Season 6 Episode 14

My No Good Reason (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 22, 2007 on NBC

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    Zach Braff should have gotten some kind of award for this outstanding episode. Zach Braff directs, and the last time he directed, was season four and that was his directional debut on this show. This episode was 10x better in direction. Zach Braff is great in my book, directing an episode, and still being the main focus of the show is admirable.

    A lot of emotional plots here, almost sensational, this episode gave closure yet it had a pretty amazing cliffhanger. Cox doesn't believe that everything happens for a reason. Laverne begs to differ, and out of all the speeches Cox has done on this show, Laverne's speech to Cox blew all of his speeches away. Something I would have never expected is everything tying together as Laverne gets in a car crash and now is in a comma which is the cliffhanger.

    Jordan & Cox's relationship continues to be amazing, and never gets old. Turk being attracted to the nanny was hilarious, and the end when Carla fired her was great too. "She was a racist thief!" Elliot gets suspended by Kelso, as he continues not to talk to talk to her. This plot had closure when Elliot gives her thank you speech to Kelso for teaching her to be such a great doctor. Kelso talks to her after, after weeks of not talking to here. Amazing arc there. All the plots were emotional in some way, and it didn't forget to be funny either, just an amazing episode, with an amazing cliffhanger and theme: "Everything happens for a reason"
  • Zach Braff directs another GREAT episode.

    Zach directs with such class and talent and makes the episodes even better.
    One of the plot lines was basically built up on a philosophical debate between two staff members. Leading towards something that no one could have guessed.

    The second plot line was Janitor trying to help out Elliot with one of her kind of odd problems. Has to be mentioned that Neil Flynn's appearance in this episode was more then fantastic.

    And as for the comedy part for this specific episode. Turk is having a major problem not to eyeball their new hot nanny which of course upsets Carla.

    "You'd be surprised how many bad things around here happened for a good reason."
  • A pretty good episode, but with some flaws.

    This episode, on the surface, is great. Many of the jokes in this episode are completely fresh and original, and I really enjoyed it for the most part.

    But when I thought about it, there were some things that felt completely out of place. 1] Dr. Cox's character. Dr. Cox is something of an atheist, and he cracks lots of anti-christian jokes. But in this episode he took it too far. Admittedly, his clash with Laverne was very dramatic and powerful. However, Dr. Cox is more mature than how he acted in this episode. He antagonized Laverne constantly and actually went up to her. We've seen in previous episodes that although Dr. Cox isn't exactly enthusiastic about religion, he tolerates other people's beliefs because he's mature to some degree. 2] The whole concept of Laverne dying. The only reason it was done was because the writers believed Season 6 to be the last season and wanted to do something sensational. The fact that the show now has to kill off its characters to keep us interested is disconcerting. Scrubs never used to have to resort to things like this. If you think about it, season 6 has been ALL over the place. Every season has a his/her story episode, but this season had many. The one with Dr. Kelso and the Iraq War, the one with Jordan/Todd/Ted, the one where Dr. Cox = House, the musical, the flashback episode comprised of nothing but clips, and so on. I feel like Laverne's death falls into this list because the writers felt the need to do a sort of "special" plot every other episode. The ending of this episode didn't seem like Scrubs at all; it sounded like a line from a soap opera. HOWEVER, the next episode slightly makes up for this by being very well delivered and believable. The forced death concept is slightly alleviated by how great the next episode really is.
  • I love it when Zach Braff directs...

    An actor turned director, a comedian who doesnt have to try hard to be funny and a director who doesnt have to try hard to be emotional - this episode was truly one of the best of the series and bestof the season! It starts off like any old classic episode but ends with a dramatic cliffhanger that shakes you to the core. Laverne and Dr. Cox engage in a philosophical debate about the question: 'Does everything happen for a reason?'. Carla finds a hot nanny for Isabella, and Turk struggles to find a way not to leer at her. Funny scenes with the nanny cam! Elliot smuggles a patient's dog into the hospital to cheer her up and ends up in hot water with Dr. Kelso but they end up calling a truce. And one of their own ends up in a coma...
  • One of the best of the season, hands down.

    A classic philosophical debate engages between two characters throughout the episode, all leading up to something no one could have foretold.

    On an episode that seemed fit to be a powerful drama, the writers still worked in sub-plot lines that offered the comedic relief that was absolutely necessary for such a tear-filled and shocking conclusion to this excellent episode.

    The comedy in this particular episode comes from Turk's struggle not to stare at his daughter's hot nanny, and in particular, the nanny cam and J.D.'s fantasy sequence involving her.

    The janitor also makes an appearance, offering assistance for one of Elliot's strange problems smuggling a dog into the hospital for a patient.
  • Wicked episode yet again

    LMAO! Oh man, when the guard tried to catch Elliot at the beginning and she goes into the room and tells them to turn their phones off and they were all trying to take pictures! HAHA that was well good! OMG such a good episode. Haven't seen a scrubs episode that funny for a while! With Todd's "Boobie Horn Call" hahaha that was a good one too lol. Scrubs seems to have picked up recently in season 8 I think it might just be getting better every season they do. SO hopefully they won't finish it for a long while.
  • good episode

    this has to be the worst episode of scrubs i've seen. its the first episode and only episode that doesnt have any real plot. the only reason people could vote over 7 is because its "scrubs" maybe voters should vote based on how good the episode is for the series, and not what it is compared to other shows. this episode was lacking whit, and i can say its the first one i didnt care to watch the ending of. half way through i changed the channel to watch commercials... IF you did want to compare it to other shows i could see how you would rate it an 8 but not for scrubs (edit) *not the episode i was talking about but i don't have time to rewrite a review*
  • One of the best of the series.

    Season Six was not going so well, but My No Good Reason turned me around. Anyone can admit that Scrubs was going downhill, but turning it around with a major character of the series getting into a car accident and going into a coma. I didn't like the Dr. Cox vs. Laverne story. Dr. Cox has never pushed religious belief that far. It was just not like Cox. Other than that storyline I just plain liked the episode. Theres not really anything else to say about the episode.

    See you next time for "My Long Goodbye" Looks like a good one.
  • Dr. Cox and Laverne have an argument about whether or not God has things happen for a reason. Elliot goes against Kelso and pays the price with suspension.

    As each character continues to develope the time has come for another very hard trial. Dr. Cox and Laverne have erupted with an argument on whether or not God works even bad things for a good reason. Cox believes that bad things happen to everyone without reason. Laverne believes that God works all things for good and will show the way. Then a little girl is stabbed and in the hospita. Cox thinks he has won but then a potentially fatal tumor is found near the knife wound. Laverne sees this as an act of god and points out that since surgery, Cox and Jordan have been closer than ever. Dr. Cox looks like he might have "seen the light" and start to believe in god, but then a horrible realization is waiting for him at work, Laverne has been in a car accident and is in an unresponsive coma....she is probably going to die.
  • What an awesome episode!

    This episode was great!
    Jordan and Perry connected on a whole new level witch is great! So sad about Laverne, couldn't help but have a little cry, so sad. It's great that Dr. Kelso and Elliot worked things out even though it was really funny, and with the "Hot Nanny" thing, I loved J.D's fake date, seriously funny and when Turk saw Elliot as a guy now that was good really funny. I wander what will happen to Laverne? Will she recover or die?? It is really sad and poor Perry I wander what he thinks now about everything happening for a reason? Can't wait for next week!
  • I loved this episode!! This is exactly what you expect from Scrubs.

    This episode is pretty much the first tear-jerker of the season. I am dying to see what happens to Laverne, although sadly I think I know. It was the first episode of the season that I almost cried because of the end. I rarely ever cry, especially over Tv shows and stuff. It was also funny too. That is what a classic episode of Scrubs is. It can make you laugh and cry in the same episode. I want to see how everyone else is effected by this. I think Dr. Cox will be pretty upset since him and Laverne were going at it about how everything happens for a reason.
  • A very well rounded episode, letting all characters get their role.

    Side Story 1: Carla vs Turk

    Carla hires a scorching hot nanny that Turk and JD drool over.
    Turk wants JD to hook up with her because every girl that JD hooks up with makes Turk suddenly find them unattractive. JD can't get her and Turk tries convincing Carla that since they are a loving couple it is perfectly fine for him to look at the nanny every once in a while because it means nothing.

    Carla fires the nanny.

    Side Story 2: Elliot + Janitor vs Dr. Kelso

    Elliot and the Janitor work together to cheer up a young patient. Elliot was suspended from her job because she bought the patient's dog into the hospital. Now there is alot of tension between her and Dr. Kelso. So Elliot and the Janitor are good friends for the episode and try to get her job back.

    Elliot thanks Kelso for everything, Kelso kills her suspension, and Elliot is happy that Kelso talked to her.

    Main Story: Nurse Laverne vs Dr. Cox

    The main storyline for the episode. You learn alot about Laverne's beliefs, and how she feels that for ever bad thing that happens, God did it for a good reason. Dr. Cox does not believe this, and tries to prove Laverne wrong, really just to be an prick And Laverne always seems to be right, like when a little girl gets stabbed, he says, "What is the good reason for this?!" And right then they find a tumor, that a doctor says would never have been found if she was not stabbed right there.

    It ends with Laverne lecturing Cox about how believing that something good comes from all the bad things is the only way that she could bare to come to work, to all the horrible things in the hospital.

    JD sums up everyone's story, saying how it feels good to know things happen for a reason:
    - Turns out Turk and Carla's nanny was stealing things, so it was good that they fired her.
    - Elliot and Kelso are better friends.
    - and Cox and his wife are closer from her sergery.

    But then JD says that although it feels good to know things happen for a reason, it makes it that much worse when things don't have a good reason...

    Cox vs Laverne Outcome 2:
    Cox finds out that Laverne was driving to work, and got in a bad accident. She is now in a coma and is non-responsive.

    A very good episode, I sure hope that Laverne isn't gonna throw in her scrubs, I'd like to see her stick around for some more episodes/seasons.
  • Laverne gets more development in one episode than in six seasons of a recurring role.

    I've always liked Laverne as a character. Maybe it's me, but I have a soft spot for sassy black lady characters (please, oh please don't anyone take that the wrong way). She gets some great character development in this episode with some revealing insights into her faith and her relationship with Dr. Cox. Meanwhile, everything else going on was entertaining, too. I was glad that the hot nanny didn't become J.D.'s latest love interest. The scene where the men gather to watch the video had me laugh till I wet myself (not literally). I also enjoyed Elliot's subplot with Dr. Kelso. I liked that Kelso got a new dog in the end.
  • Carla and Turk hire an extremely attractive nanny, only to spur Carla's jealousy. Jordan is bed-ridden after surgery, and Dr. Cox is exhausted and irritable from taking care of her and dealing with work. He argues with Nurse Roberts over theology.

    Finally, Scrubs is turning back to its roots. I think writers realized that the excessive quirkiness of the past season has been failing, as these past two episodes have vastly outshined most of this season. This episode had well-delivered, funny jokes that were not too "out-there," as they have in several past episodes - it was actually quite a conservative episode, especially for this season. The storyline ran smoothly, and everything fell into place just right at the end, for an excellent, tear-jerking cliff-hanger. Also, the different conflicts were nicely juxtaposed. Two of the conflicts were extensions of older ones, but they worked brilliantly. Dr. Cox picked on someone for having a different religious outlook on life than his, and Carla wrestled with Turk over his wandering eye. Classic Scrubs. The third conflict, between Eliot and Kelso, concluded their on-going fight, which moved the story along nicely. All in all, a very good episode.
  • At last, Scrubs is back on track!

    Well, i havent been overly complimentary of the scrubs team lately but they're finally back on form. This was a brilliant episode, very funny, but also with a message. This book has provoked quite a hot debate on the forum boards, too, in which i have been heavily involved, on a factual basis, of course :)

    Anyway, the episode, I did have a few small issues with it, for example, Laverne's part is usually to say a couple of one-liners, be a bit funny and then go away. Suddenly, she's got a thousand lines and spends half the episode on screen, it was so obvious something was going to happen to her, it would have been more subtle if she'd been wearing a T-shirt saying "Living on borrowed time". But still, I liked the way they flipped it around with Dr. Cox finally starting to believe her when he gets proved wrong. Or maybe he hasnt been proved wrong, i guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Elliot and the Janitor story was classic, especially her "acting" when they were sneaking the dog into the hospital. I gave it 9.5 out of 10 cuz it's back to how scrubs used to be, awesome :D
  • Very Funny and silly yet touching at the same time.

    I never got how Scrubs could be such A zany show and yet still be very touching and dramatic at this same time. At this episode the writers had once again proved they are able to make us laugh just as much as they can make us cry, Bravo to them!
  • Here's Scrubs at it's best...

    Hilariously funny and also thought provoking and almost enough to make me cry; it's the combination of easy humour that's not trying too hard and the delving into the characters' beliefs and lives which makes the show a perfect balance between comedy and drama.

    Loved the whole Dr Kelso/ Elliot thing, and the dynamic we have with Elliot and the Janitor, which we haven't seen as much recently. JD fantasies at their best, Dr Cox in perfect character. Loved the Cox/ Jordan moment, those two are gorgeous together. It was basically back to it's best and I loved it so much I rewound and watched it twice. In a row.

  • Made me laugh crazily then made me cry. It was amazing

    This episode was pretty great. This season in my opinion has been the worst of the series (still amazing but compared to the rest it's the worst). But these past 2 or 3 episodes have been making up for it. I was laughing like I used to in previous seasons. With Dr. Cox spilling the coffee and J.D. slipping on it and J.D. grabbing Turk's leg because of the hot nanny and all the guys making up the lie about football. All of it was great. I also starting crying when Laverne gave her speech about how she needs to believe that there is some greater reason for all the horrible things that happen. I don't really believe in God or anything to that affect but I couldn't help crying. Then she goes into a coma. I seriously hope that she doesn't die. She can't! I think that she is one of the best charecters on Scrubs. Come on Laverne!!!
  • Not everything happens for a reason...

    Once again, Scrubs proves that it can blend comedy and drama so well, that you can laugh and cry within a matter of seconds.

    This episode is hilarious, my favourite parts being the Janitor's argument with Kelso, JD's recount of the date which gets more and more unbelievable, Turk focusing on how she knew Heather's name, the football lie, and Jordan's list of errands.

    All the plots are hilarious, the hot nanny, Elliot finally getting Kelso to notice her even if he hasn't forgiven her, and the main plot of Cox and Laverne's argument over God.

    The twist at the end was terrific and hopefully the gossip and overly religious nurse we all love will be back on her feet to make us laugh again.
  • The plot line is incredibly well and, though obvious from the beginning something bad is going to happen, the whole episode keeps you tuned in waiting to see it. Wonderfully well writen.

    Though I am sad that Nurse Roberts will be leaving the show, this episode is probably my favorite of all. With a few funny jokes and fantasies, including J.D.'s fake date with Heather, the overall plot line of "everything happens for a reason" has an incredible lead in to the climax of the episode. I could watch this episode 9 more times and still find it amazing.
  • this episode kept the comedy in check while delving into each character's lives and thoughts.

    i loved this episode. i thought it was a perfect blend of realization, character development, and of course the traditional incomparable Scrubs comedy. It was sort of a Dr.Cox-centric episode, but we don't get to see his softer side all that often. My heart nearly broke when I saw Dr. Cox's face fall when he saw Nurse Roberts in that hospital bed. I loved the Ricola parody in there and I loved J.D's lie to Turk about making out with Heather. When the football players showed up I nearly wet my pants. It was hilarious!!!! J.D has quite a........"vivid" imagination. All the plots blended so well into that one thing that Laverne said, "Everything happens for a reason" (unlike some episodes where there is virtually no connection whatsoever..) that I think that this episode is in my top 3 favorite episodes of Scrubs.
  • Better than it has been...

    This is probably one of the better shows of the new season, as they didn't have to count on a RV, for laughs. That being said, hopefully they can use this show as a relaunching point and hopefully get the season back on track as it's been everywhere, they have about 10 episodes left in the season, lets hope they're better than previous 12 (I liked "My Scrubs"). It's old school scrubs, but there were a few continuity errors where the jokes are concerned (Turk said he never found anybody sexually attractive, after JD had gone out with them, but a few episodes ago one of the story lines was how Turk slept with JD's college girlfriend). It was better than it has been...But, it's still not the show I fell in love with.
  • Following the classic formula of three related storylines and voiceover narration by JD, Dr. Cox and Laverne argue over whether things happen for a reason while Turk, Carla, and JD deal with the Turks' hot new nanny and Elliot and the Janitor team up.

    Another excellent and moving episode from the writers of Scrubs. Although the JD/Carla/Turk storyline was somewhat weak, it went along with what we know of these characters. Furthermore, it was given just enough airtime to be funny without being annoying.

    The Elliot/Janitor storyline was well done as well. You forget how well these two get on together--it's a shame that nothing ever came of their pairing back in Season 4. (JD is always critical of Elliot's boyfriends; imagine how he would feel if she hooked up with his nemesis.) It also served the purpose of (finally) resolving the tension between Elliot and Kelso.

    Finally, the main storyline... this is one of those stories you either love or hate, apparently. I wonder about the degree to which people's reactions to this storyline have to do with their own religious beliefs as opposed to the quality of the story itself. I identified with Laverne, although my own beliefs are a bit more moderate than hers (and I went through a period of questioning after a friend's death), so I enjoyed the story... those who find her beliefs ridiculous may have found the storyline tedious.

    In any case, I enjoyed getting to know Laverne as a character, especially her final speech to Cox. I had read spoilers over the last several weeks, but the final scene was still touching because of my newfound understanding of Laverne, as well as because it was so sudden. As JD summed up the episode, I thought, I guess everyone was wrong about Laverne going into a coma. And then there it was.

    I'm looking forward to part 2 and hope it is as high quality as this episode was.
  • In this episode something always happens for a reason.

    I liked this episode. I heard before that something was going to happen to Laverne, so I was kind of expecting it with all the everything happens for a reason. I don't want her to die. That has to be the most soapy thing that has ever happened. I think it was just a little far fetched though. I don't know how sad the next episode is going to be, but I know I am going to cry. I really enjoyed this episode. I hope that the next season no one important dies. It kind of sucks. Im sad now.
  • Not as bad as the earlier half of this season but in no way could it be put in the same leagues as the first few seasons.

    While I feel that this episode was a step in the right direction for the show and that it was fairly amusing, I do still feel that they are running out of steam. JD is getting increasingly more bizarre almost like they dont have any fresh ideas so they stuck in a random, and not that funny daydream sequence, Elliot more of a side character now and week by week I find myself caring less and less about the rest of the staff. Did anyone else not think that the end was rather soap operaish? Perhaps Zac Braff was right to be wary of returning for a seventh series and maybe they should just leave well enough alone before the whole show descends into farce, that said though, the huge man lie, very funny.
  • With hilarious gags, deep philosophical insights, and the devastation of two characters, this episode is not only a reminder of how great the show really is but also one of the best episodes of the entire series.

    Scrubs has been known to perfectly balance humor and drama into a sitcom. This season has not been the most consistent, yet there have been many great episodes. "My No Good Reason," however, stands alongside "My Screw Up" and "My Lunch/My Fallen Idol" as one of the finest episodes of Scrubs. A simple humorous tale of J.D. and Turk idolizing the new nanny gives way to profound discussions amongst the other characters about faith and chance. The gags involving the nanny lead to the reinforcement of Carla. One of the best parts of that storyline is that Carla, as weak and vulnerable she has been since giving birth, finally has come around and moved on from her problems to reclaim her control and power, something Carla has always been about. By redefining the relationship, Turk and Carla have come full circle in a natural and beautiful way.

    The main storyline, Laverne and Cox's back and forth about faith, fate, chance, and coincidence, is the crux of the episode. With two ideological polar opposites discussing a deep issue, drama is inevitable, but the way it's handled is delicate and real. The two begin to affect each other more than they figured they would. Their back and forth is what is to be expected from those two; the fact that the conversation evolves the characters' self-definition is honest and beautiful. Laverne breaks from her holier than thou approach to show that her faith is not only what gives her strength but also keeps her hidden pragmatism in check; Cox finally sees the last little bit of faith and hope rise up and begin to coexist with his existentialism and cynicism.

    The last couple of minutes of the episode are amongst some of the most honest and affecting of any show. The news of Laverne's accident affects everyone, but the look on Cox is beyond priceless. He sees the one person that lifted the little bit of faith left in him in a helpless state, and the look on his face and in his eyes reflect the demise of his faith in a profound instant. Just his reaction alone is worth seeing, but the episode itself is on par with that.

    All in all, this was one of the best episodes of Scrubs and one more reason to watch the show. It's funny, it's dramatic, but above all, it's human. That's why I love Scrubs, and that's why this episode perfectly exemplifies what Scrubs is all about.
  • Back to the basics for an aging comedy series and it paid off

    First off, this episode has it all: laughs, sex, tears, and a message. These are the four main ingredients in any good Scrubs episode and sadly they're also the things that have been missing lately. The past few episodes have been subpar at best but this one brings it all back in one fell swoop.

    I didn't realize that Zach Braff directed it until the episode was over but looking back it totally makes sense. his keen sense of timing and emotion are everpresent in this emotional, yet comical, 22 minutes. He does a great job of dancing the line between crying from laughing and crying from sadness without ever making it obvious. The parts with the group of men collaboratively lying and the Boobie horn made me laugh til my sides hurt. At the same time the 8 year old getting stabbed and Nuse Roberts ending up in a coma made me shiver from sadness. It takes a good writing staff and an amazing director to make me do those two things within minutes of each other. Something scrubs used to do frequently.

    I'm extremely happy that this is a two-parter. I'm obvious worried about Nurse Roberts but the way they left her and Cox made me worry for him as well. Their battle, so to speak, reaffirmed her faith and instilled some new faith in him. The entire plot wraps up perfectly in her getting injured. It made me realize that the reason for that is so that Cox re-finds his faith, or at least I hope that's the reason. In any case I can't wait for next week, and this one episode has refilled my faith in the series as well as my faith in a higher power. Nicely done, Scrubs, and nicely done Zach for saving the series from a season of boredom. Bravo.
  • A very well done episode. Clasic scrubs. One of the serious episodes that is sure to lead to a great second part. This episode was full of humour as well as serious parts and was very well contrasted. Zach Braff directed it and you can tell.

    In this episode Elliot and the Janitor team up again to cheer up a terminally ill patient (much to the chagrin of kelso). This ends up with Elliot being suspended from the hospital for bringing the patient's pet in (which kelso only does too happily).
    Meanwhile Turk's nanny is a smokin hotty and turk gets JD to go on a date with her so that he can view her as "ugly". JD screws up the date and Carla fires her because turk cant stop eyeballing her.
    All the while Dr. Cox and Laverne argue whether or not everything happens for a reason. This part was very well done and it was brought in very nicely in between bits of comedy. Once again this is classic scrubs seriousness in between funny parts.

    In the end it is shown that Laverne is in a coma and the entire staff is left to wonder whether there was a reason for that.
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