Season 5 Episode 5

My New God

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 17, 2006 on NBC

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  • Cox's sister.

    On hospital shows like this, there is always the God concept in an episode, if not more. Scrubs took this concept pretty well considering we got some in depth analysis of Cox's character. We have never seen any of Cox's family, we've just seen Jordan's family. In this episode we get to take a look at Cox's religious sister, and Cox is annoyed every single time that she comes to town. Us viewers aren't quite sure why until the end. Jack is getting baptized which is what revolves around this episode. JD agrees to help the janitor move out, only to find out he's been stealing by an Asian family, which was a bit too ridiculous for my liking, but it still fit with the Buddha being JD's "New God." Turk & Carla continue to try to conceive, Turk finds that angry sex makes sex more enjoyable, so he insults Carla throughout the episode, to make the sex better. Carla finds out what Turk is doing through Elliot while there is a huge amount of tension between Cox and his sister, that JD wants to fix. He takes Jack to the baptism, and Cox manages to swallow his pride and go. In the end, we find out that Cox and his sister had a horrible childhood, and every time he saw her, he can't keep his mind off his childhood, which is why he was annoyed every time he came. Their bond was amazing, and the chemistry between the actors was great. A great episode.
  • Paige, Dr Cox's Christian Sister Comes For Her Nephew's Baptism. J.D. Becomes The Janitor's Friend When He Helps Him Move,And Carla & Turk Experience Turbulence While Trying To Conceive A Child.

    I Like This Episode, The Thought Of Someone Who Could Annoy Dr.Cox MORE Than J.D. Was Just Hilarious!
    Paige, Perry's Sister Who Is A Christian, Comes For Her Nephew's Baptism.
    I Also Liked The Part Where The Janitor Tricks J.D. Into Helping Him Move House, When In Fact All J.D. Was Doing Was Robbing An Asian Couple's Home.
    Turk & Carla Experience Turbulence And End Up Having "Angry S**!!" At The End Of The Episode, Perry And Paige Made Up And Dr.Cox Says That Paige Can Come For Jack's Birthday In The Spring And The Part Where He Tells J.D. About His Childhood, Was Sad.
    Overall, Great Episode!
  • Perry's sister is in town and annoying him more than JD could ever hope to accomplish.

    We get an inside view of just what has made Dr. Cox who he is today. A bit of why he's an atheist, his horrible childhood coupled with the day to day horrors of being an ICU doc. JD tries to connect, yet again, with an immovable wall of a character, this time it's Janitor. The ending is especially moving. The words and timing Joseph Arthur's "In the sun" during the Church scene flow almost magically. Each character is seemingly shown during the lyrics that represent them during this episode. Just as JD said: "sometimes it takes a child to make us see the light". A very special episode to me.
  • Great Episode!

    Wow, this show keeps getting better and better. The flashback scenes are the best, like the one in this episode of the dream sequence with the bear. How did they get that huge thing to rock the car like that? Well I think the actors did a great job looking like they were terrified...but then again I'm sure they were terrified. Sarah Chalke is hilarious with physical comedy.
  • The precfection of the numerous things in this episode are done well in my eyes.

    This has to be one of the better scrubs episodes. It touches emtionally and comedically which is the reason that i watch this series. Jordon is trying to have baby jack basptised but Dr cox doesn't want his son to be. This specail occasion also leads to Dr cox sister being called to town. A person Dr cox hates more then most others (including JD). This is because She has accpeted Jesus as her saviory. After alot of talking Dr cox storm off with Baby Jack. All the while JD is being asked by the janitor to help him move. At first JD is reluctant to do so but he gives in eventually. Arriving at the Janitor's house he notices that the janitor has a large collection of asian art. When asked He merely repleys he spent time there and really liked it. When it finally looks like the janitor and JD are about to connect, janitors asks for one more favour. CLean out the attic. Claiming there is fiber glass and bats up there janitor convinces JD to wear a black hat and gloves. As JD comes back down he picks a gold budda statue and looks at it as a chinse couple walk in through the door. JAnitor is no where in sight. JD legs it with the budda in toe. Needless to say there were some funny results. I won't spoil it for you.
  • Perry has a sister (and gets on his nerves more than JD)

    While not as strong as the first four episodes of the season, this Scrubs episode is very entertaining and also gives some background to Cox's background.

    The Janitor tricking JD into robbing a chinese couple's house was a terrific plot and proves that JD will never learn that the Janitor will never be a friend.

    Turk tricking Carla into angry sex is just as, if not more, entertaining and has some great scenes with Elliot aswell as the offending things Turk comes up with.

    Perry's relationship with Paige is proven to be a very rocky one and also reveals that their upbringing was not a pleasant one though it is not specified why, which was a good choice since Cox would never spill the beans.

    Overall, an episode worth watching is definitely a good sign as Scrubs keeps bringing the laughs.
  • Dr Cox rules this episode!

    Along with the JD and The Janitor storyline Dr Cox made this episode really enjoyable.

    The Carla and Turk wanting a baby storyline is getting stretched out a little bit too far. I just want to see her get pregnant already. (or maybe they'll go down a slightly sadder track).

    I wasn't a big fan of the Woman who played Cox's Sister, but its important to the storyline though.

    I loved how Cox dealt with his issues and ended up revealing to his sister why he had such a hard time getting along with her. Its a pretty emotional episode for Cox and as usual John C McGinley plays the role superbly. There is the perfect balance of him being tough on the outside while having a very sensitive side to him as well.
  • Not an awful episode - Scrubs is a very consistent show - but one of the weaker episodes in the series.

    Scrubs is a show that follows a very clear formula. This formula was fresh and innovative when the show began, but now in season 5 it's become a bit repetitive and predictable. You can count on some comedy, a few subplots full of dramatic tension, some character development and a final tidy life lesson. Despite the formula, I still enjoy tuning in every week and having a few laughs, but this episode was built on weak material.

    First and foremost, Scrubs is a comedy, and this episode was just not as funny as most. For example, take the subplot of the Janitor tricking JD into helping him rob a house. This is a funny idea in theory, but it never translates into big comedic payoffs on screen.

    The character of Paige (Dr. Cox's sister) was not an interesting addition to the cast. Her character was very flat, as she played a stereotypical born-again Christian and showed little emotion. The medicine vs. religion issue brought up in her part of the story was oversimplified to the point of being useless.

    John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) puts in a strong performance, and the Turk/Carla angry sex jokes were sort of amusing. But overall the script is lacking and - despite the religious themes - playing it very safe. You know when they keep showing the baby (and showing women wishing they had babies) that they're making a cheap play for the heartstrings, and based on all the positive reviews I suppose it worked.
  • Sex, theft and baptism. Nice how all of those tie in.

    The episode may have been completely average, but little "Jack" have got to be one of the cutest and most well-behaved child actors I have ever seen. I like this season's writting, it reminds me of classic Scrubs. Plus, I really like the way we can see progression in the characters, like how they clearly are all really growing up.

    This episode in particular was cool because of the heavy Janitor-ness of it. That man always cracks me up. But I thought that stealing from strangers was a bit beneath the character, that Janitor was always more of a trickster figure than a jerk.
  • What are you people watching?

    I'm not really sure what everyone else was watching last night, but this was a classic episode of Scrubs! It was funny right from the start, it had edge by taking on religion, and it had the staff learning something from it! Turk pissing off Carla to have better sex was really funny! The onlky thing i can think of that is causing people to dislike this episode is the fact that it took on religion! I think a lot of people get way too uptight when the topic oif religion is brought up! However the reality is this episode was funny, touching and that is what makes Scrubs so wonderful!
  • Good, because of Cox...

    The Episode was OK, because it is Scrubs, but unfortunately not more.

    Perry's Sister Paige, well played by the way, believes in God more than anything else. Because of Jack's baptism she visits Cox to be part of it. Perry seems to be offended by his sister, first because of her obsession to God - Then he admits it's not the real reason - Wich would be, that when his Sister's around, he is reminded of his childhood. And his childhood didn't seem to be the most pleasant.

    The J.D. Part was funny, like always. He helps Janitor to move. But it wasn't really his appartment, but one of a chinese couple.

    Like I said it was fun to watch, but actually only Perry's confession to his childhood was first class writing. The rest was average.
  • Why oh why?

    I think Scrubs missed a golden opportunity not only for some humor but also for some really good human condition observation at which this show usually excels. I just didn't like the way that the whole faith vs medicine thing was presented in such stark terms. You either believe one or the other when in reality, you can present a balance of both. Perry's sister, Paige, was just too one-dimesionsal in her faith. Which is shame since she was hysterically funny and I liked the fact that Perry avoided her becuase he didn't want to deal with his childhood.

    A missed opportunity by Scrubs.
  • Cox 3:16

    Well, the writing on this Episode wasn't bad at all, but nevertheless I didn't enjoy it as I did almost every other Scrubs-Episode.
    Must be the religious background in it. Although in general I don't have anything against Chistianity, I can't say I particularly like it. Or to put it better: I don't have much of an interest in religious topics at all. And even if that God-stuff was just some kind of promoter for relationship-based ongoings, I can't enjoy it as much as I would have without all that.

    Not a really bad episode, it's just that praying doen't make the world work.
  • Perry's religious sister Paige is visiting them to witness her nephew's baptism. Turk finds out that baby making can be really boring till Elliot makes him realise that Carla finda all this really sexy. Janitor gets J.D. into trouble by getting him to hel

    A good episode. Perry is not happy when he comes to know that Jordan has invited his religious sister Paige for his son's baptism. Carla has gotten Turk to get a second beeper so that she can beep him whenver she is ovulating. Turk gets really sick of this and tries everything possible to piss Carla off, but of no awail. Elliot makes him see light and explains that all this is very important to Carla. J.D. helps the janitor move his stuff and also runs into some trouble. We get to know that why Perry and Paige dont easily get along towards the episode end.
  • A very good episode.

    A very good episode, but it kind of didn't feel like a typical Scrubs episode. It wasn't as comedy-filled as a usual episode. J.D. and the janitor bonding is just funny and weird. But hilarious.

    Many funny bits in this episode like J.D. trying to bond with the janitor and succeeding, Turk and Carla's angry sex, and Dr. Cox's usual one-liners, all in all, a good episode of Scrubs.

    It's just very surprising that the janitor was actually nice to J.D. It's just hard to picture them both bonding. Dr. Cox's plot was a bit boring, though. Other than that, a good episode.