Season 5 Episode 18

My New Suit

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 11, 2006 on NBC

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    JD's brother returns... again. He still has no life and has absolutely nothing going for him. He wants to hook up with Elliot again, but Elliot doesn't want to because she's with Kieth and she knows that he has nothing going on with his life. This whole episode is about sparing someone's feelings. Sometimes you just have to tell the truth to save someone, or be brutally honest, whichever. Meanwhile JD has a heavy patient, and tries to spare his feelings when the patient is to big for the MRI machine. Elliot wanting to make fake babies was hilarious! JD telling Dan the truth was nice, since Dan finally looked like he was going to make a change in his life. Carla & Turk are thinking of baby names, but when it becomes too real for them, they decide to leave their baby unnamed. Some emotional and funny scenes in this episode, definitely had some character development on Dan's part. A great episode overall.
  • Macho man!

    I saw this episode on syndication not too long ago. I have got to agree that this episode made me laugh non stop

    Dan, J.D's brother returns unexpected, he goes under a love triangle with Elliot but she's got her lover Keith. Elliot decides not to have Keith's baby and Dan wants more to his life so he gets a job interview. Meanwhile, with Carla pregnant, she and Turk are deciding on baby names. They agree that Angie would be a good name for a girl but still undecided on the boy's name until they agree on George. They also promised not to mention the baby's name but Turk let it slip and J.D had it mentioned to other people. Then they realize that it's weird if it becomes real and they decided not to have those names. Elsewhere in the hospital, a patient can't fit in the MRI machine so he's taken to the zoo, which is humiliating. Dr. Kelso is nice for a change and J.D is happy to get some rest

    My two favorite parts are when J.D daydreamed what it would be like if they found out if Turk and Carla's baby was gay The other being when Turk slapped J.D's stomach multiple times causing a rash and signs his name on his stomach. These two events made me laugh!
  • Dan's back in town and automatically assume's that Elliot wants to start things up again from "My Common Enemy", but to save him from being hurt (because she's with Keith) he tells her she wants Babues, one thing Dan doesn't want.

    First of all, this was a good episode, not as good as others, but still good. I suppose the 8.6 rating came because i didn't really find the Carla/Turk storyline interesting. But the other two i did. I liked the conclusion between Cox and Kelso, which i thought was nice; especially when Kelso admits that his son is a good kid, despite him turning out in a way he hadn't of hoped.

    One thing i must say about Dan's character is that... man what was he wearing, some sort of clown make up. Seriously, no offence to homosexuals but he did look gay in this episode.

    Anyway, i pretty tired so i'm going to wrap it up. Sorry it's not a better review. Good episode.
  • Dan's back, and Turk and Carla pick out baby names, only to have a revelation.

    Argh, JD\'s brother Dan is back. I hate that guy! He annoys me to death.

    The storyline between Carla and Turk naming their babies was interesting. Especially how once they came up with names, the reality of having a baby really struck them, and they realised that being parents was going to be hard job.

    I like how all the characters are growing. Elliot wouldn\'t usually be this assertive, though she\'s still insecure, and JD wouldn\'t usually tell people close to him the truth, like he did to his brother.

    Highlights of the episode:
    * Elliot\'s insecurities leading to the amusing roleplay between her and Keith
    * Elliot\'s hair!!
    * \"You\'re like House without the limp\"
    * The baby gay test - funny!
  • Turk and Carla pick baby names

    My favourite plot in this episode is the one where Turk and Carl name the unborn child Angie and George (though at the end they change their mind since Carla used to know a mean teacher named George and Turk used to know a prostitute named Angie) and Turk has some very funny moments throughout.

    Dr Cox and Ted are teriffic in the episode aswell, with Cox's 5-time insult speech about Ted and Ted trying to have a staring contest.

    The main plot which was also quite entertaining about Dan coming back had some very interesting moments in which Dan and JD actually seem to respect each other and the ending shows that people can change.
  • Dan returns and he's still a bum!

    In this episode JD's brother Dan returns and he still thinks that Elliot is crazy about him, but shes with Keith.
    By the end JD explains to Dan that the reason he with Keith and not him is because he has no real ambitions, Dan decides to take his thumb out and kick start his life.
    Meanwhile Carla and Turk are trying to figure out a name for their baby, Dr Cox is forced to work with Ted when he makes a bad joke about Kelso's son.

    This is a bit of a filler episode and isn't exactly life changing for anyone except Dan.
  • The name game…

    Carla and Turk are busy trying to figure out what they will be naming there kid, and figure out two perfect names…one for a boy, and one for a girl. Bob is angry at Cox because Dr. Cox accidentally made fun of Bob’s homosexual son, and so Bob assigns Cox to work with Ted in order to settle some legal claims. Meanwhile, JD’s brother shows up and since he had been depressed of late J.D. kept telling his brother how Elliot was still madly in love with him. So JD tries his hardest to make up excuses in order to explain to Dan why Elliot is dating Kieth.
  • JD's brother comes back, Cox and Kelso have an argument, and Turk and Carla name their baby.

    This episode reminded me a lot of the original episodes that got me hooked on Scrubs in the first place. The fantasy sequence on the gay baby test was hilarious, as was the dialogue and the bit on pink belly. What was impressive about this episode was that it showed how much Elliot has grown over the years. Her assertiveness in dealing with Herbie was something that never would have happened in previous seasons. Almost every character has changed in some way, even Dan. In small ways, JD is also developing. He more willingly accepts Elliot's advice, and has become more mature in his relationships. This episode had just the right balance of comedy and thoughtfulness that earlier episodes displayed. Awesome.
  • J.D.'s brother Dan returns for a surprise visit and Elliot learns that J.D. has been telling Dan that she still likes him. Carla and Turk freak out when they begin to discuss baby names. Meanwhile, a patient with weight-related problems needs an MRI, but

    A so-so episode. Actually the major problem with this one is that i just loathe J.D.'s brother. He just cant act. All he can do is overact. I also couldn't get the logic as to why Elliot wanted to pretend that she was trying to have a baby with Keith. Ted's part was boring as usual. But this episode had its comic moments as well. Like when J.D. was thinking about a method to find out if the baby inside a uterus was gay or not...was hilarious. The scrubs episode becomes boring if the no. of flashbacks are reduced, and thats exactly what happened in this one.