Season 8 Episode 11

My Nah Nah Nah

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 2009 on NBC

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  • Turk gives hope to a patient with radical medicine he saw on Sports Centre. The Janitor is worried that Lady is preparing to dump him as Dr. Cox starts wearing his wedding ring.

    This ep was solid in its own right but one can't help but feel that the writers missed the point of the whole thing. In every episode you feel that the writers try to bring across a message to the viewers, in the case of scrubs often 2 to 3 messages an episode. But the writers really seem to have let a good opportunity slip here.

    This week Turk gets a patient that has broken his neck and will be paralyzed from the neck down. JD tell him not to give his dad any false hope so that it doesn't leave him vulnerable to legal action. But the father is so distraught that Turk suggests an experimental treatment that he saw on Sports Centre. He lies the crux of the problem with this episode. The patient actually shows signs of improvement, which may be morbid on my part but if JD was going to spend time on explaining the consequences of giving false hope you would think that it would come into the equation at some point.

    Meanwhile The Janitor seems to have a great relationship with Lady but she doesn't want to hold hands with him. Everyone tells him it is the first step to a break up and he freaks out. He avoids her so she can't break up with him but he soon realizes that he has to confront her and accept what is about to come. The result is more innocent than the Janitor expects and its kind of nice to see him in a capacity that isn't making JD's life hell. That said would be nice to see a bit of that next time, for old time's sake.

    On a similar line of relationships Jordan finds out that Dr. Cox has been wearing his wedding ring for months now and tis worries her. She feels that they are two independent people and that why should they show signs that they are committed to one another. She tells him to stop wearing it but he doesn't because it is for him and for no one else. This is another ep that gives you an idea of what there relationship is and that it is more than what it appears. But it is hard for the relationship to seem sincere when Jordan now looks so plastic and unreal that you aren't quite sure what she feels at any given time.

    All in all this ep was funny enough to keep you watching and wanting more from the next ep while at the same time having some serious gaps that need improving on the eps to come. Rest assured nothing that is detramental to this season which has been great so far.
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