Season 6 Episode 15

My Night To Remember

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • what the hell?

    Wow this episode really sucked, but the only thing good about it is that it shows parts of other episodes so someone new to Scrubs like my girlfriend can see what Scrubs is like. Now the bad thing is that the flashbacks weren't really great. Also there was no story line in between the flashbacks(i think i might have missed it). I think they really did run out of ideas i mean J.D. blatantly said it at the begining of the show!! OK I'm seriously hoping this is just a filler episode so that they're planing something big for the next episodes.
  • It's a clip show, DEAL WITH IT.

    I don't think people are understanding that this was in fact a clip show, they even admitted the writers were out of ideas in this episode. JD admitted it, you don't find that funny? You didn't find the past 6 years funny, emotional, amazing? When I watch clip shows, I appreciate them because it just reminds me what a long trip it's been on a show. Almost every show does clip shows, so you're just going to have to deal with it. And the good thing about this episode, is that we didn't get only clips from the past, we got new things too. Like with the patient with amnesia. The Scrubs gang face hardships every day and this episode was a show of that.

    If I were to try to get someone in to this show, I would show them this episode, it doesn't spoil that much, but still gives us a sense on what this show is about. So for everyone who is giving this episode bad ratings, you guys simply just don't get it.
  • This episode was set to be a very good one but then...

    ...they started with the flashbacks.

    In the beginning I was having a laugh at every single line and I thought "hey, maybe the flashbacks won't be that long in the episode and I'll have a laugh otherwise" but I was wrong. Well, kind of. I still laughed everytime Dr Cox opened his mouth as well as at the Janitor's jokes.

    For as much fun as all the stuff we've seen in the last six years was, this would be better suited - albeit having to be adapted - as a series finale. Actually I'm *hoping* this was still done while Bill Lawrence didn't yet know he wasn't supposed to make a series finale for this season and that anytime now this season starts catching up. It's actually fairly simple, just do whatever it is they were doing on this episode but without all the flashbacks.

    Past is past and I'm sure we «all» laughed imensely at all that, but it's time to move on... there's still one season and a half to go and it better go with a blast. Scrubs is all about laughing, please don't let it leave on such a sad, depressed, note.
  • couldnt even finish the episode i hated it so much

    really disliked this episode!

    found it boring and just plaina waste of my time so half way through i stopped watching and wasnt bothered! i was damn disappointed in the whole thing! if i wanted to see old clips i half the old epsiodes or god dmait i have youtube for a few minutes i dont want 20 minutes of the crap! i wanted a good epsiode to make up for what so far has been a very poor season.

    the one thing i enjoyed was a few comedy moments that werent flashbacks, "like a bad sticom that shos a clip show cos they can't come up with any original ideas"

    and also "not that fray song, this fray song"
  • Boring!!!!!!

    I really thought Scrubs was better then this (the clip show thing is ssssssooooo 80's!) This was the worst episode of Scrubs ever!!! I mean as far as clip shows go it was cut well but it's almost impossible to make clip show interesting. They did try by making fun of their selves by adding a small story line but it just didn't do it for me. It looks like they inserted this show when they needed a vacation or something. What bugs me the most is that Dr. Cox's head is shaved in the episode and not in the one before or after it. WHY! No one even says anything about his head until like 5 episodes later! Bad, bad, bad move Bill!
  • Terrible

    I had the privilege of watching every episode of Scrubs back to back. That's right, all 145 (so far) back to back. This episode is terrible. I don't understand why they felt the need to do a clip show in the middle of the season. I guess they ran out of money or the writers were locked in a closet - who knows. Honestly, this is the only episode I didn't like. I don't think it got a single laugh out of me. I had to finish it for completions sake though. This is my favorite comedy - but if you're just a casual viewer, don't waste your time.
  • In agreement with a lot of other fans

    Definately not worth the 20 sum odd minutes it took to watch. I seem to not be the only Scrubs fan who was sadly dissapointed with this compilation of old episodes. Every sitcom tends to have the flashback episodes, but for some reason I would have expected more from this show. While the music playing during the clips were funny, the actual footage left something to be desired.
    And I won't even get into the fact that being afraid to tell someone how they ended up in the hospital is a good enough reason to merit them all dazing off into space the whole episode. It was really reaching. I love pretty much all the Scrubs episodes but this one really stunk.
  • JD remembers the best times he spent at Sacred Heart.

    What's not to love of reviewing the best moments of the series so far? I don't understand how so many people don't like this one. I thought it was so funny. I mean, in the dialogue the writers even admitted that it was kind of lazy of them to through this flashback one in. I love flashbacks, and I don't care if they're all in the same episode or not. I don't think that this episode deserved the poor rating that it did. I'm willing to watch it over and over again, because to me, the best moments just don't get old!
  • A very good montage...

    A Scrubs clip show that revolved around one patient who got amnesia after trying to commit suicide. The doctors, nurses, and surgeons then relive memories about what they would want to forget and memories that they will never forget. The first time I watched it I thought it was a boring clip show, but then I realized that it was actually really funny having relieved all those classic Scrubs moments. Plus the music was amazing featuring such songs as: "How to Save a Life" by The Fray "She Is" by The Fray "Sometimes a Fantasy" by Billy Joel "Candy Man" performed by Sammy Davis Jr. "Diner" by Martin Sexton. "Walking Next to You" by Acres. Album: "Winter" by Josh Radin.
  • Boring really...

    Nothing much happened during the whole episode. It felt like the writers were just trying to get another episode over with. Nothing particularly happened, which made it fairly boring. Some of the flash-backs made me think "OH YEAH!" haha, but most were like "Can we get back to the story please?" I haven't been this disappointed with scrubs for a while, normally the episodes are freakin' hilarious, but this seemed a bit of a waste of time really. I don't think I could really rate more than a 5 because of the flashbacks. I wish there had been a few more original jokes... but there weren't...
  • Disappointed

    I always look forward to watching my tape of Scrubs (it aires are 11.30pm here so I can't stay up for it) but I was very let down by this episode. It felt disjointed and pointless - just something to fill in the schedule while they found better storylines for the next week. I did laugh at all the falls and slips but that wasn't enough to make it a good episode. In fact, I cared so little that when I couldn't hear some dialouge clearly, I didn't bother to wind the tape back so I could work it out.
  • Did we just jump the shark?

    Frankly, most of the scenes shown were memorable and amazing by themselves. Those that weren't, well, the show hurt itself by bringing them up. When Babe Ruth hits a great home run, everyone remembers it. When Babe Ruth says, "Hey, remember that great home run I hit back in Fenway?" you know he's just struggling to justify his existence. And those obscure things that are great in context but when retold outsiders don't get? Not funny at all, and not a help for non-fans. The light was the self-referential joke that mentioned the lame sitcom trying to fill time. Do that for two minutes, and move on. There's so much you can do with the theme of memory. There's so many surreal things you can do with memory (have the classic "that's not what happened" and a discussion, do that for a couple of minutes, etc.) There were some great little montages around themes (e.g. dancing), but those are things that fans can and do arrange. Not the show itself. This was a jump the shark moment, in my opinion. Or a "jump the couch" moment, perhaps. Hey, remember that time that J.D. jumped over the couch and fell down?
  • Flashback ep, but you can't deny that you laughed, a lot.

    Ok so flashbacks are a lazy way of filling an episode but in fairness you have to Scrubs credit for this.

    Not only did they, via JDs fantastic one liner, mock themselves and all shows that resort to flashbacks at one time or another (i.e every comedy show in existence) but they went 5 and half seasons before resorting to one.

    As for the episode itself, it was very funny, ok so new material was in short supply but I laughed an awful lot at all the highlights of the past five years and its testament to the shows quailty that I laughed at almost every flashback yet could still think of many that were missing. Also liked the reference to The Fray. As much as I love the band it could be argued that Scrubs made them, I dont think its coincidence that their song 'How to Save a Life' was a major success in the US and UK shortly after the series five episode in which it was featured aired in the respective countries. And it was great to hear another of their tracks used as well as many more tracks within the episode with another in-joke about Scrubs' regular use of recogniseable and/or popular music, another thing which makes the show what it is and ultimately part of the reminder of how good it is that was what this show was all about.

    My only criticism is that I watched it with a mate who doesnt watch regularly and found myself explaining why certain flashbacks were funny, so not an episode for any part-time viewers to watch, but one to reward those fans who've watched it from the start. Overall though a good episode to demonstrate what a great show Scrubs is.
  • A lazy episode that reminded us why we still love the show, yet makes us worry about whether or not there's that spark left.

    I'm not a big fan of clip shows. It shows writing weakness with regard to the big picture. Scrubs has always been a well-written show. Even the more conventional episodes have a verve other shows beg to have. Unfortunately, they crossed an unfortunate boundary by doing a clip show. Granted, the clip show highlights why the show is a classic, but the problem is that it didn't fit with the story they had. Having a patient that forgot he tried to kill himself as the device for the clip show was pretty dumb. Such a weighty subject setting up a thin episode is just wrong. Yes, the clips were great, and I will always love the show. This episode, however, just doesn't cut it.
  • This isn't my fav but its not as horrible as everyone says.

    There is nothing really happening in the hospital so it is everyones time to remember the funny and sad things that have happened to them. As far as episodes like this go it was pretty good. It might be just that I'm new to the show but I enjoyed seeing moments from the past, it made me want to get the dvds so I can catch up completly with the show. People who hated this so much just need to get over it because when a series has been on for 6 seasons all of them have episodes like this.
  • A really bad clip show that actually borrowed from the first clip show!

    This was horrible. I know clip shows are just filler shows but they used clips and music from the first clip show. Talk about lazy! No reason to ever watch this one again. Yes, this is our beloved Scrubs as some other review stated, and yes I guess I am bashing it, but if this is the best they can offer up to its loyal fans after all these years of watching then why shouldn't we be honest? I love this show but come on. We know this or next will be the last season and they are going to waste an episode like this?
  • Atrocious Beyond Measure

    Although fiercely rivalled by the majority of Season 5 and all bar the musical episode of Season 6, this twenty two minute waste of a viewer's life can proudly claim the title of Worst Scrubs Yet. The awarding of this gong is not by dint solely of the flashback nature of the episode - Seinfeld, and to a degree Friends, managed to cobble together half decent retrospective/highlight shows through the injection of a semi-plausible storyline or well-thought selection of clips - but in the main down to the evident disregard the writers now have for the viewers. To believe that a 20 minute succession of slapstick falls (set against the backdrop of a patient suicide - something 'old' Scrubs would have had the ability to pick up and run with as a convincing storyline) can be rescued by a cynical rehashing of My Screw-Up at the end is an insult to fans and the show alike. The only blessing (if indeed it can be so labelled) is that, almost halfway into Season 6, the nails-down-a-chalkboard Dr Acula and Floating Head Doctor appear to have been consigned to the dustbin of Season 5 where they belong. Honest to Jupiter, if this season were shown to a network as a pilot for a new show the producers would be laughed out of town.
  • A flashback epsiode, with some classic scrubs moments!

    A flashback epsiode, with some classic scrubs moments!

    An episode filled with remembrances of the past and bringing back the ols laughs from the beginning of the series.

    Though it has been watched before fans know that one can never ire of classic scrubs moments and this is proof of that.

    Though the review rating is not as high as the rest it is higher than average and is a filler episode too!

    It is recommended to be watched and i hope that you will like it too. It was bound to happen- this flashback episode, most comedy shows have them and this one was great!
  • Filler Episode but a nice look back

    I've been watching Scrubs ever since the the beginning thats a whole 6 years of my life ive been glued watching this show and it rarely disappoints. Although this episode was a filler and not even needed its nice to go back to scenes that can make you laugh, dance or cry. Its also funny to know that the writers knew what they were doing when JD says that thinking about some more stuff would waste some more minutes. This episode's flashbacks show why its such a funny and successful show. It was nicely ended with a good Dr.Cox put down to JD which made me laugh. All in all an ok episode but it can't wait for a more full episode next week.
  • A Celebration of Scrubs Every series has a clip show... it's a given in ANY series.

    A Celebration of Scrubs

    Every series has a clip show... it's a given in ANY series. a Scrubs Clip show is destined to be great and this one was.

    No clue why everyone is freaking out and preparing to burn the writers at the stake for a best of... But c'mon.. this is Scrubs! So the storyline gets shelved for a week... it's not like we're bombarded with clip shows every season and anyone who is a fan of Scrubs has to admit that seeing some of the past clips that had us all rolling wasn't a bad thing... watching it reminded me of every show that each clip came from and that made for a worthwhile watch.

    Sit back and enjoy a celebration of Scrubs. if you like the show you can't hate a best of....
  • Everyone has to remember, this is our beloved Scrubs we're bashing!

    I know, I know... Clip shows tell the audience that the writers are running out of ideas, not to mention they can't possibly be funny, right? Let us not forget, this is Scrubs we are all talking about. No, it may not have been a Dr. Cox tearjerker or had a compelling storyline. Heck, there was no storyline. But what the Scrubs' clip show has over all others is the ability to get laughs with one sentence, or even a word. Whether it may be Dr. Cox calling J.D. by a girls name or the host of family feud saying, "Show me boobs", I don't think that revisiting some of the funnier moments of the show is devestating to the series.
  • A distinctly average episode.

    I hate having to write bad reviews. I never thought i would have to with Scrubs, but it seems like i dont have much choice. This episode was, unfortunately, as bad as i had expected it to be. I got the whole "making fun" of the flashback episodes, but if they really wanted to make fun of flashback episodes, they shouldnt have done one!

    There's nothing to say about this episode, nothing happened. They brought in a random patient, purely as a plot device, and everything was back to where it was at the begining. The only positive thing i can say is that I hope this episode means they are investing more time in the other episodes in the season, meaning we're in for a treat later on in the season. I didnt wanna give it a 5/10, but i had to because it was pretty pathetic. There is only one episode worse than this and that is My Deja Vu, My Deja Vu last season. After reading some of the episode summaries on other sites, i found another flashback episode scheduled about 6 weeks away so get used to the flashbacks..
  • I'm glad Scrubs has been around for 6 years, but not glad enough to want to watch this episode ever again.

    This was nothing but a filler episode no matter how they tried to dress it up. It was filled with a lot of the more ridiculous scenes from the show that really didn't makes sense without context. If you enjoy over the top slapstick comedy, then this was the episode for you. They also trotted out some of the more emotional scenes, like JD telling Cox that he is proud of him for still caring. I didn't find those as annoying, but I own the DVDs. I don't need clips of my favorite episodes. I would like to add that I thought it was weird that Turk didn't give JD a hug at the end. Remember My Musical and Guy Love?
  • Waste of Scrubs

    With it having an issue with getting renewed and then having to wait so long for the episodes to air. It just seems that a flashback episode just for the fact of being one was a waste of an episode. There was no real reason for the flashbacks... They felt very forced and didn't play to well with the topic of this episode. (Guy attempts suicide and lives but forgets why he is in the hospital). They spend about 2 mins on plot for the whole episode and the rest is just filler. I say flashback episodes should always be the 1st episode back from a season (to show what happened the previous season)or the last episode of the series as a good bye.
  • Zzzzzzz . . . |-o (that's *supposed* to be a sleeping smiley!)

    If I had known that 90% of this episode was going to be a series of thankfully short, but ultimately boring flashbacks, I wouldn't have bothered watching it.

    I could understand it if it were near the end of the third or fourth season, but in the middle of the sixth season? I cannot believe that the writers have exhausted all possible plots and jokes. The flashbacks weren't even interesting or pivotal, except to see how chunky all the actors have become from their pay.

    For the 10% that wasn't a flashback, this episode was truly devoid of anything either humorous or serious. It simply existed in a TV limbo of futility and sleep inducement. The new part consisted of a failed suicide attempt needing emergency care. When he wakes, he has no memory, and JD not only avoids telling him about the suicide attempt (which I could well understand), which triggers the series of flashbacks (get it? amnesia victim? remembering past events? ever been hit by a sledgehammer?). Worse, JD hands-off the responsibility to colleague and ex-girlfriend, Dr Reid; what does that say about the young doctor? Wouldn't it have played better to have JD and Reid seen heading to the amnesiac/suicide together, like mature adults? (don't answer that!)

    I was disappointed not only in the callousness of the show's medical staff for the aforementioned patient, but also in the obvious disregard the writers have for the viewers for passing along this trite trash to us.
  • quo vadis, scrubs? Have we really reached the point, where even the writers of scrubs notice that the new episodes suck?

    quo vadis, scrubs?
    Have we really reached the point, where even the writers of scrubs notice that the new episodes suck? Do we really have to look at the good old days when scrubs was a good show? Did anyone besides me notice that there were rarly any clips from the 5th or 6th season? Shouldn't that be proof enough, that scrubs has to implement some serious changes in order to save the show?

    I Loved (and love) Scrubs.
    And it hurts me all the more what the story-writers do with it these days.
    It's insulting not only for the actors, but also for every viewer that has to witness this crap!
    What a shame...
  • A filler episode full of memories. What seems weak it's not the accurate collection of funny moments but the reason why.

    It's grand to remember wht a great show scrubs is. It's been 6 years now of a show that I first thought it couldn't last no more that 2 seasons. But somehow the production and writting team has managed to give us seoason by season entrataintment, even though this last season seems to be the weakest one of all. I loved how I got to remember all that has happened and the clip selection was very good. But why did the production team chose this precise moment to throw the memory lane at us? It seems the JD story line is at it's more important time and we're still to see what happens to JD's baby and all. Well... it's only Episode 11...
  • they look back on there memories at sacred heart hospital.

    it is o.k as far as clip shows go but if you're saw most of the eposides it can be kind of boring. but seeing as i was a clip show it was quite good. Also if you haven't seen all of the eposides you can have a bit of a catch up of what has happened.
  • Ok it was a clip show, but didn't mind it!

    When a show has gone on as long as Scrubs has, a clip show isn't asuch a bad thing. I enjoyed looking back at all the different moments that the show has provided us over the years.

    No one will ever rank this one among their favourite Scrubs episodes, but there were a lot of everyones favourite moments in it.

    Some say a clip show is a sign of a show on the decline, but that is a totally separate issue. Scrubs episodes are as good as they have ever been.

    I say this about the Simpsons and I'll say it about Scrubs. New Scrubs episodes are better than no Scrubs at all. When shows like this one finally go off the air, you'll realize just how good it was.
  • As clip shows go it was a 10, but no one likes clip shows

    As clip shows go it was a 10, but no one likes clip shows. As a paitent who attempted to kill himself by falling off of a bridge comes into the hospital, JD explains his thoughts and flashbacks, including a how to, and as he does so, a reel of clips about 3 seconds long each comes on. The Janitor was easily the best thing in this episode, with a special device giving hospital sounds and worrying DR Kelso. The links are fantastic and it is probably the best clip show I've ever seen of anything, but I can't wait untill it's back to normal...
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