Season 8 Episode 7

My New Role

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 03, 2009 on NBC

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  • It's good to have the old Scrubs back!

    I loved this episode, it's the best one I've seen all season. Dr Cox is installed as the new CoM, and ofcourse he hates every bit of it. J.D, as usually, cares a bit too much for his patients and Elliott makes peace with the nursing staff.
    The funniest parts of this episode is the interactions between Dr. Cox and the Janitor in his office. Excellent episode, I laughed a lot and it felt great to finally laugh at Scrubs again. Scrubs has been a bit weak in season eight and I hope this episode marks the beginning of bringing back a bit of the old.
  • Solid character development all around, JD, Cox, Kelso, Elliot. Too bad Turk was missing.

    Awesome amount of character building going on in this installment.

    With Cox taking over the Chief Job, he actually has a friend in Kelso now, who devoid of the burden, is now actually turning into a great guy - the kind of guy whom we saw but mere glimpses of earlier (like at the end of s5ep04 - My Jiggly Ball - with Sideways by Citizen Cope playing). Advising Cox and JD both, this new turn for Kelso is the best character development I have seen in recent times.

    The burden in turn has been shifted over to Cox, who is beginning to reel under the pressures of the title of "Chief". Not getting a single minute with the patients for a doctor who was there all the time for them must hurt, as well shown when JD says "your day is over"

    For JD, the becoming the new "Cox" will be a tough thing, but it is needed to keep the place going, like Cox had done for ages with Kelso.

    And good character development for Elliot too, getting along with others....

    All in all, gearing up to a great season.
  • k

    Dr. Cox is overcome by his new role as Chief of Medicine and approaches Dr. Kelso for help. Dr. Kelso helps Dr. Cox realize that life as the Chief of Medicine is going to be different than what he is used to. At the end of the episode Dr. Kelso helps J.D. realize that with Dr. Cox's promotion, J.D. must now move to fill Dr. Cox's old role as the Chief of Medicine's adversary and advocate for the important things Dr. Cox will say 'no' to.

    i mean its just an awesome ep it is so awesome i love it

    It wasn't th ebest episode but I liked it...i like their behavior to the interns' :D...they are killing them..but they don' give a crap :D....It's felt like a wird right when Cox and Kelso got friendly :D to each other I was watching and I was like what?hah? :DI think in hearts they were always friends but they weren't showing their feelings ))...I'm looking forward for JD's vacation I hope he is going with Elliot that will be funny...I don't know what else to say oh right I liked music mixing that was good to...I don't know what to say more :d there wasn't anything more)
  • doctor cox is now the chief of medicine with all its difficulties.

    i do not like where this is going. doctor cox is now the bad guy, rather than the good guy always getting beat, jd is now the new cox and why dont we see turk. can anyone answer that. at this rate we are going to have an er scenario where the cast changes evry like two seconds, this is also starting to lose its edge because cox was great as the anti mcheif of medicine but is not a good administrator, why do we see so much of coxs hardships as cheif but not that of any of the other previous cheifs. i am calling for some answers please
  • Dr Cox gets to grip with the job and Elliot and the nurses come to a truce.

    The episode really revolved around Dr Cox where he finds out just how difficult the Chief of Medicine's job actually is. Bob Kelso comes along and helps him through the first difficult days of the job and of course the Janitor tries to get what he wants (an office) along with everyone else. Elliot and the nurses manage to work things out with a bit of give and take on both sides. There were less in the way of one liners in this episode than in some of the previous ones this season but it was still a good one, nevertheless.
  • Dr. Cox struggles as he realizes the downfalls of his job as Chief of Medicine.

    "My New Role" was a perfect example of a good episode of Scrubs. Doing an exceptional job in this episode were Neil Flynn and Ken Jenkins. The Janitor was as funny as ever with his office debacle, and Dr. Kelso began to guide Perry through the dangerous waters of the job as Chief. As Dr. Cox becomes more entrenched in his new role as chief, his relationship with Dr. Kelso gets better - and funnier! While not one of the funniest Scrubs episodes, My New Role did a great job in developing the story that is Dr. Cox and JD.
  • 807

    A pretty good episode, basically it was just Dr. Cox getting accustomed to new position. It really came to a full circle, in the first episode, Cox despised the chief of medicine and now he is one, I guess he understands how it is now, Cox & Kelso being friends was priceless. I cannot believe these two people who used to hate each other are now friends.

    Meanwhile all the nurses go against Carla when they think she's on the doctor's side. Elliot ends up making a difference. Honestly, these episodes are basically tying up loose ends before the series ends for good, and that's why I think these episodes are so good! Good episode.
  • Dr. Cox deals with his new role

    8th year of Scrubs has made the show more story inclined and less on the funny side. It is good to see a mature cast dealing with hospital issues, rather than a bunch of docs goofing around. Here we see Dr Kelso sharing his wisdom with Dr Cox, and crafting the next paradigm shift in roles. Ted and the Janitor have provided a few funny scenes that would more or less make your day. Turk was missing, and probably would tell you why this installment was lackluster. As said and done, it was disappointing and was definitely worth my time.