr. Cox was nice not funny, or thrilling just nice. And Turk's storyline, I'm having trouble trying to recall what happen, that it shows how bland it must have been.

    To me the show seem to be ticking another episode they had to fulfill and that there was no passion behind. And they are counting down to the finale. However, the rest of season has been brillant, so it could be a bleep in the season that has relieve the golden days of the early scrubs. Fingers crossed.
  • Turk gives hope to a patient with radical medicine he saw on Sports Centre. The Janitor is worried that Lady is preparing to dump him as Dr. Cox starts wearing his wedding ring.

    This ep was solid in its own right but one can't help but feel that the writers missed the point of the whole thing. In every episode you feel that the writers try to bring across a message to the viewers, in the case of scrubs often 2 to 3 messages an episode. But the writers really seem to have let a good opportunity slip here.

    This week Turk gets a patient that has broken his neck and will be paralyzed from the neck down. JD tell him not to give his dad any false hope so that it doesn't leave him vulnerable to legal action. But the father is so distraught that Turk suggests an experimental treatment that he saw on Sports Centre. He lies the crux of the problem with this episode. The patient actually shows signs of improvement, which may be morbid on my part but if JD was going to spend time on explaining the consequences of giving false hope you would think that it would come into the equation at some point.

    Meanwhile The Janitor seems to have a great relationship with Lady but she doesn't want to hold hands with him. Everyone tells him it is the first step to a break up and he freaks out. He avoids her so she can't break up with him but he soon realizes that he has to confront her and accept what is about to come. The result is more innocent than the Janitor expects and its kind of nice to see him in a capacity that isn't making JD's life hell. That said would be nice to see a bit of that next time, for old time's sake.

    On a similar line of relationships Jordan finds out that Dr. Cox has been wearing his wedding ring for months now and tis worries her. She feels that they are two independent people and that why should they show signs that they are committed to one another. She tells him to stop wearing it but he doesn't because it is for him and for no one else. This is another ep that gives you an idea of what there relationship is and that it is more than what it appears. But it is hard for the relationship to seem sincere when Jordan now looks so plastic and unreal that you aren't quite sure what she feels at any given time.

    All in all this ep was funny enough to keep you watching and wanting more from the next ep while at the same time having some serious gaps that need improving on the eps to come. Rest assured nothing that is detramental to this season which has been great so far.
  • A good episode on some levels, but lacking in the fantasies.

    I love that Dr. Cox was wearing his wedding ring. That was really sweet, and it showed the his relationship with Jordan is still going strong, which it better be when the show raps up soon! At first, I was very concerned that Lady was going to break up with the Janitor and the writers would put him alone in the end. THANKFULLY, this did not happen, and it was perfect that she is germaphobic and with a janitor, because how adorable is that? And when he was leading her around by the shoulder because she hated holding hands? I thought my face was going to fall off I was smiling so much!

    My problem with the episode was with the fantasies. None of them were especially funny, but they weren't horrible (like the stupid talking car in "My Road to Nowhere") so it didn't ruin the episode. The fantasies were simply average, and I excepted a better fantasy, even though the bar is set really high.
  • Sadly, nowhere near as funny as the previous episodes.

    Although I have loved this current season of Scrubs, this was possibly the weakest episode so far. The dialogue seems to have lost some of it's sparkle and the stories this week just weren't as good as those before. Even the Janitor didn't have as good a selection of jokes this time. Elliot did not have much to do here and een JD and Turk seemed a little staid. There were no interns either - just when I was starting to like them. The best part was Turk being really grown up and trying to save that boy. Hopefully the remaining episodes are back up to scratch.
  • Had some good laughs and a nice ending.

    Some people are calling this episode average, but no episode of Scrubs has ever been average in my opinion. It was very much a filler type episode but even for a filler it was great. Nothing really new for J.D., it's nice to see Dr. Cox end up winning a battle with Jordan which he always does. The bit about the gopher in caddyshack was probably the best laugh of the episode, and of course Kelso's enjoyment in sitting around and not having to do anything. This episode mainly has the Janitor and his girlfriend Lady stand out more then usual and brings some depth to their relationship, I think everyone smiled when the Janitor tells Lady that she's weird, and then says I love that. Definitely not average, not amazing, just scrubs as usual which is great.
  • A good season 8 episode

    This episode seemed more like season 7 than 8 but i loved that zeltzer was back he definitely made the episode for me and there were some great parts-mini brain trust with zeltzer,jds sportcenter fantasy and involuntary looge.Turks storyline however seemed a bit flat. overall another great episode of possibly my favorite season. This season is definitly my fav since season 5 my cooki pants and my lawyer's in love were season goe like this lawyer's in love happy place
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  • A "hands-on" episode for Scrubs relationships

    This episode, while focusing on the main characters (no interns), had all the things I've enjoyed so much about this season - self-assured writing, easy-going pace (that never seems too slow), the usual, great character interaction, and dead on timing with extraordinarily funny one-liners. The actors still invest the characters with energy, but are comfortable with them. They know each other well, and it shows in the comic nuances (both verbal and physical) which make the show as strong as ever. My only negative observation is that the J.D./Elliot relationship in this episode was written as so laid back that Elliot's interaction with Jordan and the Janitor in the cafeteria suffered from a lack of snap, even though Christa Miller's reaction shots to Elliot's interruption were hilarious. This is a minor nitpick. Overall, very nicely done.