Season 2 Episode 12

My New Old Friend

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 09, 2003 on NBC

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  • JD tries to manage his feelings for Elliot.

    After the last episode, we know that JD has feelings for Elliot, in this episode, he tries to manage those feelings while juggling his feelings for another girl, Lisa: "Gift Shop Girl." Things don't really go well in that department. This episode was an Elliot/JD episode, Elliot really needs a friend when her moving van gets stolen, but JD thinks she wants him as a boyfriend, so he rejects her. Which hurts her feelings, JD always manages to say the wrong things at the wrong time. Turk comes in to realization that everybody lies in the hospital which affects his point of view of the patients. Cox & Carla treat a patient that always lies about being sick, when it turns out he is actually sick, Cox & Carla have to redefine their friendship for the sake of the patient. They relaize they aren't as close before, and the become close friends again by the end. All the plots were enjoyable, the plot that I really enjoyed was definitely the JD/Elliot plot. I like seeing their possible relationship progress, it was heartbreaking when Elliot was crying over her lost things, and Elliot was one of the people that lied in the hospital which ties in to Turk's plot. A great episode, with a sad ending which made the episode better.