Season 2 Episode 12

My New Old Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 09, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode starts with a great black joke- the classic 'family yelling at the movie screen'. Then, JD and Turk run into Dr. Kelso outside the hospital, and spill ice cream on his car.

Since Elliot and JD have recently broken up, Elliot claims that it will be harder for JD to transition back to being friends than Elliot, which she then proves by tricking JD into taking his clothes off for her.

Meanwhile, Mr Corman the hypochondriac is back, and this time he thinks has 'Yaba', but Dr Cox and Carla are doubtful. Turk performs brain surgery on a patient (Mrs Kay), who reminds him of his grandmother. After the surgery Dr Kelso tells Turk to revoke her driving license because of the surgery, a task which Turk can't do because he feels too close to his patient. Besides, she says that her reactions have not suffered.

Mr Cormans results all come back negative (suggesting he is completely healthy) but he still isn't convinced. So, to scare him, Dr Cox suggests a bone marrow test involving a giant painful needle. Mr Corman accepts.

Meanwhile, outside the hospital, Turk is talking to Dr Kelso, and lies to him about revoking Mrs Kay's License. Just as he does so, Mrs Kay comes hurtling through the car park and ploughs into Kelso's car. Needless to say, Kelso is not happy.

Then the results of Mr Cormans big needle test come back, and it turns out he is actually sick, with a rare form of cancer (To which he replies "Yeah.... I think I had that in college once.)

Outside the hospital, Elliot discovers that her van has been stolen, with all her belongings inside. Just as this happens, JD heads off for a second date with Lisa the gift shop girl.

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Dr Zeltser arrives to diagnose Mr Cormans Cancer. The next Day, JD tells Elliot that his date with Lisa was fantastic (which is a lie, the two of them barely spoke). This annoys Elliot, who reveals that she was looking for a friend the previous day, but JD had let her down.

Dr Kelso, angry about his car, teaches Turk a valuable lesson about modern medicine. He demonstrates to Turk that most patients lie about themselves, including Mrs Kay about her grandchildren, and probably her reaction times.

Mr Corman makes Dr Cox feel guilty about treating him like dirt. At that moment, Dr Cox realises that he and Carla aren't as close as they once were, so they remedy this by hanging out together in the local bar.

The episode closes with a narrated life lesson of dishonesty. Turks patients were dishonest because they were scared, and probably ashamed. In a similar way, Elliot was scared to let on how upset she was about her van theft, and JD realises right at the end of the episode, cancelling another date with Lisa to go and comfort Elliot.
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