Season 1 Episode 10

My Nickname

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 27, 2001 on NBC

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  • this showed me carla does have character

    Before i saw this episode i wasn't a big fan of Carla but the emotions we saw from this character in this episode where great. It's unusual for an episode to be so focused on Carla and JD's friendship, which is what makes this episode even more special.

    It is also (correct me if i am wrong) the first appearance of the "baba ba ba ba ba ba ba, baba ba ba ba ba ba ba" sad piano music in JD's head and i also believe the next two episodes also have this music.

    This episode was a great character builder that stayed with the scrubs theme: The Perfect Mix of Comedy and Drama
  • Carla & JD's friendship is tested.

    A lot of drama in this episode, which I wasn't expecting in the beginning. Nicole Sullivan guest stars as Jill: Elliot's cautionary tale. We've had plots like this in Elliot's case, in which Elliot sees someone that's overwhelmed or over-worked like she is. They end up messing up, and she learns to fix herself to never end up like those people. I liked the Cox/Elliot interaction. Turk & Kelso battle it out for a relaxing bench that is used for lunch. Kelso still annoys me beyond belief, but I guess that's the intention. The very powerful plot was JD and Carla's plot. JD & Carla start to be very good friends, so when Cox insults JD. Carla stands up for him, but then Cox makes fun of JD. Now JD wants to mark the line between doctor & nurse, which hurts Carla in the process. Some great acting from Judy Reyes who plays Carla. That scene in the rain broke my heart. She never doubted her job before JD. By the end, their friendship is still on the outs, but you can tell it will gradually fix itself over time. I like the JD/Carla interaction which is probably what made this episode so enjoyable. Amazing episode, with a touch of drama.
  • My Nickname

    I never really hated Carla, but i didn't like her as much as the others earlier. In this Episode she finally gets some character development. I liked how it focused on the relationship between Carla and JD. Because most of the time it's Elliot/Carla and Turk/JD or Turla/Jelliot. The Nickname the Janitor gives JD wasn't that much, but that doesn't matter, since there are a lot of other great jokes in this. I also enjoyed Dr Cox's rants and Elliot working with him. But i'm not such a big fan of Jill Tracey. She's funny at time but she is a little over the top in my opinion.
  • J.D & Carla's Friendship Goes Through A Major Test, J.D. Gets A New Nickname "Scooter", Dr.Cox Gets Annoyed At A Hyperactive Patient And Has A Rant At J.D.

    J.D. And Carla's Friendship Goes Through A Test Of Strength When J.D. Tells Her Off For Protecting Him Against Dr.Cox.
    Dr.Cox Gets Annoyed When Elliot Bonds With Her Hyperactive Patient, Jill Tracey, He Gets A Massive Headache And Elliot's Voice Isn't Helping, So He Vents His Anger At J.D. Causing Carla To Have A Go At Dr.Cox For Bullying J.D.
    Turk Is Annoyed To Discover That The Bench He Sat On To Eat Lunch Was Occupied By Dr.Kelso, They Fight Over Who Should Sit And Eat On The Bench.
    J.D. Gets A New Nickname, "Scooter" Because The Janitor Hates Scooter Pie. Awesome Episode, Carla's Character Develops.
  • Fine example

    J.D. gets appendicites and is admitted into the hospital where he gets to see everything through the eyes of a patient. J.D. needs surgery but is scared to have Turk to his procedure for him. This upsets Turk and craeats a small fall out between the two of them. At the end J.D. needs surgery before his scheduled operation and the only surgeon on duty is Turk. At the end however the surgery goes smoothly and J.D. is empressed by Turk's professionalism. Another great episode showing character development that gave J.D. a new persepective to see the hospital through: The patient not the doctor.
  • Dr. Cox and Elliot work on a patient together. JD and Carla's friendship has a major test.

    Dr. Cox and Elliot work on a patient that forces Elliot to realize how harshly she has been judging herself. This patient makes Cox angry, he takes his anger out on JD. This causes JD to explode back at Carla later in the episode. It is also revealed that JD is one of the few people's whose opinions matter to Carla. Elliot discovers that she needs to take some time out for herself. While all of this is happening, Turk has found a new spot to have lunch. However, this spot has been previously claimed by none other than Kelso. A battle for the bench erupts with Kelso eventually crediting Turks hard will, although no real solution is ever shown.
  • JD gains the nickname Scooter and grows closer to Carla while Turk finds out that his favorite lunch spot was claimed years ago by Kelso; Dr. Cox gets annoyed when Elliot won't discharge a troublesome patient.

    Another fine example of a very fine show, of course. This is a great show and this was a great episode! Very funny, although it got the slightest bit serious with Carla and that stuff. Still, a funny episode that I enjoyed. A fine example but also not the best episode at the same time, in my opinion. A good episode and I think that JD and Carla got closer in this episode (well, obviously they did). Elliot feels that she can connect with a patient, which is kind of unusual because she's a nerd. A good episode, I think.
  • Go Scooter!

    J.D. gets the nickname Scooter from the joanitor and many people begin calling him that. J.D. begins to have a better medical knowledge then Carla while at the same time Turk learns that his secret lunch spot was actually Dr.Kelso\\\'s years before (and still is). This leads to an all out war between who will get the spot from sending a Turk upstairs to actually eating in the rain creating a very funny episode. While Carla gets very mad J.D. for not understanding her but things are worked out at the end. A great episode where you learn a lot about Carla and her personlity.
  • Cool episode!

    Turk is enjoying his sandwich on the bench in front of the hospital. J.D. intterupts him and wants his cupcake to leave. Turk loves his bench as it feels so peaceful.

    J.D. needs to correct a diagnosis Carla made but instead of being mad, Carla says she is proud of him. Dr. Cox has a headache and Elliott's high pitch voice doesn't make it any better. Their patient, Jill Tracey, gets long great with Elliott and they start chatting about their "e-mail/paging thingie". Turk heads down to his bench for lunch time. J.D. asks if Carla is still on for an exhibition later on. Dr. Kelso usually tries to get to the bench at 12:30 as well. Carla thanks J.D. for inviting her to the exhibition. Dr. Cox comes in fuming and takes it out on J.D. On the bench, Turk is having trouble eating his sandwich with Dr. Kelso around. Elliott chats with Jill when Dr. Cox comes in. He wants to ask Jill a question but she says she's busy. He's not happy and tells her his patience is up. She thinks it's cute that he does "scary little speeches". Carla walks in and didn't like Dr. Cox yelling at J.D. ealier. In the cafeteria, J.D. wonders why Turk is eating with them, and tells him to go outside and face Dr. Kelso. Dr. Cox finds out that all of Jill's test came back negative and that most of her stress comes back from just being her. He orders Elliott to discharge her immediately. He also catches J.D. and tells everybody that his "mommy", Carla, doesn't like anyone to pick on him. Turk eats his sandwich but gets paged, when he arrives nobody is around and looks out of the window to find Dr. Kelso eating on the bench. Elliott and Jill chat and make plans to hang once she is out. Jill reveals that her life is stressful and Elliott decides she should stay longer. J.D. tells Carla to stop calling him Bambi in front of everybody and that he can take care of his own problems.

    Dr. Cox is cheerful until he sees Jill is still in her bed. He wonders why. J.D. wants to apologize but she stops him and says she understands. They are still on for tonight. Jill pages Elliott and Dr. Cox is waiting for him. Turk hastes to finish his sandwich before Dr. Kelso comes along and chases him away. On the bus, J.D. asks if she is interested in photography from college but she replies that she never went to college. J.D. makes a joke that he never went college either and she doesn't fit it amusing and gets off the bus. Dr. Cox wants an explanation from Elliott why Jill should stay in the hospital. Elliott explains that Jill works really hard. He asks if Elliott can pick up a sample of his dog's stool and she agrees, only to notice that she just want to please everyone else too. Nevertheless, Dr. Cox agress to keep Jill in the hospital a little while longer, and that it is important to give oneself a break once in a while.

    J.D. takes a taxi from the next stop and catches up with Carla. She admits that she only wanted to go to the exhibition to impress him. They were supposed to be friends but most of her interns grow up and become better, but that she never felt bad about herself until now. He admits that he does think he is better at times. She gets on the next bus and leaves J.D. behind.

    The next day, Carla ignores J.D. at the door. Turk eats on the bench in heavy rain and Dr. Kelso is impressed. Elliott takes a relaxing bath. J.D. asks Carla for advice with a patient, and even though he knows the answer she thanks him for asking.

    This episode was a really good episode, and this is my longest review so far!
  • The Janitor gives a nickname to the already nicknamed JD: Scooter.

    This episode was done really well from start to finish, the most funny plot being a battle between Dr Kelso and Turk for the rights to the outside seating spot... a battle that is eventually won by Turk but not before he is tricked several times by Kelso.

    The Elliot plot was great too with meeting somebody just like her (which drives Dr Cox crazy) and this involves a classic virginity speech by Dr Cox.

    The JD-Carla plot was the main one which had some great moments such as the freeze-frame and Carla's line after JD says that she can't take her acceptance of JD's apology back "Have you ever spent time with a woman?" This plot was also very serious and worked terrific with a great ending where JD realises he'll be Bambi forever until Cox calls him Scooter, a nickname the Janitor came up with since he hates Scooter pie.

    This is a very good episode filled with some serious scenes some seriously hilarious scenes.
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