Season 2 Episode 5

My New Coat

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 24, 2002 on NBC

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  • My favorite episode of Season 2!

    This episode lacks of nothing, is a really funny episode, and therefore I think that this is the best episode of Seasno 2! First of all, JD begins bringing a new coat because he is startng to feel a doctor, to what Janitor replies by using one too, since it lacks of professionalism. Cox puts on an old lady (whose age is misunderstood) into a test that angers Kelso, and later he must apologize. Elliot is now seen as the hospital tramp, and Turk's back is suffering from Dr. Amato who is short, and in order to avoid another surgery with him, he begins telling the group more things about Elliot. Now, I really love this episode because of many things, but mainly it was because there was too much cruelty to Ted. I love Ted and how they torture him and how is his life so misfortunate. One of the scenes tells us with Ted saying to Dr. Cox really weakly "Um... unfortunately you put us in somewhat of a legal bind", to what Kelso replis with a smile "Way to go Ted", and the angers and replies "My God, man, you couldn't scare a child", that was hilarious. Also the scene in Ted's office was really funny, with Ted losing control and telling JD to get rid of the nose and also when he tells him that is his birthday, and JD does not listen well, and Ted replies with "Nothing" and then begins to sing to himself. Wow! This episode i sjust hilarious, I love it!