Season 4 Episode 13

My Ocardial Infarction

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 18, 2005 on NBC

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  • Character analysis.

    I think this episode had character development more than anything. It brought some depth to all the characters, and I really enjoyed it. Just as Elliot & JD's friendship is better than ever, JD doubts his skills as a doctor once he realizes that Elliot has become a better doctor than him. "You ere the one who was supposed to struggle." Some real emotional scenes between Elliot & JD which I very much enjoyed. The janitor trying to win over Elliot's affections was a bit unexpected, I mean we know that the janitor has liked Elliot for quite a while, but I never thought he would act on his emotions, him going Ted's A Capella group was hilarious, finally Ted's group helps the story line in some way! We see Doug in the morgue, so got to give this episode props for good continuity. Turk getting to worry about his diabetes was another very emotional plot which also developed Turk & Carla's relationship. It all starts when Carla urges Turk to get to know his patients more, in the process he sees a cautionary tale. All plots were really great, we got 2 emotional plots, and one light & funny plot. Great episode.
  • JD begins to doubt himself as a doctor, as Turk begins to take his diabetes more seriously.

    The episode starts off with JD and Elliot trying to solve a medical case during a moment of crisis, which Elliot works out before JD, causing JD to doubt his skills as a doctor. Elliot continues to help JD by informing Dr Cox that it was him who solved the case, as he discovers, from Dr. Cox, that she has been a better doctor than him for a while. JD confronts Elliot and she gives him a small piece of advice, 'Breathe'. JD takes this advice and ultimately comes through for a patient in need. The history between JD and Elliot is forgotten and JD learns that he needs to confide in other doctors, and that he cannot always be the best.

    Carla also begins to doubt Turk as a surgeon after he fails to show any respect to his patients. This comes to haunt him, as he discovers that one of his patients is having their foot removed, due to diabetes. Turk starts to take his diabetes seriously, and discovers that it is alright to be scared.

    The scenes between JD and Elliot are very well done and continue to show the growth between the two characters emotionally and professionally. The secondary story showing the sing-off between the Janitor and Ted's band brings a few laughs to this episode which has more of a serious feel to it. This is also another episode which features the Janitor's unrequited love for Elliot which is always funny, and involves some extremely over the top moments.

    The episode ends with another gag involving 'The World's Tallest Doctor' with JD, Elliot and Lonnie under the giant white coat, scaring Dr Cox.
  • JD gets mad when Elliot becomes the better doctor.

    JD learns Elliot is taking pity on him and finds out she is being a better doctor than him. The janitor goes on a date with Elliot, but freaks her out when he's wearing a suit. He says it was because of his band. His band faces off against Ted's band and wins. I cant remember much of the episode despite me having it on DVD, but it was a ok episode overall, but not one of my favorites.
  • This had a lot in it.

    This episode really gave the viewers a good in-depth look at some of the character's issues that have been present in more than just this episode. Turk has to start facing his diabetes, Janitor tries to get a date with Elliot and they get a closer friendship in a way, and J.D. has to learn how to deal with the multi-tasking and stressful part of his job.
    This episode gave a great peek into each of their issues and I really think the writers did a great job of it. My favorite part of this episode was seeing more acapella action. I love the way the characters in this show do their acapella and this episode was great with it. Seeing Janitor try to impress Elliot was really sweet of him and I have to say, I think Janitor would be really cool if he didn't scare off Elliot because they have some sorta connection, maybe that they both torment J.D. or that they are both sorta crazy in a way.
  • Elliot takes JD's place as the better doctor

    This episode is one that explores Elliot becoming a better doctor than JD since, after three years below him, she can diagnose quicker aswell as do codes very well, something which JD admired until he realised she was better in other medical areas aswell.

    Another appearance of the world’s most giant doctor and a brilliant finish with the world’s most most giant doctor also contributes to the humour of the episode but perhaps the funniest plot is the Janitor, coming up with a lie that he had a band, the best hospital band in town in fact, forgetting about Ted’s band, The Worthless Peons, who were listening to the conversation intently.

    From the scooter-mobile start to the triple layer giant doctor end, this is one entertaining episode that should not be missed.