Season 4 Episode 3

My New Game

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 14, 2004 on NBC

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  • JD doubts Turk.

    A pretty good episode, regardless if there wasn't that much plots going on, this still was a very enjoyable episode. Dr. Molly Clock continues to be an amazing addition to the cast, and I think she's been really helping the last few episodes out, rating wise. In this episode, JD & Elliot are not chief residents, the janitor & Elliot make everyone believe that JD is the co-resident which manages to bother him. Elliot is having fun getting payback at JD. JD uses his privileges to help Turk out, but when Turk messes up, JD doubts him and his surgical skills. Which causes a bump in their road for their friendship. Carla needs to have a main plot, it seems as though ever since she got married, she became unimportant and pushed to the side. Jordan & Cox realize they never really got divorced which makes things worse for them which shows how crazy that relationship really is. The end up having a divorce ceremony, I really didn't want them to break up, it's good they stayed together. Molly continues to have amazing advice, I also liked the Cox/Molly interaction. The Turk/JD plot is resolved, and JD accepts being co-chief resident for Elliot. Great enjoyable episode at all angles.
  • You can't really scarf Kielbasa.

    While the situation with Jordan and Cox seems to be a little over reached I honestly feel it brought out the sincerity and honesty of Heather Grahm's character, Molly. While some of the time you tend you think her character is a bit loopy and off sometimes, her true professionalism and quality came out in this episode. Amidst the tragedy and shock of her accident, Miss Meyers was unhappy with her new face. Which gave Molly the perfect opportunity to not only help her patient get over the trauma of her accident, but at the same time help Miss Meyers feel better about herself. I think it was a very powerful moment when she said "Tell me more about yourself." Cause it showed that she not only cares about others as a Dr. but also as a person.

    The best comic relief from the episode was Dr. Cox avoiding Jordan's phone calls.
    "Hi Honey I'm in a tunnel."
  • JD uses his chief resident powers to help out Turk, but then doubts his decission.

    Cox and Jordan learn they are still legally married and so is Ted and his wife. Their relationship starts going downhill because of this. Meanwhile, the janitor names JD the "Co-chief" and despite JD saying it wouldnt stick it does. JD uses his chief resident powers to help Turk do a surgery, but when the woman dies, JD regrets his decission. Elliot refuses to name JD a fellow Chief-resident. Finally, Cox asks Jordan to divorce him and she says yes. Turk and JD make up after Turk says he needs JD to belive in him. Elliot decides they can both be chief resident, but to help her out, JD decides to stick with co-chief.
  • Dr. Cox and Jordan are so messed up.

    This episode isn't exactly intergral to the season or anything and it does feel a little filler-y but it's still pretty good. After some kind of technical mistake Jordan and Dr. Cox find out that they were never actually divorced. And you know at first it actually seems to be a good thing and they even start wearing their wedding rings again. But knowing how evil and crazy they both are things sort of get messed up. The whole concept of being together for the rest of their lives sort of screws with their heads and makes them fight a whole lot. Thankfully though they have a divorcing cermony, a totally normal thing to do, where Jd get's tackled and all is dysfunctional and messed up. There son has absolutely no chance of being normal! But kudos to them for being so messsed individually that be equally messed up as a couple, even if they can't actually commit to that concept.
  • And she's just been gravelled!

    Only on Scrubs could you have a happy ending where two people celebrate a divorce because they love each other so much. Only on Scrubs can a Janitor spread a rumour that the main character is merely a co-chief resident and have it reach coma patients, parents and bosses. Only on Scrubs can the main character invent a game of putting rocks in people's shoes as a form of entertainment. And so this is a prime exmple of what sets Scrubs apart from other shows and does it in a truly hilarious way, and truly shows the complexity and hilarity that comes from Jordan and Perry's relationship.
  • I like this episode...

    JD is mad at the Janitor because he puts the tag "Co" where it says "Chief Resident" and JD is convince that no one is going to buy it, but everyone ends up telling and referring to him as "Co-Chief Resident" and that causes him to go mad, and later on blames Elliot for it, but in the end he decides to take over his friends rather than do what he wants. Meanwhile, Ted reveals to Cox and Jordan that they are still married and that brings serious complications to their relationship, until Cox finally discovers what to do by asking Jordan to divorce him and Turk is sad because JD did not have enough confidence in him to do an operation on his patients, great episode!
  • A fine example of a fine Scrubs episode.

    On a side note: it hurts when I walk on my right foot.

    JD's Baby-Huey-like ego (big but harmless) gets deflated once again. When he announced to himself that he was the chief of resident, I thought it was a good accomplishment on his part and kept listening. Then Elliot decides to compete for the open position too. This, as in recent episodes, pits the two against each other in a battle that someone will undoubtedly lose. I was suprised to see that Dr. Cox chose both of them as the chiefs of resident for Sacred Heart. It seemed kind of hokey for two people to be chosen but I have seen similar events in real life. This will be interesting.

    Of course, Janitor starts messing with JD by tacking "co" before "chief of resident" label on JDs new office door. This lets loose a suprisingly funny/successful attack on JDs ego.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Jordan are unhappily happy when they discover they are still married. I thought that this was a great bit of writing to add this story of the two's life together. Not many other cliched "I hate you but love you" couples are happier with each other when they get divorced.

    All in all, the episode was the usual Scrubs with the usual dynamics and drama. I was suprised to see that no one had reviewed this episode.

    Hmm... I seem to have some gravel in my shoe.