Season 2 Episode 12

My New Old Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 09, 2003 on NBC

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  • JD tries to manage his feelings for Elliot.

    After the last episode, we know that JD has feelings for Elliot, in this episode, he tries to manage those feelings while juggling his feelings for another girl, Lisa: "Gift Shop Girl." Things don't really go well in that department. This episode was an Elliot/JD episode, Elliot really needs a friend when her moving van gets stolen, but JD thinks she wants him as a boyfriend, so he rejects her. Which hurts her feelings, JD always manages to say the wrong things at the wrong time. Turk comes in to realization that everybody lies in the hospital which affects his point of view of the patients. Cox & Carla treat a patient that always lies about being sick, when it turns out he is actually sick, Cox & Carla have to redefine their friendship for the sake of the patient. They relaize they aren't as close before, and the become close friends again by the end. All the plots were enjoyable, the plot that I really enjoyed was definitely the JD/Elliot plot. I like seeing their possible relationship progress, it was heartbreaking when Elliot was crying over her lost things, and Elliot was one of the people that lied in the hospital which ties in to Turk's plot. A great episode, with a sad ending which made the episode better.
  • JD has to deal with keeping his growing feelings for Elliot after they break off having casual sex; he tries seeing Lisa again which raises tension between them.

    First off, this episode had some really funny scenes. Like Dr Cox working with Elliot and Turk. I don't mind episodes about Jelliot if they are well written. But this one..i don't know, it was not my favorite Jelliot storyline. I hated how he was trying to get back with Lisa because he couldn't have Elliot. I loved Dr Cox and Carla's subplot with Mister Corman and Dr Kelso teaching Turk a lesson about white lies. The only thing i really didn't enjoy that much was the JD and Elliot stuff. I can really enjoy Jelliot plots (i really did in my sex buddy) but this just wasn't the best one
  • Fine example.

    Comeuppances are in store for Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso from a hypochondriac. Turk learns that dishonesty is a common factor in modern medicine, and J.D. decides to come to the aid of a friend in need.


    Good to see a familiar face (richard, spin city). Another show that Bill Lawrence has done well. When scrubs ends (god forbid), I look forward to his future projects.
  • I've already seen this episode.

    Again they ended making a whole episode about J.D. and Elliot's relationship, but unlike last one I think they lost the hand here and made some tearjerker lines. The good points in the episode are from without doubt Nurse Laverne, who appears in scene only talking in the phone and making gossip when there, not a very politically correct view of hospital nurses, but it works marvelously.

    I particularly didn't like John C. McGinley's performance in this episode because it was overexaggerated and didn't add nothing new to the character. But sincerelly the scrip didn't help his character. Make a psycho of Dr. Cox was too much. Robert Maschio's Todd though stole the scene in his brief appearences.
  • A decent episode

    Like most Scrubs episodes, this one is a great one, my favourite plot being Dr Cox's where he treats a patient badly only because he's always coming up with fake diseases such as Yabba:

    Cox: Would you say you've been in contact with many exotic primates this year?
    Corman: I have been to the zoo. Yes.
    Cox: And while you were there did you go ahead and jump right into the cage and play toss the poop with the other monkeys? Because if you did then yeah, you just might have Yabba, but if that's the case it would be way, way down on the list of your problems.

    Elliot's stuff being stolen, including her van wasn't all that funny but JD's response was.

    Turk's storyline of all patients lying was hilarious aswell and the whole episode is really creative.
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