Season 2 Episode 5

My New Coat

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 24, 2002 on NBC

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  • Elliot gets a bad reputation.

    Everyone on here thought this episode was hysterical but I just didn't find it that funny, and I honestly found it a bit forgettable. In this episode, JD starts wearing his doctor's coat, and Cox ridicules him when he makes a mistake. Haven't we seen this before? Cox ridiculing JD because he made a mistake? Except in this episode, JD learns to stand up for himself even though he was in the wrong. I enjoyed seeing Cox & Carla's friendship developing i this episode, and you can tell that Cox still likes Carla. Meanwhile Elliot has a one night stand, and she is known as the hospital tramp. Turk gets in this mess when he starts talking about Elliot behind her back to fit in with the surgeons, Elliot walks in on them talking about her, and she leaves. By the end all is forgiven, and it turns out Elliot likes being recognized. Even though she has to be recognized for the bad things too. I think the only time I recall laughing really hard in this episode is when JD sees Elliot with the doctor, and imagines her taking her shirt off and bringing the doctor in a room. Turk learns that he doesn't have to be part of the "boys club" to be part of the surgeons. JD learns to own up to his mistakes. The lawyer annoys me beyond belief, the janitor is starting to grow on me. Fair episode, nothing special.