Season 4 Episode 13

My Ocardial Infarction

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 18, 2005 on NBC
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Elliot starts showing J.D. up as the calmer, more competent doctor. A date with the Janitor leads to an a cappella sing-off between his "group" and Ted's band. Turk starts taking his diabetes more seriously when he realizes the dire consequences of the disease.

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  • Character analysis.

    I think this episode had character development more than anything. It brought some depth to all the characters, and I really enjoyed it. Just as Elliot & JD's friendship is better than ever, JD doubts his skills as a doctor once he realizes that Elliot has become a better doctor than him. "You ere the one who was supposed to struggle." Some real emotional scenes between Elliot & JD which I very much enjoyed. The janitor trying to win over Elliot's affections was a bit unexpected, I mean we know that the janitor has liked Elliot for quite a while, but I never thought he would act on his emotions, him going Ted's A Capella group was hilarious, finally Ted's group helps the story line in some way! We see Doug in the morgue, so got to give this episode props for good continuity. Turk getting to worry about his diabetes was another very emotional plot which also developed Turk & Carla's relationship. It all starts when Carla urges Turk to get to know his patients more, in the process he sees a cautionary tale. All plots were really great, we got 2 emotional plots, and one light & funny plot. Great episode.moreless
  • JD begins to doubt himself as a doctor, as Turk begins to take his diabetes more seriously.

    The episode starts off with JD and Elliot trying to solve a medical case during a moment of crisis, which Elliot works out before JD, causing JD to doubt his skills as a doctor. Elliot continues to help JD by informing Dr Cox that it was him who solved the case, as he discovers, from Dr. Cox, that she has been a better doctor than him for a while. JD confronts Elliot and she gives him a small piece of advice, 'Breathe'. JD takes this advice and ultimately comes through for a patient in need. The history between JD and Elliot is forgotten and JD learns that he needs to confide in other doctors, and that he cannot always be the best.

    Carla also begins to doubt Turk as a surgeon after he fails to show any respect to his patients. This comes to haunt him, as he discovers that one of his patients is having their foot removed, due to diabetes. Turk starts to take his diabetes seriously, and discovers that it is alright to be scared.

    The scenes between JD and Elliot are very well done and continue to show the growth between the two characters emotionally and professionally. The secondary story showing the sing-off between the Janitor and Ted's band brings a few laughs to this episode which has more of a serious feel to it. This is also another episode which features the Janitor's unrequited love for Elliot which is always funny, and involves some extremely over the top moments.

    The episode ends with another gag involving 'The World's Tallest Doctor' with JD, Elliot and Lonnie under the giant white coat, scaring Dr Cox.moreless
  • JD gets mad when Elliot becomes the better doctor.

    JD learns Elliot is taking pity on him and finds out she is being a better doctor than him. The janitor goes on a date with Elliot, but freaks her out when he's wearing a suit. He says it was because of his band. His band faces off against Ted's band and wins. I cant remember much of the episode despite me having it on DVD, but it was a ok episode overall, but not one of my favorites.moreless
  • This had a lot in it.

    This episode really gave the viewers a good in-depth look at some of the character's issues that have been present in more than just this episode. Turk has to start facing his diabetes, Janitor tries to get a date with Elliot and they get a closer friendship in a way, and J.D. has to learn how to deal with the multi-tasking and stressful part of his job.

    This episode gave a great peek into each of their issues and I really think the writers did a great job of it. My favorite part of this episode was seeing more acapella action. I love the way the characters in this show do their acapella and this episode was great with it. Seeing Janitor try to impress Elliot was really sweet of him and I have to say, I think Janitor would be really cool if he didn't scare off Elliot because they have some sorta connection, maybe that they both torment J.D. or that they are both sorta crazy in a way.moreless
  • Elliot takes JD's place as the better doctor

    This episode is one that explores Elliot becoming a better doctor than JD since, after three years below him, she can diagnose quicker aswell as do codes very well, something which JD admired until he realised she was better in other medical areas aswell.

    Another appearance of the world’s most giant doctor and a brilliant finish with the world’s most most giant doctor also contributes to the humour of the episode but perhaps the funniest plot is the Janitor, coming up with a lie that he had a band, the best hospital band in town in fact, forgetting about Ted’s band, The Worthless Peons, who were listening to the conversation intently.

    From the scooter-mobile start to the triple layer giant doctor end, this is one entertaining episode that should not be missed.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Natalie Farrey

Natalie Farrey


Guest Star

Sharline Liu

Sharline Liu

Nurse #2

Guest Star

Paige Peterson

Paige Peterson

Surgical Nurse

Guest Star

Martin Klebba

Martin Klebba

Randall Winston

Recurring Role

Michael Hobert

Michael Hobert


Recurring Role

Philip McNiven

Philip McNiven


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Featured Music:
      "All Kinds of Time" by Fountains of Wayne
      "Barbara Ann" by The Beach Boys (sung by the Janitor, Troy and Randall)
      "No Not Much" sung by Ted's Band (the Worthless Peons)

    • When JD picks up the keyboard with his fingers stuck to it you can see one of his fingers moving off the keyboard.

    • When JD and Elliot are practicing on the cadaver, you can see the guy breathing, with his belly moving up and down.

    • Elliot had to move the desk towards JD to get the magnifying glass and the tiny post-it's, but later when Dr. Cox enters the desk is in the middle again, however we don't see or hear the desk move.

    • Even with both Lonnie and JD standing on Elliot you can clearly see in the last few shots that there is no way JD should even have been able to see into that room let alone be waist high at the window.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Janitor: Oh, God... Okay, I don't ask for much, just a little help with a stain every now and then. I'd like to be able to communicate with animals... But right now, oh boy, we need a miracle. Hibbleton - whatever that means - on three.

    • Janitor: Yeah! Well, you win! Heh.
      Ted's Band: Woo.
      Elliot: Your-your band didn't even sing yet.
      Ted's Band: Aww.
      Janitor: There's no need. You win!
      Ted's Band: Woo.

    • Carla: Baby. What's going on with you?
      Turk: Ever since I got this thing? I've been joking around about it, sneaking cookies, and hiding from it. All because I'm scared to ask myself the questions: Is it gonna get worse? Or are our kids gonna have it? Or how old am I gonna be when it finally gets me?... You don't understand.
      Carla: I don't understand? Turk, look at me, I'm a WOD.
      Turk: I keep trying to tell you this, but it's the mirror in the bathroom, baby. You haven't gained a pound since I met you!
      Carla: No, I'm a WOD - Wife Of Diabetic.

    • Elliot: J.D., you've been the golden boy around here for the past three years while I have cried in closets and hid from Dr. Cox and relied on you every single day to get me through it. I mean, now that I am finally doing well enough to pay you back, maybe you can tell me why you're being such an unbelievable jerk?
      J.D.: Because you're the one that's supposed to struggle - not me.

    • J.D.: I just, I don't know what to do when everything goes wrong at once. It's-it's-it's overwhelming.
      Elliot: You wanna know what my big secret is? Just take one big breath. Everything will slow down and you can just tackle each thing as it comes.
      J.D.: That's your big secret? Breathing?
      Elliot: Why do you have such a problem with me teaching you stuff?
      J.D.: It's just that you're a little smug.
      Elliot: You called yourself Dr. Diagnosis and made me your side-kick.

    • Janitor: I don't know, this whole Blonde Doctor situation has me mortified. I've gathered the brain trust here to help me figure a way out of this.
      Randall: Uh-oh, bro. There she is.
      Troy: You want me to hobble her?
      Janitor: That's not hobbling, that's-that's... poking.

    • Laverne: Honey bear! You look blue. Have a cookie.
      Carla: Nah-ah-ah, Laverne. No more jackin' up my man's blood sugar just so you can buy yourself a camper.
      Turk: So this is all a big joke to you guys? 'Cause this is my life, and I don't think it's funny.
      Laverne: Now I gotta try to get back in on that craps game in the basement.

    • Carla: Why is my stapler on the floor?
      She bends over to retrieve it, Todd stepping from around the corner for a look.
      Todd: Thonnnnnnnng!
      Carla whips around and slaps him.
      Todd: Face-five! Oh, yeah!
      Turk: Oh, you taught Todd the slap thing?
      Carla: Nope.

    • J.D.: If you could just help me with these train wreck codes.
      Dr. Cox: You're finally at that stage where you and your equally undistinguished colleagues have all had enough training to be able to help each other. So no matter how humiliating it may seem, if you know somebody who's better than you - and I'm bettin' that you do? - you had best tuck that ridiculously feminine tail of yours between your legs and go ask her for help. I'm thinkin' that's just about it. Yep. I, uh, gosh, I'm all out of speeches. I don't think I have, uh, another one on me. I... I don't. The- Oh. These are... my goodbye guns.
      He "fires" his fingers in the air
      J.D.: Those aren't real guns.

    • J.D.: I don't get it. When did she become a better doctor than me?
      Dr. Cox: Probably during one of those countless times you were goofing off?
      J.D.: Eh! As soon as I step foot in this hospital, I'm all business.
      J.D.: Good morning, Dr. Cox! From the world's most giant doctor!
      End Flashback
      J.D.: Well, that was outside the hospital.

    • J.D.'s Narration: I've never been a great liar.
      J.D.: Lookin' straight, Bruce.
      J.D.'s Narration: That's why I knew it'd be better for me if I just fessed up to Dr. Cox.
      J.D.: Elliot diagnosed Mrs. Kasuba, not me.
      Dr. Cox: I know. And your guilty anguish is - it's delicious. It's like a little mini-meal between lunch and dinner. Quite frankly, it's all I can do not to grind pepper on your head.

    • J.D.: Acute intermittent porphyria! I figured it out! All right, who's got Dr. Cox's pager number? Oh, who'm I kidding, I've got my Perry's Pager Song.
      J.D.'s Narration: "Dr. Cox at my door, pager 324."

    • Turk: Okay, fine, I'll try. One condition: Gimme some!
      She "slaps" him just as Dr. Kelso and Ted approach
      Ted: Oh my God!
      Dr. Kelso: I think it, and she does it!

    • Janitor: Hey, I'll, uh, join you for a cup of mud.
      Elliot: Great! Meet me downstairs in five minutes.
      Janitor: I'll be there. Just let me wash this, uh, glue off my hands.
      J.D.: What was he gluing?
      He picks his hands up off the keyboard, only to have it stick.
      J.D.: Not again.

    • Carla: I have a couple of announcements. There's a serious problem around here with not getting to know our patients. Yes, the doctor told you to administer Halidol, but why is he prescribing it? Does the patient have a chance of sundowning or is he prone to psychotic breaks and needs to be tied down? You have to ask these questions, right Tammy?
      Tammy: Mm-hmm.
      Laverne: Child, we are swamped. Where you think we're gonna get that kind of time?
      Carla: Laverne, if you care you'll go the extra mile. Like my husband. Turk?
      Turk: Hm?
      Carla: You have three patients on the floor. What can you tell us about them?
      Turk: Well, I'm cutting out that guy's appendix, I'm sewing up her lacerated spleen, and I'm slicing off that dude's foot.
      Carla: Great. And why are you doing those things?
      Turk: Because it says so on the charts... What'd I do?

    • Dr. Cox: He's done it! He's done it! Dorian's the Most! Annoying! Man in the World! Who would've ever thought a journeyman annoyer like Dorian might...
      J.D.: You are a close second!

    • Elliot: Maybe Mrs. Kasuba has a perinephric abscess?
      J.D.: No, her pain is central, not near the back. Come on, Bangs! You know what helps me when I'm diagnosing? Mentally picturing everything. Like those sugar packets there. How do you think they got there?
      Elliot: Somebody probably knocked them over.
      J.D.: I don't think so. You see, the packets are neatly stacked. Plus that coffee cup has the lipstick of a certain very hot Nurse Tisdale.
      Fantasy: Todd comes in behind Nurse Tisdale as she makes coffee
      Todd: If you're looking for sugar, there's some on the floor.
      Nurse Tisdale notices the pile and bends over to retrieve it, giving the Todd a great view of her rear.
      Todd: Thonnnnnnng!
      End Fantasy
      J.D.: It's the classic Todd Thong Sugar Trap.

    • Turk: 194.
      Carla: That high, baby? You've been sneaking brownies, haven't you? Well, don't think that when you go blind I'm gonna go get you no seeing-eye dog!
      Turk: I'm gonna name him Gizmo.
      J.D.: That's what we were gonna name our robot!
      Turk: Oh, well, when we get the robot, we'll just name him TuPac.
      J.D.: "TuPac, may I please have some waffles?" "Would you like some sy-rup?" Yeah, that'd be fine. It'll work. It's a good idea.

    • J.D.'s Narration: Lately it seemed like Turk was being a little casual about his diabetes.
      Turk: Okay, you all know the rules. I test my blood sugar, you bet high or low, and twenty-five percent goes to diabetes. Because if we all work hard, together... I can get a big-ass flat screen.

    • J.D.'s Narration: See, this is why it doesn't bother me that Elliot is so much better with the train wreck codes. Her biggest weakness is my biggest strength - diagnosis.
      J.D.: Elliot, if you need help, just ask Dr. Diagnosis. You could be my side-kick! Bangs McCoy!

    • Elliot: You know that guy that crashed this morning is doing great?
      Dr. Cox: Oh, Barbie. Maybe you could take a break from congratulating yourself and figure out what's wrong with Mrs. Kasuba over there, seeing as you're her doctor and she's been in the I.C.U. for three days.
      Elliot: We're, um, running lots of tests.
      Dr. Cox: Tests? Oh, goody! And what exactly will you be looking for? And if it's the slowest doctor in the hospital, then ding! ding! ding! ding! I already found her.

    • J.D.: Classic Janitor!
      Janitor: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    • Elliot: 14 Across: Four letters, "Band that sang 'Roseanna'"?
      End Fantasy
      J.D.: Toto!
      They all look at him oddly.
      J.D.: T-O-T-O - Toto.

    • Daisy: Here's your shirt, Dr. Reid.
      Elliot: Wow, Daisy! Enjoy your weekend, you little scrapper!
      J.D.: Oh, Daisy, I'm supposed to ask you - can Lonnie have his lower lip back?
      Daisy: It's my trophy.

    • J.D.'s Narration: We knew how to protect the interns from Dr. Kelso.
      Dr. Kelso: Look, Brent, is it? Son, please tell me you come with a money back guarantee, because I'd like to get something useful like a can of Brent remover! I mean, for God's sa-
      J.D.: -sake, Brent! When are you gonna wake up and use that-
      Elliot: -rock that you have been calling your skull?!
      J.D.: We got this.
      Elliot: I mean, even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut! And-
      J.D.: He's gone. He's gone.

    • Dr. Cox: And in case you haven't noticed, we've got ourselves one hospital chock-full of monkey interns; and, news-flash, your job is to catch whatever they're flinging. Coffee talk, ladies, is now officially over. Get your asses to work. Now.
      J.D.: Cream?
      Elliot: Please!

    • Elliot: Thank you! And I actually got you a little something...
      J.D.: A magnifying glass?
      Elliot: Yes... For these.
      J.D.: You got the tiny post-its! Aww, awesome! For our tiny bulletin board! Aaaand I have a dentist appointment that got moved to Tuesday at 4 PM. "Don't floss before you come in, it makes your gums bloody"! Aww!

    • Doug: You know, I don't really like you guys playing with my cadavers.
      Elliot: Oh, really, Doug? So how come that one over there has a soda in his hand?
      Doug: He keeps it cold!
      J.D.: And how come when we walked in you were sitting in a circle with three corpses playing Texas hold 'em?
      Doug: Just call first from now on!

    • Janitor: Well, it-it - you know the only reason I was wearing the suit at all was because our, uh, a cappella band was... practicing.
      Elliot: Oh, that's great! What's your band's name?
      Janitor: Uh... It's, uh, Hibbleton. Yeah, yeah. And, um, I don't think it's going too far to say that we're the best hospital employee band in town.
      Worthless Peons: Oh, really?

    • Turk: Baby, don't be mad, you know about surgeons. We're hammers, and our patients are nails. And hammers don't get to know nails; they hammer them. Why? Because... hammers.
      Carla: For the last time, Turk, I'm not gonna call you "The Hammer".

    • Dr. Cox: Say, that was some real Nancy Drew stuff, there...Nancy. I mean, absolutely irrelevant as far as medicine goes, but damn amusing!
      J.D.: Don't feel weird because you're threatened by my gift. Many are.
      Dr. Cox: Did you feel that you weren't quite annoying enough without adding a delusional sense of grandeur? Because I promise you, you are annoying enough. In fact, you're the number one contender for the middle weight annoyance crown.
      J.D.: Well, you're the number one jealous...weight for the jealous weight... jealous ch-champ.

    • J.D.'s Narration: Bottom line, together, Elliot and I are the greatest co-chief residents of all time.
      Dr. Cox: (enters the room) You two are, without a doubt, the worst co-chief residents of all time.

  • NOTES (3)


    • J.D.: And you could be my sidekick, Bangs McCoy!

      J.D. is referring to Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek: The Original Series.

    • CSI:
      When J.D. explains his diagnosis mental picture technique to Elliot, he uses an example of sugar packets on the floor. We then cut to a washed out clip of what Elliot thought happened, much like they do in CSI when examining evidence. J.D. even crouches down and puts on a serious voice and face, before giving his opinion.